His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1681 – 1682

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Chapter 1681 You don’t go, I should go.

Originally Heizes didn’t even think that Ameli Su and Luo Youyou were together.

Ameli Su couldn’t tell.

It is estimated that Luo Youyou would not come. Unexpectedly…

Luo Youyou was planning to come this time, and… Got Gu.

Suddenly, the two people who hadn’t seen each other in many years yearned for speechlessness, and both did not expect to meet on Alisha and Sherry Xu’s anniversary, and both put on a complicated expression.

Christian squeezed a sweat, and he was about to leave with his feet, but now he stopped, and finished off with Sherry Xu, “You two… came late.”

Luo Youyou turned his face and said nothing, but Gu He opened his mouth and said, “There was a traffic jam on the way here, so it was delayed for a while.

The stinky girl had to be clamoring to come, and I was so annoying to her.”

The inside and outside of the story is like how familiar with Luo Youyou, listen. Deyuan Eldon felt a pain in his heart.

All these years…

Is Gu by her side? How weird he is in this scene.

It is his original Eldon who should leave, right? Yuan Eldon wanted to say Christian, don’t leave, you should leave instead. Just the shameless person, at this moment…

Heize’s eyes trembled and his mouth trembled.

He plucked up the courage to say hello, and finally died down completely. On the side, Christian narrowed his eyes and asked for him, “Are you going to pick you up when Luo Youyou is out now?” Gu frowned, “Otherwise? Her mother said she was not reliable, so she had to ask me to go out.

Seeing, I can’t be too busy with my own business…”

Don’t say it, let’s go on…

Christian turned to look at Yuan Heize’s face sympathetically, and found that the latter’s face was full of Just die!” He cleared his throat, “I just want to leave, whether you are here, old Xu is lively here.”

The original Eldon’s hair is about to explode, I rely on my good brother! It was agreed that the two of us will advance and retreat together today. You chased Ameli Su and I chased the little hamster. Why did you leave first? Can you leave my brother here alone? Christian patted Yuan Heize’s shoulder affectionately and said, “I’ll go first.”

Yuan Heizes squeezed a word from his teeth, “Christian…you are not a human…”

Christian Use your eyes to indicate that it’s all like this, can it work? I guess even the parents have seen it! Yuan Eldon’s eyes were urgent, what was it to see a parent, I grew up with her! Christian: Then you are on it! Gu this is showing off to your face! You slapped him in the face! Hara Eldon: …Take me away, my brother, I can’t hold it anymore, who can stand it! Christian wanted to laugh, but found that he couldn’t laugh. Yuan Heize’s expression was too pitiful, as if he had done all the preparations, but in the end he found that the bamboo basket was completely empty.

He tried to substitute himself, if one day Ameli Su was brought to him by another man with a smile, Christian slapped his knuckles with no expression on his face, and murderous intent overflowed from his eyes.

Startled, “What’s wrong? Suddenly the expression is so terrible?” Christian shook his head, “I have to find Ameli Su, you guys have fun.”

Luo Youyou pursed her lips, and heard Christian say again, “Yuan Heize thought It’s been a long time since you.

If you don’t mind, just talk to him.”

Otherwise. Sherry Xu and Christianqi looked back at the lonely Yuan Heize in the corner.

The man stood tall and thin, half of his body cast into the shadows, looking at her and Gu with complex expressions. Otherwise, he is about to wither.

Chapter 1682

Han Qingyan, who was originally twittering, felt that the atmosphere was not right.

He held his breath and looked at the expression on Eldon’s handsome face.

The little girl had an idea in her heart.

She mustered her courage and walked in front of Luo Youyou.

Saying hello, “Sister Youyou” “Qingyan.”

Luo Youyou smiled at Han Qingyan.

Their generation came out earlier than Han Qingyan, so seeing the junior is naturally kind. For Han Qingyan, Luo Youyou couldn’t make a face and greeted her, “You come to play today.”

Han Qingyan nodded, and then looked at Eldon in the corner, “Brother Eldon came here early today to wait for you. “Eldon froze.

He didn’t expect Han Qingyan to speak directly for him.

He was so embarrassed that he didn’t know what to do, so he could only say, “Don’t listen to that kid’s nonsense” “I testify.”

Christian raised his hand, “Heize is here to see you today.

At first we thought you wouldn’t come, but we didn’t expect you to come.”

No, I just wanted to leave. One or two of them were talking about how much Eldon wanted to see Luo Youyou, which made Luo Youyou nervous for a while and didn’t know what to do.

He could only grin and pretend not to understand “Oh, but this and me again What’s the matter?” Christian felt that he heard a click.

Is it the sound of Eldon’s heartbreaking heartbreak? Luo Youyou has always been stubborn by himself. When would he say such ironic words, Alisha was a little embarrassed.

Holding Yoyo’s hand, the atmosphere at the anniversary party was like Shura Field.

She didn’t want to be caught in the middle and suffered, so she could only say, “Oh, you all come here and don’t leave, Christian you Don’t go, Yan Yan refuses to come.

I told her that she still refuses to come.

If you can’t count as yoyo, she has to come over today, everyone don’t leave, no one is allowed to go.” Gulliver Gu pointed to himself : “Then, shall I go?” Eldon thought that you want to go, so hurry up and don’t ask.

However, the host of this banquet is Alisha, and Christian is to be replaced.

Eldon must be shamelessly holding a broom and rushing Gu Yao out.

Seeing him, he is angry.

Since Alisha has said so, Tang He didn’t say much when he left.

He didn’t say much.

He changed his posture to leave.

He walked to the vicinity of Eldon Sakura and sat down.

Then he looked at Luo Youyou and asked sharply, “You two are here. fall in love” The three words falling in love touched Eldon’s most sensitive nerve.

He didn’t even dare to listen to the answer.

If the answer was yes, what should he do. Perhaps he should have accepted such an ending.

He should have seen the reality as the past.

His fiance, he has been forgotten and abandoned by Luo Youyou in the long river of years, and there is no way to arouse her touch anymore.

However, what I didn’t expect was that Gulliver Gu was the first to answer before Luo Youyou.

The man who was named scratched his head with a look of confusion and said, “You are in love with Luo Youyou recently.”

Luo Youyou let out a cry, but didn’t listen. Understand, “What’s my boyfriend?” Almost instantly, Christian saw the shameless scumbag Eldon suddenly smiled with a rotten chrysanthemum on his face, his eyes flashed and said, “Aren’t you in love with Gu Ye?” Didn’t you even talk to Luo Youyou just now? The bastard Luo Youyou was taken aback by the sudden enthusiasm of Eldon, hiding behind Gu Ye, Gu Ye frowned, “What are you doing? When I’m talking to you, when did I fall in love with you?” Luo Youyou’s thin-skinned face, she clung to Gu Yao’s sleeve, like a little hamster that was shivering from a beast, “My mother thought you were so what? “

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