His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1683 – 1684

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Chapter 1683 He is not loved, but loved again.

It turned out to be so! It turned out that Luo Youyou’s family thought that Gu was in a relationship with her, which led to such enthusiastic request to take care of Luo Youyou, but Luo Youyou and Gu himself didn’t mean it.

Hearing what Luo Youyou said, Gu frowned, the handsome guy scratched his head and deliberately asked, “Does your family think so?” “Do you pretend to be ignorant of this situation or…”

Luo Youyou Unable to hold back, he said, “Pretend to be stupid?” Gu smiled now, no one could see his appearance, “Guess.”

Gu Duo, a smart person, might have noticed Luo Youyou’s family from the beginning.

In my mind, it was possible that Luo Youyou hadn’t noticed it, and he hadn’t broken it.

It’s just that Gu is even more threatening in Yuan Heize’s eyes. When he was not with Luo Youyou, everything was experienced by Gu with Luo Youyou. Otherwise, why would Luo Youyou’s family think so? Zhonggu? It must be Gu Zailuo who behaved quite well in front of his family. Yuan Heize felt like an outsider on the side, Luo Youyou and Gu Du had been together for so many years, perhaps their status had already surpassed him.

He could only say with an ugly smile, “So, you guys…”

“We have nothing to do.”

Luo Youyou interrupted Yuan Eldon’s next words, “but I’m very satisfied with this The situation is different, aren’t we here today to celebrate the anniversary of Qiqi? The focus should be on the relationship between Lao Xu and Qiqi.” She changed and became smoother.

The original Heize’s throat moved up and down, and he understood the meaning of Luo Youyou’s back.

This may be more straightforward and tragic than Ameli Su’s rejection of Christian, because Christian and Ameli Su still have bloody memories of the past for them They stabbed each other, and he and Luo Youyou missed each other bleakly in this way, and the little bit of sadness was covered up.

It’s as if everyone treats Yuan Heizawa as a robot.

Christian’s collapse was eye-catching and shocking, but where is he Yuan Heizawa? It seems to have passed like this.

It’s no big deal either.

At that moment, Yuan Eldon was a little grateful for Christian.

If he was hurt and seriously injured when he was young, if he also lived in hatred and darkness in his childhood and suppressed his twisted growth.

If everyone was moved by him, he could stand unconditionally. On this side, if he is loved by outsiders, can he also get some pity and attention when he is sad? Christian is the most rebellious and rebellious bunch of fireworks in the world, bombing in the corner of people’s minds that they dare not resist.

He has become the epitome of the public’s delusion, and those who dare not to do are vented through him.

He is not loved, but he is loved. Yuan Heize has always known, sometimes, he would be envious when looking at Christian’s back. Just like this moment, he envied Christian’s ability to go to nuclear Ameli Su again, but he lost the courage to go up and talk to Luo Youyou again.

Standing in the corner, can you still see me? Will I still shine in your eyes? Luo Youyou took Gu Zi and sat down, Alisha went to bring out the desserts prepared in advance, Han Qingyan followed his busy schedule, Sherry Xu stood up and began to filter the coffee, and asked, “Drink or not?” Tang But he said, “Give me a glass.

I’m going to find Ameli Su later, but I can’t fall asleep.”

“Yan Yan will come later.”

Alishashi said in shock, “I just texted her. “

Chapter 1684 He is the only one left.

How could Christian express a bit of surprise, “I just called Lao Xu with her cell phone, and she said good night, she’s not free” “Are you and I on the same level?” Alisha turned around, looking a little proud, like Are you showing off something, “When you are in danger, Ameli Su may not appear, but I am in danger.”

She paused and smiled so brilliantly that Christian’s forehead jumped so brightly, “Yan Yan will definitely say nothing.

He said he came directly to me.”

She was so sure, as if Christian had already been given up in Ameli Su’s eyes.

The man’s heart was filled with unspeakable soreness, which was not obvious, but that feeling could not be ignored at all, and could not be suppressed, as if he was telling that his resistance was useless.

I want to go against the instincts of my body, but I can’t escape being pulled by habit.

Alisha winked, Sherry Xu came over to help her clean up the dinner plates, and then the two of them pushed a cart out, filled with all kinds of dishes, it can be seen that Alisha has carefully prepared for a long time. .

Seeing Sherry Xu cooperating with her in this way, Christian was full of emotion in his heart. Who would have thought that Sherry Xu, who had been so sweet and drunk, would be subdued by Alisha and set off again with nothing.

It must be very brave to accept Sherry Xu’s Alisha.

A group of people pretended that nothing happened and generally sat down at the round dining table.

Han Qingyan was next to Alisha and asked with a sweet smile, “When will sister Yan Yan come?” “Do you miss her” Alisha pinched. Pinching Han Qingyan’s nose, “Sister Yan Yan is now the female president of the Su Group in the future, you have to hurry up if you want to hug your thighs.”

Han Qingyan smiled, “Then I want to hold a lot of thighs. Didn’t Christian take over the Bo’s Group a long time ago? I heard that Uncle Elbert’s overseas multinational companies are all managed by him.

In the future, I think I will give more gifts.”

“Where did I learn this? Sets.”

Sherry Xu muttered, “Don’t worry, your parents and our elders have a good relationship.

There is no thigh or thigh.

I will help you with Qiqi if you want to eat.”

“This is me.

It’s the first time to sit down and have dinner with so many people.”

Han Qingyan was even a little excited, “We used to be with me at most.”


When Luo Youyou heard the name, she felt a little familiar when she was unfamiliar, “Wei Xin is” “His mother is a supermodel Xinda.”

Han Qingyan blinked, “Wei Xin is super, in short, better than me. Well, I’m more popular in school than me, and I’m quite marginalized.” How come Han Qingyan’s lively character is so popular, how can he be marginalized?” They always say that I’m thinking about something ancient, just living In a dream.”

Han Qingyan’s voice gradually lowered, “The good friends I played with at the beginning supported me with an encouraging attitude, but later found out that I really wanted to do this and started sponsoring, they were all alienated.

I said I’m too naive, always doing such unrealistic things, and slowly everyone thinks that I’m living in my own world.” Then, when I recovered, I was around The only person who was willing to accompany him was Wei Xin who saw his face full of disgust. Mengbao’s attack on the president’s daddy is too difficult

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