His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1571 – 1572

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Chapter 1571 Sleeping Outside, So Comfortable?

Luo Youyou felt that she was living in a dream, using herself to compensate Eldon, causing such a big kidnapping in his life.

She felt guilty, so she desperately compensated. But people don’t seem to want compensation. What he wants is that her life is better than death.

If this is the case, then Eldon, you did it.

She would rather not be taken seriously or cared about for the rest of her life, even if it was just a plaything next to Eldon Sakura, it would be better than she is now so reckless, refused to let her go, and wanted to provoke her.

Luo Youyou likes Eldon so much, how can he resist it? She shrank herself on the sofa, Luo Youyou hugged herself, the silence of the whole room made her feel a little unrealistic, as if the quarrel had never happened before, and she was the only one left in this world.

After taking a breath, she fell asleep in exhaustion, but Eldon Sakura was insomnia in a bedroom that did not belong to him.

Tossing over and over, can’t sleep.

The quilt and sheets are so comfortable, there is no problem that he is not used to sleeping.

In the old quilt and the new quilt, he deliberately chose the old quilt that he slept before diving into Luo Youyou, and kicked the new quilt down. Even the bedclothes smelled of Luo Youyou, he smelled there for a while like a pervert, wrapped in the quilt as if he was holding Luo Youyou in his arms. Crazy crazy. Why is he lying on the bed now, his mind is full of Luo Youyou.

Is that woman worth it? Why did he seem to be possessed by a demon? Her mind was filled with the grievances in her eyes just now, and tears fell one after another, as if she had suffered great grievances.

Eldon counted the time, muttering why she didn’t come in yet. Do you want to sleep with him in a separate room? With a sneer, Eldon picked up the phone and sent two messages. (Cold War with me? Are you comfortable sleeping outside? 】 【If you don’t come in again, I will come out to arrest people. ) However, neither of these two messages responded.

Eldon waited silly for a long time, but he didn’t believe that Luo Youyou’s temper could beat him.

As a result, half an hour later, Eldon sat up directly from the bed.

The phone remained silent, which meant that Luo Youyou didn’t pay attention to him at all.

Across the bedroom, she seemed to have built a high wall.

Eldon couldn’t get in, and she refused to come out. Fingers tightened and then loosened, Eldon chose, put on slippers, and opened the door.

He pondered for a long time what lines he would use to quarrel with Luo Youyou, but he went out and was stunned.

There was a small figure shrinking on the sofa outside, twisting up like a small animal, and the extremely insecure posture hit his heart in an instant.

She fell asleep, but her sleeping posture was so defensive, as if she was afraid of being attacked when she was sleeping, so she fell asleep with caution and caution.

Eldon approached, and he felt his heart beating wildly. Why is she like this…

She is obviously the eldest lady, she should not be afraid of it, what on earth has hurt her, and who has become her weakness? Eldon subconsciously stretched out his hand, and the moment he was about to touch Luo Youyou’s face, he retracted it like an electric shock.

The man’s Adam’s apple moved up and down, and he seemed to understand what his previous pain was beyond anger, over jealousy, and deeper, slowly overflowing from the heart. …It’s distressed.

Chapter 1572 She is asleep, what are you doing?

He didn’t know that he would have such emotions towards Luo Youyou, so this idea exploded like a bomb in his mind, and Eldon stared at Luo Youyou in a daze.

The heart was still hurting, and he couldn’t ignore that feeling. You can’t deceive yourself.

Luo Youyou is still asleep, her sleeping face looks harmless to humans and animals.

In fact, she is indeed such a person, a small one, who is not bad to everyone.

So… why does he hate this woman so? Eldon was in a fierce turmoil now, and a lot of questions rushed to his head, but he could not give an answer.

In other words, he dared not think about the answer.

After a long silence, Eldon bent down and gently lifted Luo Youyou from the sofa.

There was no tenderness on his face, but his movements were very light. When he hugged Luo Youyou, he was even a little surprised.

She…too light.

Luo Youyou struggled for a while, Eldon was afraid of waking her up, and was so scared that the whole person maintained a hug her stiff for several seconds, only to find that Luo Youyou had only struggled in his sleep and did not wake up.

Eldon breathed a sigh of relief, holding Luo Youyou cautiously like a thief, and moved to the bedroom door step by step. Kicked open the door with his feet, and then he gently laid Luo Youyou on the bed.

The whole process was so quiet that there was only breathing.

Eldon didn’t know that he could do it so seriously. For fear of waking her to dream, he finally covered her with a quilt.

In this way, she is really cute, and she looks like a little loli when she doesn’t fight with him, which makes people especially protective.

Eldon swallowed, and for some reason, he took out the phone in a wicked manner and couldn’t help taking a picture of Luo Youyou’s side face while she was sleeping. With a ding-dong, Sherry Xu, who was far away in his own country, suddenly received a Facebook message, clicked it, and almost didn’t blow up his hair.

This, this, how did Eldon send a picture of Luo Youyou sleeping? ! This…this… Sherry Xu sent a voice curse: “Are you a beast! Doing this kind of thing while someone is sleeping? Eldon, are you a man! You can also go to Luo Youyou, a weak woman? Hands!” Eldon clicked on this voice, was startled, and immediately typed over— 【Be quiet! What should I do if I disturb her to sleep? 】 【You have a face to say me? Did you do something to Luo Youyou? How can you do this, you force her? You are not a man! ) (…I didn’t do anything. 】 【I do not believe! Then what are you doing secretly taking pictures of people, what is your abnormal behavior? 】 Eldon is really hard to tell.

He kindly hugged people into the house. Now he is scolded as a pervert. Where can he make sense? He could only utter a voice in a low voice: “Don’t worry, I won’t touch her, she is stripped naked in front of me, and I—” The voice paused. Because he saw Luo Youyou turned over cutely in his sleep, and leaned sideways against one of the quilts, causing the neckline of the clothes to be rubbed apart during friction, and the exposed piece of skin was so white that he was shocked. .

The man’s Adam’s apple moved up and down unconsciously. When I recovered my mind, the screen of the phone was already black.

The sentence was sent out halfway through, but he couldn’t control it.

He stared at Luo Youyou’s smooth shoulders under the wide open neckline for a while, his eyes coloring. Gradually deepen.

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