His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1575 – 1576

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Chapter 1575 The face is not good, eat breakfast?

Luo Youyou had never been so flustered, as if she was stripped of clothes in public, even the level of fluster and shame was less than that of Eldon hugging her at this moment, making her emotional ups and downs violent.

He closed his eyes in fear and waited for Eldon’s next move, only to find that he just didn’t move.

Luo Youyou was afraid that Eldon would make any cross-boundary behavior.

After waiting for a long time to find that he was not moving, he tried to move his body.

However, as the limbs rubbed, Eldon unconsciously tightened his hands and was still dumb.

The voice said, “What are you moving?” Luo Youyou’s voice was panicked, “Then what are you…holding and holding me for?” Eldon Sakura was silent for a while, and laughed irritably by himself, “You ask me? Me? I also want to ask myself, what am I doing holding you!” “Then you let go!” “Don’t let go!” Eldon seemed to hate himself for being disappointed, “I’m afraid you will do it again in the middle of the night and run out.”

Sleep outside, understand!” Here again, Eldon said “Good for you”.

Luo Youyou laughed at herself, “Why hold me so tightly like this? As if we really have feelings.”

As if we really have feelings. When this word came out of Luo Youyou’s mouth, the tone was particularly light, and when it was heard in Eldon’s ears, his heart was shaken.

He was so speechless that he didn’t know what he said next, “Why don’t we have feelings for so long? We have feelings for keeping a dog for so long…”

Luo Youyou smiled even more desolately and turned around. Go, in the dark, looking at each other with her eyes, she said, “Do you love me?” Do you love me? At that moment, Sakurabara Eldon never knew that he had missed him even a long time later.

He missed that foreign country night when a little woman curled up in his arms, and quivered cautiously and asked him again, do you love me? ? But he didn’t even want to say, “No love.”

The answer is so cruel and cold.

Luo Youyou’s heart shuddered, as if all the defenses had been penetrated, she reached out to Eldon’s chest, and seemed to be able to open some distance by doing so, even in vain.

If you don’t love, don’t hug me.

She trembled and said, “Then, we are just the friendship we have known for a long time, you worry about me, I am very grateful, you don’t need to hug me.”

Eldon’s hand stiffened.

I felt the woman in his arms slowly pushing him away, and then withdrew his body, but his hands did not obey, he clearly wanted to hold tightly…want to hold tightly… but was weakly broken by her opened.

There was no communication after that, and Eldon did not know how he fell asleep this night. When he woke up the next day, the bed was empty.

He got up, his whole heartbeat missed several beats, and he thought in horror that Luo Youyou left him and left, and his reason told him that it was impossible.

This was Luo Youyou’s home.

The man got up, went out and saw the breakfast outside. For some reason, Eldon’s heart was burned with bloody numb.

How long hasn’t he eaten this breakfast…? However, in the company, Luo Youyou sat down in the office with his forehead, and the colleague handed over a breakfast, “Hey, look at your face. Didn’t you eat breakfast?” Luo Youyou shook his head, pushed the breakfast back, and muttered With a thank you, my colleague frowned and said, “You won’t… be sick?”

Chapter 1576 Give him this way, vomiting blood!

Luo Youyou touched her forehead weakly, panting and saying, “It seems a little bit.”

“Have a fever?” The colleague also reached out and touched it worriedly, “Really, sweetheart, you You can’t get sick, why don’t you ask for a leave?” “No.”

Luo Youyou twitched, “President Gu has just taken office, and I have many things to help.

I can’t live up to everyone’s expectations in the office.”

To be fair, it was them who pushed her out, but now she has taken the initiative to take the responsibility.

The colleague is embarrassed, “Youyou, you are like this, we are sorry…”

“There is no need to be sorry.”

Luo Youyou smiled and turned on the computer, “Look, you guys are still helping me complete the report, there is nothing owed. Mine, I’m okay.”

“Did you catch a cold last night?” Still uneasy, my colleague asked, “Did you sleep well?” It means you didn’t sleep well.

I didn’t close my eyes almost overnight.

In addition, I slept outside without a quilt.

I guess I caught a cold. Now I have a fever. Fortunately, the temperature does not seem to be too high.

Luo Youyou took a breath and felt that she could persist.

She hadn’t survived this little problem, so how could she be hypocritical? As a result, as soon as I went to Gu Ye’s office in the afternoon, Gu Ye frowned, “Are you sick?” Luo Youyou was a little surprised.

She also put on a special makeup and blush to make herself look healthy, but the result was still Gu Ye saw it at a glance.

She could only smile awkwardly and said, “How did you know?” “Seeing that your complexion is not good, and your eyes are ethereal.”

Gu Ye didn’t say much, just waved at Luo Youyou, “Come here, I have medicine.

Luo Youyou cleared her throat, put the report on Gulliver Gu’s desk, and then said, “It’s not good for you?” “What about hypocrisy?” Gulliver Gu reported the result without even looking at her, “turning back and fainted.”

I still want to spread it out that I abused my subordinates.

I quickly gave me the medicine.

I thank you.” With that said, Luo Youyou was embarrassed first, took a pill that Gulliver Gu had taken out, and followed I saw Gulliver Gu stand up and give her a cup of hot water.

She was so scared that Luo Youyou stretched out her hands to catch it, and then said, “This, this, you are too polite…”

“What are you talking about?” Gulliver Gu patted her head, “I caught a cold last night?” Hmm.”

Luo Youyou sniffed, “Maybe I slept outside in the middle of the night and caught a cold.”

Gu Ya raised his eyebrows, expressing his interest, “Why did you sleep outside?” Luo Youyou’s voice was hoarse. “He has to sleep in my bed, what can I do.”

No, there was no quilt outside, and the fire started. “Should I take you to see a doctor?” Gulliver Gu returned to his position and sat down with his hands on his chest. “Does Eldon know that you are sick?” Luo Youyou shook his head and denied both. You don’t need to take me to see the doctor.

He doesn’t know.”

“That’s not good.”

Gu Ye grinned, “What do you think, I will take you to the doctor after work, and then you call Eldon.

He said he was sick. When he turned around, he was anxious. When he came to the hospital, he would see that you were already taken care of by me.”

Luo Youyou shook his heart and heard Gu Ye continue to laugh arrogantly and say, “That can’t make him angry. Vomiting blood?”

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