His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1573 – 1574

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Chapter 1573 You and Christian, go to be inmates!

Eldon had never seen such an unsuspecting Luo Youyou.

Although the posture had a sense of self-protection, this posture would only make men want to possess her even more. Possess her who is struggling with nothing in her sleep.

Eldon stretched out his hand, her fingertips trembling slightly, and slowly passed over Luo Youyou’s face, as if to experience how much soft love is hidden under her delicate skin, lightly like a cream Touching seems to melt.

In the next second, he was frightened by this action. When he retracted his hand, the words Sherry Xu had just scolded himself sounded in his mind, and he felt a little shameless.

However, staring at Luo Youyou’s appearance, Eldon felt that his body was a little hot.

She is so cute, weak and small, she wants to bully her, but also wants to protect her.

Eldon stood by the bed in a daze. For a while, he couldn’t figure out what was going on in his mind. Finally, he chose to send Sherry Xu a Facebook. (You said why I looked at Luo Youyou in a daze? After receiving this message, Sherry Xu jumped out of the bed and screamed, “What’s wrong, is there a thief at home!” Sherry Xu held the phone in front of her, “Look at Sakurahara. Can Eldon say this is human!” Alisha said in disbelief, “No! I want to tell Luo Youyou! There is a wolf next to her! I can’t let Youyou be ruined!” Sherry Xu asked. Unfortunately, if this is a phone call that wakes up Luo Youyou and Eldon, wouldn’t it be more embarrassing for them to look at each other there? I just wanted to stop Alisha, “Wait for a second baby, don’t you—” Alisha, who has a straightforward personality, dialed the phone directly and put the phone on his face. Sherry Xu maintained a “Erkang hand” movement and said the rest of the words, “Don’t call Luo Youyou first–” With a beep, the other side was connected, Luo Youyou rubbed his eyes and said, “Hello?” “…”

It was late, when he didn’t say. Sherry Xu swallowed back silently.

Alisha shouted, “Yoyou! Why is Eldon here with you! You should protect yourself when you sleep at night! Don’t let him succeed!” Success? Luo Youyou was woken up by Alisha’s phone call, still a little confused, did not remember how he got from the sofa outside to the bedroom inside, holding the phone with a blank expression, “Ah…what are you talking about?” Eldon I was so scared that my whole body was clever, how could a phone call wake people up? Who is this? I heard Alisha’s voice from Luo Yoyo’s phone microphone: “Eldon, let me tell you — if you dare to take advantage of Luo Yoyo, I can’t eat with you! I’ll send you to the prison to be Christian’s inmate! You two go sing behind bars and tears!” Eldon’s brain exploded at the time, why did Alisha call? Luo Youyou was awakened by Alisha’s screams.

He looked at Eldon beside the bed, and pulled her neckline back to his senses, “You…what are you doing by my bed?” Eldon roared, “I’m sleeping outside with you, for fear that you will be cold and cold, so I carried you in!” Luo Youyou flushed, “You hold me?!” Eldon stalked his neck, “What’s wrong with me! It’s pity that you didn’t sleep in bed at home. Didn’t you just bring you in!” Luo Youyou’s phone fell on the bed, his mouth opened, and the final voice has turned into a gust of wind, “You pity me? But…

It’s yourself.

To squeeze into my life, the supreme compassion is not good intentions, it’s just that you are satisfying yourself.”

Chapter 1574 He hugs her from behind.

The implication is that Eldon’s words are good for you, but he wants to get satisfaction from these behaviors and make his conscience better.

Luo Youyou pulled her neckline with one hand, picked up the phone again with the other hand, and hung up Alisha’s call.

She didn’t want Alisha to get involved with her and Eldon’s affairs, so that Alisha worried, and Eldon felt irritable, so it was better to hang up.

After doing this, she shrank herself more nervously, “What are you…what are you going to do?” “I just want to sleep.”

Eldon Valles’s voice was so cold, as if he had faced Luo Youyou just now. Perplexity and melancholy are both fake.

He stared at Luo Youyou’s pretendingly calm but panicked eyes, and said every word, “A kind reminder, don’t catch a cold.

Sleeping outside is not a great act of anger.

Looks like a child.”


Luo Youyou shrank into the quilt, “Then I will sleep here, Eldon, do whatever you want.

If you want to live long, I will Waiting on you, do you think so satisfied?” It seems that they have gone back to the past.

Luo Youyou seemed to give up the struggle completely, since you are going to trample on me, then I might as well be prepared to dedicate myself. But it was the appearance of giving up resistance that made Eldon feel dazzling.

Her silent display of weakness is more like a ruined death, but since when, she has already adopted such an attitude to face him? Eldon did not speak.

He opened the quilt and pressed in directly.

Luo Youyou’s body trembled violently.

After more than 20 years of life, it was the first time that he felt that having a man beside him was such a nervous thing, as if he was beside him.

Eldon is not a man but an out of control beast.

She would open her fangs anytime, anywhere, and swallow her alive. Curled up and hunched, Luo Youyou couldn’t sleep anymore.

She was lying on the bed, although it was very warm, she felt cold in her heart.

Eldon’s breathing sounded very calm beside him.

He brushed his body, and his hand touched Luo Youyou’s waist. Under the same quilt, her body trembled like a bird with a horrified bow, fluttering off her usual beautiful and gorgeous feathers, and she was stripped of her camouflage layer by layer.

In the next second, Eldon’s hand directly pulled her whole body over.

She stood upside down, Luo Youyou shivered, the voice of wanting help was blocked in her throat, her strong hands locked her waist like chains, and the temperature of the man’s chest that was close to him came from behind.

It was burning like fire on her back.

That was…

Eldon’s… chest.

How sad and ridiculous, when she dreamed, she also thought that one day she could truly love Eldon.

Although this idea is very ridiculous, then take a step back, at least to let go of the fight after a long time-in the time of parting, perhaps reward her with a friendly embrace.

At that time, it may be the only time she could hug Eldon.

At this moment, she was embraced by Eldon.

That firm and powerful heartbeat, through his broad chest, through her protruding thin butterfly bone, hit her tiny heart directly.

Like the wave of receiving and passing each other, that second, that one Hertz-her heartbeat received his heartbeat.

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