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Chapter 651

is no longer secret!

In a dark room!

Zhang Qingyang is waiting, walking back and forth!

He especially wants to go out!

But suddenly he received a call and he was relieved!

Hang up the phone!

“Tina, you are as brave as always…it’s fine for the time being, but Tina is too early for you to offend Youjia too early. This is not a wise move, but it is not guilty… alas!” Zhang Qingyang sighed After a sigh of relief, I fell into contemplation. The Youjia is not that simple. The secret family has been passed down for thousands of years, and the accumulation of dozens of generations, how can it be like just now?

Zhang Qingyang knew that what happened just now was because Abe Zhang was dispatched from the inside and used a bomb to control the situation!

Otherwise, with You Jia’s strength, ten Tina Li could not save Abe Zhang!

The turmoil is coming, and the Hidden Family will no longer be hidden from today… “Cer, Maya Tang, take a good rest first!” Tina Li said.

Abe Zhang was okay. He was injured and vomited blood. As a master of fighting, after this rest, he could hold it, but Maya Tang couldn’t do it, and he almost fainted.

“Beatrice, help Maya Tang to rest and give her an injection!” Tina Li said.

Beatrice ran over and helped Maya Tang who was bewildered to rest. Maya Tang persisted for so long and couldn’t hold it anymore.

She looked at Abe Zhang in a daze, her hanging heart relaxed, she was still alive, and Abe Zhang was also alive.

Abe really brought herself out… “Mom, what should I do now?” Abe Zhang had already recovered and felt that he was in trouble.

My mother’s strength should not be enough to deal with the hidden family!

Even if You Batian, You Tianle, and this crying woman are on the plane, it doesn’t really matter.

After all, the true strength of Youjia has not yet come into play!

“Don’t worry, I will deal with it, you go to rest first! Olena Jiang, take Abe to rest!” Tina Li said.

Abe Zhang could only be obedient. Olena Jiang supported Abe Zhang distressedly and went to rest in front of the plane. Abe Zhang had to clean his wounds well!

When Olena Jiang saw Abe Zhang just now, he secretly shed tears. Abe Zhang’s chest was full of blood that was beaten out… Olena Jiang could think of Abe Zhang just now.

What faced.

“By the way, mom,” Abe Zhang suddenly thought of something.

“What?” “Forget it, I’ll talk about it later,” Abe Zhang felt, and I’ll talk about it later. Mom’s face is still serious at this time!

“En, Abe, don’t worry, even if the sky falls, I will support you,” Tina Li softened a lot.

She was also terrified, and she felt at ease when she saw Abe Zhang.

“Thank you mom,” Abe Zhang was about to cry.

“Silly boy, Olena Jiang, go!” Tina Li shook his head.

Olena Jiang helped Abe Zhang to rest.

“The sky is falling? Do you know what it means when the sky is falling?” You Batian sneered and sneered.

He calmed down, why?

Because he knew that at this time, Tina Li would never dare to move herself!

Because it moved, then You Jia’s revenge will be earth-shaking!

Tina Li dare not!


As for You Tianle and the woman, they still squatted down blankly.

“You don’t know, because the sky can’t step down,” Tina Li said.

“Hehe, of course the real sky can’t be stepped down, but you forgot, my traveler is also a day, my traveler wants to crush a person, it is too easy, it is as simple as crushing an ant, forget it? In the world, I have one third of your home! Your company, half of your everything is in my home! Do you know? I am your god!!” You Batian said proudly.

“There are three secret families in the whole world. You Tina Li have today. It is not you who are great, but I gave you some unwanted garbage to eat. That’s why you have today. Oh, you grew up eating garbage. Dare to fight me? What a joke! Does eating trash make you stupid?” “I have always been a well and never offends the river. People don’t provoke me, I don’t provoke others, and if people provoke me, I must be ten times as good. Go back!” Tina Li is indifferent.

“You have this strength?! Tina Li, now you let me go, I can assume that today’s things haven’t happened, and spare your mother and son!” You Batian actually laughed.

“I don’t need you to spare my life, but you, I need to spare my life!” Tina Li came step by step!

“Hahaha!” You Batian laughed wildly!

You Tianle gritted his teeth, “Tina Li, what do you want to do? Let us go, otherwise I will visit the house…” Cough!


Tina Li glanced at him and grabbed his neck!

“No, Tina Li, you don’t want to kill me, I don’t want to die, no, I beg you…” Feeling the power of Tina Li’s head arm, You Tianle soul was frightened.

“I’m talking, don’t interrupt!” Tina Li is indifferent!



Throwing it out fiercely, You Tianle really hit the plane like the trash thrown out, and he was fainted, and there was a look of fear on his face!

Even scared to pee.

Tina Li has been a killer, that kind of look, but

You Tianle is not able to hold it.

“Tina Li, you actually beat my grandson?” You Batian is angry!


The other woman was frightened.

“I’m talking to you, he is talking nonsense, I must hit him, little girl, are you going to talk nonsense?” Tina Li looked at the scared silly woman on the ground.

“Ah, You Tianle is talkative and cheap, I don’t want it, don’t talk too much, I shut up, I don’t say a word!” The woman was terrified.

You Batian was annoyed, “a*shole, what are you afraid of?” “Grandpa, grandpa, her eyes are scary, just like death, I’m scared…” The woman cried in fright.

You Batian hates iron for not making steel!


“What do you want? Take me back to your house?” You Batian was annoyed.

“Look at you, I said, you are dead or alive, you choose yourself. Now that you choose to live, don’t you mean what you say?” Tina Li asked.

“Okay! Say it!” You Batian scolded coldly, his heart condensed insidiously, so he would comfort you first, and then let your whole family die!


“I just said that I and you were visiting the house. The well water did not make the river water. But now that it is committed, then I have nothing to worry about. Anyway, if there is a conflict, then I can kill you directly, and then visit your house. Rush, are you willing to do this?” “Dare you do this?” You Batian was furious!

“Do you think I dare?” Tina Li raised her eyebrows, and You Batian’s face sank!


Abe Zhang is a lunatic, this Tina Li is the mother of a lunatic, and definitely a lunatic too!

It is really possible to do the same as Tina Li said, then he would be dead!

“So, I can let you go, but I have one condition!” Tina Li said.

“What conditions do you say!” “Three years! For three years I will continue to maintain this state of well water and river water!” “Three years? Ha ha, do you think I will give you three years to grow, right? At that time, Can you compete with my Youjia?” You Batian was amused, and said mockingly.

“If you want to say that, then I can’t help it!” Tina Li shrugged.

You Batian is thinking, even if you give you Tina Li for ten, thirty, or a hundred years, you can’t compete with Youjia!

What’s more… I don’t know what to say while traveling Batian!


“In three years, how far can you grow?” You Batian asked.

“This is none of your business, promise, then I will let you go now, if you don’t promise, then you die!” Tina Li is indifferent!

You Batian is angry in his heart, but he has to live!

So I can only agree!

“Okay! I promise you! Let us go, I won’t move you for three years!” You Batian said coldly.

“That’s all right, please remember this.” Tina Li shrugged, something suddenly appeared from her hanging fingers… You Batian breathed a sigh of relief and measured you Li Qing

You dare not play any tricks!

You Batian was untied, the woman and the unconscious You Tianle were all untied.

You Batian stared at Tina Li suspiciously, “Do you believe me that way?” He was especially suspicious, Tina Li was definitely not stupid!

But actually doing stupid things?

“You Batian said that you are not two, I must believe you, not to mention that you are very good at you, aren’t you?” Tina Li said lightly.

“Okay, let us go down now!” This is on the plane, only if it stops. When it gets down, someone from the family will come to pick them up.

Chapter 652

is wrong! “Of course,” Tina Li asked Beatrice to find a place to stop, and there was an empty road below.

You can stop.

The plane landed slowly.

You Batian breathed a sigh of relief, did this Tina Li really believe in him, so he let himself go.

The door opened.

“Please, you can go out.” Tina Li said.

“Grandpa, let’s get out soon!” the crying girl said to You Batian immediately.

She never wanted to stay here anymore, she was scared.

“Well, hold your cousin.” You Batian ordered.

You Tianle was thrown out by Tina Li just now, but he was knocked out. Tina Li’s strength is so strong, how could he wake up so easily?

This time, I couldn’t wake up without lying down for seven or eight days.

The woman was busy helping You Tianle who was fainted, “Grandpa, let’s get out!” “En,” You Batian hesitated for three seconds, then looked back at Tina Li.

He unexpectedly found that Tina Li’s face was very calm, and his brows frowned, “Tina Li, what the hell are you doing?” He thinks Tina Li is a fool, but he also thinks that a fool can do today, he must have the ability, should not Will make such a low-level mistake!

Just let yourself go, then you can give orders to crush Tina Li when you go back!

This is undoubtedly letting the tiger return to the mountain!


He suddenly felt that something was wrong.

After all, he is the head of the hidden family, no matter how arrogant he is, he feels wrong.

“The hidden family is very powerful, but I am not bad Tina Li.” Tina Li said, this voice is indescribably calm.

“Huh! I see what the hell are you doing! Go!!!” You Batian walked out angrily.

How dare the woman holding You Tianle stay for one minute and one second?

It almost came out.

Busy ran out.

The plane takes off again!

Rumble, knocking all three people down.

“Get someone over!” You Batian stared at the flying plane.

“Yes,” the woman immediately contacted Youjia, and she called, “It’s me,…it’s me, it’s me!! Grandpa and I are here, so I won’t send a plane to pick us up!!” Up



The three of You Batian were released?

They are just about to figure out a solution!

Now he was released?

What a surprise!

All the descendants of you family looked at each other!


“Hmph, I see, this Tina Li must be scared, so I let grandpa out of them!” “It must be so, that Tina Li stunned, hum, thought that if grandpa was let go, our tour family would give up!” Don’t say anything, send someone to pick up Grandpa.” “Yes!” After the children of the You family laughed at him, they immediately sent a plane out.


“Grandpa, I want this Abe Zhang, this Tina Li will die!” the woman said coldly.

Abe Zhang just slapped her face a few times, but her face was swollen. She is the daughter of the You family. When was she tortured so much?


She wished Abe Zhang would die right away!

You Batian stared into the distance coldly, without saying a word, no, he really felt something wrong!

How could Tina Li do such a stupid thing?


“Grandpa!! Talk, I want them to die!” The woman acted like a baby.

“Wait first, I think something is wrong.” You Batian shook his head.

There is a kind of anxiety in his heart!

Unspeakable feeling!

“Huh!” He couldn’t breathe suddenly, coughing, squatting down like asthma.

The woman was frightened, “Grandpa, what’s the matter with you?” “I, I’m uncomfortable, breathing, breathing, preparing for the doctor, preparing for the doctor…” You Batian couldn’t say anything.

“Okay, okay…” The woman was stunned, and grandpa didn’t have anything like this suddenly?


After a while, Youjia’s plane came over.

Seeing You Batian lying on the ground, the descendants of the You family were dumbfounded, “What’s wrong with Grandpa?” “Asthma, Grandpa has asthma. Come on, come on!” The woman roared.

The descendants of the You family hurriedly carried You Batian back!

You Batian’s eyes were as big as an egg, and he couldn’t say anything. He stared at one direction, the direction where Tina Li’s plane was leaving… Tina Li looked at the glass of the plane and the clouds flying by.

“Mr. Li, the three of You Jia, are they just…” Beatrice asked.

She knew that Tina Li must have her reason to do things, but letting them leave like this would be letting the tiger go back to the mountain.

Then you will face the shocking revenge of You Jia!

“Don’t worry, I used this?” Tina Li smiled slightly and shook her fingers. She pinched a needle with two fingers, and the needle was a little bit colored, like something… “You?” Beatrice’s eyes widened. , I suddenly understood.

This is a new drug developed by a science and technology company. As long as the human body takes a little bit, it will cause various diseases in the body, which cannot be detected by various instruments. Moreover, this new drug is also a poison and requires an antidote.

“You Batian should have asthma, so this medicine, the first cause

It was his asthma, and then other diseases.

“Tina Li said. This is a way to delay time! It can make Tina Li better prepared! And when necessary, Tina Li can also use this poison as his hole card! “Huh!

“Beatrice breathed a sigh of relief. As expected, Tina Li will not be so stupid, and will definitely see long-term. “How is Maya Tang?”

“Tina Li asked. “The injury is serious and it will take some time to rest.” Beatrice has already checked Maya Tang, her head and body have serious problems. Fortunately, Maya Tang’s physical fitness is very good and hard. Supported it. “Well,” Tina Li was relieved temporarily. “Then President Li, what should we do next?

“Beatrice said, the strength of the Hidden Family is really not a joke! Now Tina Li has to face several families, the Li family, and the Ouke family’s affairs have not been resolved, now they have to face the You family again. Hidden family! The abdomen is attacked!! “You family, You Batian, don’t worry for now. In one week, I will solve the Ouke family and eat the Ouke family!

“Tina Li said, eyes chilling! The Oak family has been very busy recently! “Yes!

Beatrice nodded with a serious face! “Go and see how Abe is,” Tina Li worried about Abe Zhang. Beatrice followed. Abe Zhang was put to sleep by Olena Jiang, and Abe Zhang was also seriously injured. She was tired, so she fell asleep quickly. Olena Jiang took care of her carefully, but when she saw Tina Li outside the door, she immediately lowered her head and did not dare to look at Tina Li. Tina Li breathed a sigh of relief, “Right, Beatrice, where did the bomb in Abe’s hand come from?

“It should be the killer who organized the boss,” Beatrice also felt incredible. Why did the boss behind the scenes give Abe Zhang such an important bomb? After all, there may not be a few bombs in the whole world. This shows that this is rare and precious. It’s done. “She?


“Tina Li was stunned, and then she was weird. “She has nothing to give?”

“Tina Li asked subconsciously. “You said, does she really like the young master?”

Beatrice asked in a low voice. “No way!”

This will never work!

Tina Li immediately shook his head. “Uh.


“Li Qing thought about it and went on, “It shouldn’t be, she said that she wanted Abe to accompany her last time, but also deliberately angered me, it shouldn’t be.

“What if it’s true?”

Beatrice asked. “Absolutely not!”

Abe is not her opponent, she is too shrewd, absolutely not!

What’s more, she is two years older than Maya Tangke, that is, she is almost fourteen years older than Abe. How can this work?


“Tina Li shook his head repellingly. Maya Tang was brought up by her, and she knows the bottom line. That must be different. Even if Maya Tang is ten years old, Tina Li will agree.

, But the boss behind the scenes, let’s not talk about spending time, the character of that person is not a person who lives well.

Maybe, after playing with Abe Zhang, I got bored and dumped Abe Zhang.

Tina Li could not allow this to happen.

“Well, yes, she just wanted to play, she must have deliberately teased the young master, or Mr. Li, you tell the young master?” “How can I say it?” Tina Li shook his head immediately, she can say it, can be serious She reprimanded Abe Zhang, but she felt that Beatrice had said it better, and just hinted that Abe Zhang should pay attention.

“You said, you waited for Abe to wake up, suggesting to him to tell Abe not to feel about her, otherwise, I would really get angry!” Tina Li said seriously.

Chapter 653

hidden family “Well, don’t worry, I will hint to the young master,” Beatrice looked at Tina Li’s expression, which was really serious.

That’s right, the boss behind the scenes really spends time and drinks. He definitely wants to play Abe Zhang. It’s the kind of game that he will dump.

Tina Li was a little relieved. She actually felt that the boss behind the scenes could not really like Abe Zhang. After all, the two of them didn’t have much contact.

love at first sight?

This is impossible!


The boss behind the scenes has countless men, and Abe Zhang is still young… “Let’s see Maya Tang, I want to know whether Maya Tang’s plane crash was an accident or not!” Tina Li seriously went to Maya Tang’s side.

Beatrice looked at Abe Zhang who had gone to sleep, and she was wondering in her heart, what is the boss behind the scenes going to do?

Even such a rare bomb was given to Abe Zhang.

Is this playing real or fake?


“Maya Tang, Maya Tang…” Tina Li called Maya Tang.

Maya Tang opened her eyes, she tried to sit up, and subconsciously she was worried and asked, “How is Abe!?” “He is asleep, rest assured,” Tina Li said.

Maya Tang breathed a sigh of relief.

“Maya Tang, what is going on with your plane?” Tina Li asked.

Beatrice watched.

It should not be that simple!

Maya Tang fell silent. She had thought of everything, including when she was about to leave the United States, when Nora Wan from the hidden family Wanjia suddenly appeared on the plane with her bodyguard, she remembered everything.


Maya Tang knows, now he must have offended You Jia, and You Jia is also a hidden family. If you go to offend Wan Jia again, the consequences can be imagined!


Therefore, Maya Tang chose to remain silent and forget, “An accident happened.” Tina Li was surprised, “What an accident?” “Well, something happened.” Maya Tang nodded.


“En? En!!” Tina Li helped Maya Tang to lie down, “Take a good rest.” “En,” Maya Tang closed her eyes.

Tina Li Beatrice came out.

Beatrice asked in a low voice,

“What an accident?” Tina Li sighed and shook his head, “No, it was definitely something wrong, but Maya Tang was worried about what, so she didn’t say it. It seems that Nora Wan did it!!” Li The last time Tina went to find Nora Wan, she was basically sure.

Looking at Maya Tang’s reaction now, she was 100% sure.

Beatrice was shocked, “It’s really made by Nora Wan, then we…” Tina Li’s eyes were cold, “I never thought about doing something with the hidden family before, thinking you do yours, I do mine, everyone has no conflict. that

Then you can live in peace, but it’s not like this anymore, and I don’t want to be like this anymore…” Murderous intent! This is the murderous intent that Tina Li came up with!!! … “Trash!

It’s all a bunch of waste!


“You family’s children and grandchildren all scolded! After You Batian was picked up, he couldn’t say anything, coughing, and coughing up blood. And You Tianle was still unconscious!! The children of the You family, for the first time, felt that he was himself At home, not only did you raise waste bodyguards, but also raised a group of quack doctors! You Tianle couldn’t save him, and You Batian was also tortured by illness! What is the use of these quack doctors?? “Master’s asthma broke out and he didn’t use any special medicine. Use it, when the young master was thrown out, he bumped his head, unless forced, otherwise the young master must lie down for a few days.

“A doctor knelt down trembling. He was really shocked. You Batian had already checked. He had already controlled his asthma. How could it happen suddenly? It feels terrifying that everyone coughs. Ah!! “Hurry up and think of a way?


“You Tianle’s father was extremely angry. “Yes, yes!”

“Several doctors started busy immediately! The descendants of the You family came over, and they all asked! “Grandpa, I’ve already returned, then should we deal with Tina Li?”

Let that mother and son die?


“A young man said coldly. Today’s insults, the shame that the hidden family Youjia suffered today, they can vividly remember! Fortunately, no one else is here, or the world will know it, the dignified hidden family Youjia is just like Being made like that, isn’t this the biggest laughing stock in the world?? “Yes, I think we should immediately let Tina Li’s b*tch everything disappear!

Let her know what she will face when she offends my Youjia!


“A middle-aged man said gloomily. You Tianle’s father was silent for a few seconds, “Tina Li’s kind of strength, I can crush her in three days, don’t worry, the most important thing is now. , To cure Dad’s illness, he will order what to do, after all, Dad now hates Tina Li deeply!


“That’s right, let Grandpa give orders and make Grandpa happy!”

“Someone agreed. “I think it’s good too. Grandpa gets better, and then he can speak to Tina Li that b*tch in person. It will definitely make grandpa happy, so grandpa’s body will be better.”

“A young man said. The descendants of the You family agreed and let You Batian speak. This is the best! After all, the insult that You Batian received today, he must want to personally recover the insult!! “Dad, you Don’t worry, we will try our best to let the doctor treat you, and let you personally order Tina Li that b*tch!

“You Tianle’s father said. “Cough, cough…” You

Tyrant coughing was about to faint, and he was almost unable to get up.

His eyes were staring, and he kept staring outside. This direction is the direction Tina Li left by plane… “So, the You family actually suffered a big loss today?” In a dark room, There was an old voice.

“Yes, I heard that You Batian of You Jia was killed by your grandson Abe Zhang…” someone said in the darkness.

“My grandson? I don’t recognize that grandson.” A gray-haired old man shook his head with a cold face.

“Yes!” “Qing Yang, he was indecisive. When I let him out, I didn’t want him to have a baby with Tina Li. Abe Zhang’s kid is unnecessary! I don’t admit it!! I just wanted him to go. Control Tina Li. After all, Tina Li is the person I have seen with the most potential. Facts have proved that after 20 years, I am not mistaken. She is indeed a business wizard and a fighting wizard! This kind of person must be I can only use it…” This white-haired old man has no feelings at all.

“Yes…” The man lowered his head.

“However, things were a bit earlier than I thought. Tina Li is not yet Youjia’s opponent!” The cloudy eyes of the white-haired old man shot out!

“Then… now, it’s irretrievable. Do we want to help Tina Li?” “Help? She is just a pawn I like, a pawn for me, why should I help her? A pawn Is it worth my help?” The white-haired old man showed a grimace.

“But if you don’t help, she will definitely be destroyed by Youjia!” “It’s up to her, this woman is very resilient, and the chess piece I fancy is not so easy to be destroyed, but it is really going to be destroyed. That’s also her life, because she is not up for it!” “Yes.” “Actually, let Tina Li develop for a few more years, and then conflict with Youjia, that is the best, it is a bit early now, and there is no problem. It’s too big, Tina Li resisted, it should be able to hurt You Jia’s one or two points, it is barely enough, then you have to prepare, the net has been spreading for so long, it is time to close the net…” White The old man was actually a little excited.

“Yes! Do you want to inform Master Qingyang about this matter?” “No, Qingyang, I will talk to him, what a good woman, she is just a woman, a woman, that’s a piece of clothing, you can throw it away , I thought he would have this kind of consciousness, but now it doesn’t seem to be! But Qingyang is a smart kid, and I told him that he would understand! As for Abe Zhang, who shouldn’t be born, since he shouldn’t come out, then Let him not come out, I will talk to Qingyang about these things, you go down first!!” The white-haired old man was expressionless.

“Yes!” The man retired.

No good old man

He took out his cell phone and called Zhang Qingyang, “Qingyang, what did I ask you to do?… Needless to say, Tina Li is my favorite chess piece, understand? What about my son Can you like a chess piece? Also, if it is a chess piece, you have to make good use of it… I want you to do this now, listen carefully…”

Chapter 654

tells your mother!

Abe Zhang woke up, his body was still a little bit painful. After all, he was beaten and kicked by the ten people. He resisted it, but the sequelae came out. There was internal injury in his body, but fortunately there was no bone or muscle injury.

A few days of self-cultivation is enough, but this also inspired Abe Zhang, and now he must work hard to exercise himself more!


Fighting, Abe Zhang determined that in addition to being the real richest man, he must also be the world’s number one fighting master!

“Husband, you wake up, you scared me to death,” Olena Jiang embraced Abe Zhang affectionately.

Faced with this kind of warm embrace, Abe Zhang breathed a sigh of relief. In fact, when he was visiting the house, he was also worried and worried that he would never see Olena Jiang again.

“It’s okay,” Abe Zhang comforted.

Olena Jiang hugged Abe Zhang. She did not dare to sleep all night, for fear that Abe Zhang would wake up. She took care of anything she needed.

“Well, husband, I want to sleep with my arms around you for a while, I’m sleepy, okay?” Olena Jiang said, a little coquettish.

Yes, she only acted like a baby to Abe Zhang.

Since Maya Tang’s accident, she hasn’t slept well for a long time.

“Of course it’s all right, you go to sleep,” Abe Zhang smiled slightly.

Lying in Abe Zhang’s arms, Olena Jiang closed her eyes contentedly, and soon she fell asleep and fell asleep.

Abe Zhang smiled, Olena Jiang slept at ease, and he also felt at ease.

But after a while, Abe Zhang’s cell phone could finally receive a call. The first one was the boss behind the scenes.

Hearing the phone ringing, Abe Zhangsheng was afraid that Olena Jiang was woken up because Olena Jiang finally fell asleep.

He answered the phone.

“Little guy, you finally answered the phone, give me an explanation!!” Here, the boss behind the scenes, heavily relieved, Abe Zhang is okay, she is happy.

Abe Zhang coughed, and talked about things in Youjia, and also about Maya Tang.

The boss behind the scenes frowned. Since Abe Zhang asked her to help find Maya Tang, she has let the killer find all clues, and there are some clues, let the clever her point the finger at the hidden family!

She was surprised by the news and hesitated to tell Abe Zhang!

After all, the hidden family is too powerful!

But I didn’t expect that it was really done by a hidden family, and Abe Zhang actually came out of Youjia. This is something the boss behind the scenes did not expect.

I didn’t expect my little lover to be so powerful!

The boss behind the scenes has a little worship in his heart!


“Are you hurt? Does it hurt? Or

Want me to take care of you?

“The boss behind the scenes was gentle. “Uh, no need.

“Why not?”

Don’t forget, you are my little lover, understand?

“The boss behind the scenes said solemnly. “Uh.


“Reject me, I will tell your mother Tina Li, that you have become my little lover, and see if she can beat you,” “Huh?


Don’t say it!

“Abe Zhang is shocked! If I let my mother know this, I will definitely be reprimanded! “Huh, it makes you bad!

Find a way to come and find me, I will press for you, or I will tell your mother!

“Sister, do you have the heart to let me be beaten by my mother?”

“Who made you unbehaved?”

… rest well, that’s it!

Say you miss me!

“The boss behind the scenes said. Abe Zhang’s scalp is numb, “Sister, do you still have that bomb?”

I want to buy a few.

Abe Zhang wanted to defend himself, but also wanted to give it to his mother and Olena Jiang. “Buy?”

No more,” the boss behind the scenes shook his head, where are so many? “Well, goodbye sister!

“Abe Zhang was disappointed, coughing and hung up the phone hurriedly. “Little bastard, you took the time to come and see me, have you heard?”

…Me, actually hang up my phone?

“The boss behind the scenes snorted. But she was happy because Abe Zhang was fine!!! This is the most comfortable thing for her now. Boom! Someone knocked on the door! “Come in!”

“The boss is lying on the sofa behind the scenes. It is Ouyang Fei who comes in. She wants to ask if Abe Zhang is dead! She is especially concerned about this! “Boss, how are you happy?”

“Ouyang Fei was astonished! A bad feeling arose in her heart. “Of course I am happy. Abe Zhang is still alive. He has returned.” The boss behind the scenes couldn’t wait and said happily. What?! Ouyang Fei sullen face, Abe Zhang, you Is it so fateful? Well, it’s okay, let me commit Ouyang Fei to commit suicide. You are okay!! Ouyang Fei is thinking insidiously! Abe Zhang, you wait for me! … here Abe Zhang Hanging up the phone, he was thinking that You Jia would definitely retaliate immediately, so he must find a way to do it, so Abe Zhang is going to meet the Luo Fu family! They are arms, and the bombs given by the boss behind the scenes should be able to make them. They can also study and study! In fact, Abe Zhang also wants to prepare some other self-defense things, and this time Abe Zhang is really angry! You must be killed! So he should also prepare!!! I saw Olena Jiang already When he fell asleep, he took a sip on Olena Jiang’s white cheek. Olena Jiang scratched his face like a kitten, but he still fell asleep again, as if he had a sweet dream. Abe Zhang let go of Olena Jiang! “My wife, let me first Go out for a while and come back later.

“Abe Zhang said. Olena Jiang is asleep, so I can’t answer Abe Zhang! Abe Zhang goes out! At the door! Hei Mei

Gui has no expression!

Abe Zhang was stunned. He saw a black mark on Black Rose’s neck. This one has been pinched for too long. What’s wrong with this?

“Black Rose, your neck…” “You want to go out?” Black Rose is indifferent.

In fact, when she saw Abe Zhang yesterday, she felt at ease.

She also had a good night’s sleep, but she didn’t know why she slept so soundly last night… “Well, but your neck?” Abe Zhang was too strange, and Black Rose went to Youjia too?


“Don’t care about my neck, what is my neck to you?” Black Rose is welcome.

Abe Zhang was shocked, “Are you menopausal?” “What?” Black Rose did not understand this sentence.

“Forget it, don’t tell me, I’m going to the Luo Fu family.” Abe Zhang said straight.

“I don’t care where you go, anyway, I’ll follow,” Black Rose decided now that she would never leave!

“Well, I’ll go and see Aunt Tang first…” Abe Zhang thought of Maya Tang, but also wanted to ask, what did Maya Tang want to say to herself when he was visiting the house!

“Don’t look, I just came here, she has already had an injection, don’t bother her.” Black Rose is indifferent.

Yes, Black Rose, who used Maya Tang as her opponent, was actually unknowingly caring about Maya Tang, but she didn’t even notice this.

“Uh, um, wait until I come back,” Abe Zhang nodded, let Maya Tang rest first!

Abe Zhang drove out and briefly talked to his mother, but his mother was very busy. Abe Zhang didn’t ask. In fact, Tina Li was starting to deal with the Ok family seriously.

After eating the Ouke family, then Tina Li’s strength will increase!

Tina Li didn’t tell Abe Zhang about this matter. She wanted Abe Zhang to rest.

Abe Zhang drove to the Luo Fu family, followed by Black Rose.

… The Luo Fu family!

The blue-eyed beauty Emily was absent-minded, her mother, the charming young woman was astonished, “Emily, what are you thinking?” “Mom, when will Abe Zhang come over?” Emily said.

She had to admit that Abe Zhang saved her, and she really had a special feeling for the person who saved her.

What’s more, Abe Zhang is still cooperating with his family now.

“What do you want him to do?” The charming young woman hummed, but Abe Zhang embarrassed her last time.

She thought Abe Zhang would want her, but she didn’t expect Abe Zhang not to. She was really relieved, but Abe Zhang still molested herself at the time!

What do you say about being beautiful and having a good figure? What can you say, Abe Zhang?


She is really angry, and she is still angry today!


“Cooperation, always talk to him,” Emily said. Her family has already started cooperating with Abe Zhang’s project, and the base is under construction.

“What do you say? What can I say to him? Let him call the money, and then divide the money. It’s best for him

Never show up again,” the charming young woman snorted. “Mom…” Emily hasn’t been happy for a long time. She thinks, did she like Abe Zhang? She quietly saved her when she was most dangerous. Abe Zhang, who left after losing herself? She didn’t admit it at first, but now she feels a little bit more, but she still hates Abe Zhang. This has not changed! It’s just not that annoying anymore. “Stop talking!

The charming young woman scolded, but at this time, a call came in and she answered, “Well, Abe Zhang came and said to call you!

“The young lady of Feng Yun was stunned and annoyed in her heart. What did he come here for??

Chapter 655

Your daughter told me to die. Young lady of the charm was angry! She didn’t want to see Abe Zhang at all, she was the head of a big family. Ah, the last time she was molested by Abe Zhang, who was a little older than her own daughter, she was really annoyed! But she did what she said, but she couldn’t get angry! Where did she encounter this kind of aggrieved thing? “Mom, what happened to you?

“Emily is surprised when she sees her mother’s irritation. How well is she suddenly angry? “The Abe Zhang you said is outside.

“The charming young woman said coldly. “What?

Is he here?

“Emily was pleasantly surprised. But she quickly became dejected. Abe Zhang hated her, and she hated Abe Zhang too, but she didn’t hate it that much. “Yes, I don’t know what to do over here.”

“The charming young woman has cold eyes. “Mom, you let him in, there must be something he came here,” Emily said. “Huh, what can he do?”

“Feng Yun, annoyed!! The last time Abe Zhang said that she was good in figure and beautiful, she became angry! “Mom, but he came all the way, how could you not see him?”

“Emily begged. The young woman tangled for three seconds, “Let him in!”

“Hang up! Emily kissed her mother, “Thank you mom!”

“Emily, why are you so happy?”

“The young lady of Fengyun feels even hotter. She is here, so why don’t you know what her daughter is thinking about? “I, how can I be happy?”

Angry, I hate him.

“Emily has no confidence, her voice is much lower. “You forget how shameless this person is?”

Did you forget that he said to play with me?

Such a person, you are still interesting to him, what do you want to do!

Lead the wolf into the room!


“The charming young woman is annoyed! If her daughter is with Abe Zhang, then she is not stared at by a wolf? She was stared at by a pervert… “Mom, he is not such a person. Didn’t he touch you last time?”

Emily whispered. “You, are you going to piss me off?”

“The charming young woman is angry! At this time, Abe Zhang came in in shock, “Alice, why are you angry?

“Last time I found out about the charming young woman

first name.

“Abe Zhang, don’t call my name!” The charming young woman said with a cold face.

Does it fit?

You are ten or twenty years older than you, so you call your name directly?


“En.” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Abe Zhang, what are you doing?” Emily walked over in surprise, her beautiful eyes showing light.

“I…” “You won’t go so fast later, teach me fighting, I want to learn,” Emily whispered.

“No time.” Abe Zhang shook his head. He had a serious business coming over, not to mention Abe Zhang didn’t want to see her at all.

Emily was disappointed.

“I want to talk to you, business!” Abe Zhang said solemnly to the charming young woman.

The young woman frowned, Abe Zhang didn’t have a hippie smiling face, this is a real business.

Besides, she didn’t believe what Abe Zhang dared to do to her, if she did, she would definitely go directly to Tina Li!


The young lady looked at her daughter and said, “Emily, you go out first,” “Mom, I want to stay here, and I won’t go out and talk nonsense,” Emily said aggrievedly.

“It’s not that you say nothing, I let you out,” Abe Zhang said.

“Abe Zhang, you… die!” Emily ran out angrily.

“Alice, your daughter actually let me die.” Abe Zhang said solemnly to the charming young woman.

The charming young woman glanced at Abe Zhang, “Don’t say this to me, what’s the matter, say it!!” Abe Zhang shrugged, “My cooperation with you…” “You don’t need to say it, it’s already started, you let me tomorrow Your mother hit 50 billion over, and then you don’t have to come over, I will credit your account every time the money you make.” Young Feng Yun said indifferently.

“En,” Abe Zhang unexpectedly works so fast for the charming young woman, and it seems that he will be able to earn a high income in this area soon.

“Can I have no money?” Abe Zhang smiled slightly.

“What do you cooperate with without money? Is it because Tina Li doesn’t give you the money?” The charming young woman was annoyed.

“Just kidding,” Abe Zhang was speechless. The money is really a matter of a phone call.

“If you are talking about business and joking with me, then please go out!” The charming young woman said with a cold face.

“Of course not, I will show you something first,” Abe Zhang took out the bomb given by the boss behind the scenes.

The young lady of Feng Yun was cold, and when she wanted to scold her, she saw the difference and looked at it in surprise.

Sure enough, it was for munitions, and it was obvious at a glance that this was not an ordinary glass ball.

“Is this a bomb?” Young Feng Yun asked seriously.

This is a new type of bomb, and her family is also secretly researching this, but unexpectedly, someone has already developed it successfully.

“Yes,” “Who gave it to you?” “You should know it,” Abe Zhang said.

“Just say who it is!” The young charming lady was annoyed, feeling that Abe Zhang was teasing her.

“The one of the killer organization…” “Is it her?” The young woman frowned and muttered to herself, “I heard that she has a studio that is also researching the latest weapons, but I didn’t expect it to be successful?… “Do you really know?” Abe Zhang smiled.

“Of course I know, what do you want to show me this?” The young lady was a little excited, after all, this bomb represents the latest technology!


“Can you produce a little bit of this size? I want to use it!” Abe Zhang asked seriously.

“This…” Young Feng Yun looked at it carefully for a while. In fact, there were only a few difficult problems in her secret research that she hadn’t worked out, otherwise she could also create such a small bomb.

“Yes, but it takes time.” The charming young woman didn’t say enough.

“Well, the sooner the better.” Abe Zhang breathed a sigh of relief.

“You? What’s the matter? Why are you so anxious?” The young woman was astonished. She actually saw the seriousness and murder in Abe Zhang’s eyes!


“Are you caring about me?” Abe Zhang smiled slightly.

The young woman frowned, “Go!” Do you care about him?

Abe Zhang was serious, “Then this bomb is handed over to you, can you give me ten in a week?” “No, three or four at most!” The charming young woman shook her head. Why is it so simple?

Thought it was a glass ball!

There are many difficult technologies to overcome!

“Well, as soon as possible, and as much as possible.” Abe Zhang felt relieved.

“The business is finished, are you still not leaving?” The charming young woman chased the guests.

“Don’t worry, give me one of your company’s best daggers,” Abe Zhang still lacks self-defense.

“Your mother’s technology company, isn’t it researching special metals? Let your mother build one for you and it’s over? What do you want me to do?” Feng Yun young woman hummed.

“I just want to ask you for one. I’ll buy it.” When Abe Zhang came over, he asked Black Rose, and Black Rose said that the dagger of the charming young lady is very good!

It’s time to cut iron like mud.

The young woman snorted coldly. She entered the room and took out a dagger. The material of this dagger was also similar to the special metal of Tina Li Technology Company, but it was not that pure.

“Here you are, hurry up.” The charming young woman said.

“How much? I’ll pass it to you.” Abe Zhang looked serious, opened the dagger, and it was sharp!

“I’m short of your money?” The charming young woman was annoyed, she just wanted Abe Zhang to leave quickly.

“Thank you very much, I will definitely protect the things you gave me and cherish them,” Abe Zhang smiled slightly.

The young woman Feng Yun looked cold, “Abe Zhang, are you sick? You are the same age as my daughter, do you think, is this the right thing to say to me?” She was really angry.

When I thought of the last time she had met Zhang in her heart

Ce’s compromise, thinking that Abe Zhang’s request is to play with herself, she gets angry!

Abe Zhang shrugged, “Alice, are you angry?” “I want to slap you!!” The charming young woman said coldly.

More than angry?

If it weren’t for Abe Zhang to fight, she would have slapped it out!

“Haha.” Abe Zhang smiled. He just said verbally, how dare you do anything to her?


What’s more, this charming young woman is her own partner, and Abe Zhang will not cross the limit.

“I won’t talk about it next time, let’s go, I’m going, Alice.” Abe Zhang put the dagger away and put it next to him!

Abe Zhang waved goodbye to the young woman Feng Yun. The young woman Feng Yun turned and left with a cold snort, but her knee slammed into the chair and it stung. She subconsciously wanted to hold on to something, but there was nothing to help.

When she was about to fall, a strong arm held her in time.

What exactly is

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