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Chapter 896

You must die!

“Abe Zhang, you have to plan first, Nora Wan is not so easy to deal with!” You Shiwen discovered that Abe Zhang was cold and resentful!

Just like just trying to kill herself, she was full of shocking killing intent!

“I know how to do it, I want to make her lose the biggest face, and after her ruin, I will kill her again!!” An idea came out of Abe Zhang’s heart!

He doesn’t want anything else now

Do, he just wants to do the same!

That is, see Nora Wan!


“Abe Zhang, what are you thinking? You have to calm down! Really!” You Shiwen persuaded.

Abe Zhang is crazy, what is he going to do!

“I’m very calm! Very calm!!” Abe Zhang said coldly!

In an instant, You Shiwen knew Abe Zhang, but did not know Abe Zhang!

Is he growing?


“Just keep calm, Nora Wan’s Wan family is the real first family. To deal with it, we can join hands to deal with her! Because, that shot, she definitely arranged for someone to shoot me! This hatred, I Report it too!” You Shiwen said coldly.

“No, she is mine!!” Abe Zhang clenched his fists!


A moment of coldness, to the extreme!

The blood redness of the eyes for a moment is also to the extreme!

Abe Zhang is painful and angry!


I went to look for her, I still looked for her!


Why did he rescue her from the deep Amazon forest at that time?



If time were to come back, Abe Zhang would not only not save her, but would kill her at that time!


This vicious woman!

Damn it!


“Okay, she is yours, she is yours.” You Shiwen was surprised, Abe Zhang was too cold!



At this time, the people of the Zhang family and the travellers were fighting fiercely!

Abe Zhang killed the strongest bodyguard of the Zhang family just a few times, already shocking the Zhang family!

Under the situation of military chaos, the people of Zhang family were defeated very quickly!


The rumbling shootout!

The Zhang family fell one by one, lying in a pool of blood.

At the scene, there is too much blood!


“Ah!!!” Suddenly!


The last helicopter of the Zhang family in the sky crashed, rumbling!

Pop, pop, pop!


All members of the Zhang family died, only two people were left, one is the head of the Zhang family, and the other is Zhang Xiang!


Surrounded by travellers, this is an amazing momentum!

Zhang Family Patriarch, Zhang Xiang is already shocked!

“Ah! How could it be possible! My people, my people!” Zhang Family Patriarch is angry!

In fact, after Abe Zhang and You Shiwen reconciled, Beatrice had already begun to use sniper rifles against Zhang’s people!

No one knows, where is Beatrice!

Therefore, many people from the Zhang family were shot and killed by Beatrice inexplicably!

More and more people in the Zhang family are dying, and the rest of the people are in a panic. They must die faster and die in defeat!

It is not surprising that the entire army is annihilated!

The situation turned too fast!

Zhang Family Patriarch, Zhang Xiang and the two of them are stunned!

It can be said that the start of their bewilderment was when Abe Zhang killed the strongest fire dragon in a few strokes!


They opened the road to their awkwardness today!

“You Shiwen, you have prepared a lot of people!” Abe Zhang said.

No matter how old the fox is, Zhang’s Patriarch still loses miserably against the upper reaches of the ten texts!

“I’m killing you

I know how to grow up, and I will survive the most!

“You Shiwen said. “Abe Zhang, what are you doing?”


Kill You Shiwen, hurry up!


“Zhang Family Patriarch is angry! Why didn’t Abe Zhang do it?? Still chatting with You Shiwen like the old ones! What happened? “Don’t kill,” Abe Zhang shrugged. “What?

Why didn’t you kill?

Are you trying to avenge your mother?


“The Zhang Family Patriarch was stunned! Zhang Xiang was stunned! What happened?” “It wasn’t made by You Shiwen, so I won’t do anything to her,” “You?

What are you kidding?

Do you think she will let you go?


If she bites against Nora Wan, she will definitely grow herself as much as possible, and she will definitely eat everything about you!


You are not clear about this?


“The Zhang Family Patriarch is extremely angry! He didn’t expect three things. The first one, You Shiwen was prepared, but still such a strong preparation! The second one is that Abe Zhang killed him in just a few strokes. Strong bodyguard! The third thing is that Abe Zhang has reconciled with You Shiwen, and they are on the same line!! Especially the last thing, he never expected! “No, she is my brother.

“I won’t eat him, he is my sister,” the two said in unison! The two looked at each other and separated their eyes! Abe Zhang felt relieved, and the misunderstanding was resolved. You Shiwen is still the same You Shiwen! So good, they lie down one by one. Sleep in bed! You Shiwen is stunned, Abe Zhang this guy! You family is stunned, what happened? Sisters. Brothers are out?? Abe Zhang. What is the relationship with You Shiwen! Zhang family head is stunned! , Zhang Xiang was shocked! “Abe Zhang, you are crazy, crazy, You Shiwen is lying to you, she will definitely eat you, then you will regret it!

Don’t be stupid!

Kill her soon to eliminate the troubles!


“The Zhang Family Patriarch is annoyed. “No!”

I think you are going to kill!


Abe Zhang came slowly! His eyes were cold, his tone was cold! “Patriarch Zhang, do you know what my plan is?”

You are right, waiting for your two families to fight almost.

I will come out again!

But things have changed. I don’t want to fight You Shiwen anymore, so I can only kill you!

Because… You let me kill You Shiwen, you eat You Shiwen, you will eventually eat me, so I will let you do this?


“Abe Zhang is coming step by step! Just kidding! Now, everything about Abe Zhang is the hard work of his mother for more than 20 years. Abe Zhang absolutely does not allow it. Everything about his mother has been eaten by the Zhang family!! So, Abe Zhang planned this round! However, Abe Zhang didn’t think of one thing! That is, You Shiwen was not the one who killed his mother and the others! “Abe Zhang, you have thought about it, why would I do that?

You killed You Shiwen, my Zhang family and you are half divided

You can do it all, you can give it all to you, as long as you kill You Shiwen, do it quickly, Abe Zhang!

Zhang Family Patriarch roared. Abe Zhang shook his head indifferently, “No!

You are going to die today!


“It was a breath of death, which made them both breathless! Zhang Xiang backed away in fear, and she fell down, “Ah!

“I said, you will kneel down for me!”

“Abe Zhang said coldly. “Abe Zhang, you are wrong, you can’t believe You Shiwen!”

“Zhang Xiang didn’t encounter this situation. She was scared, she was flustered! How could it be like this today?” “However, I just kneel now, it’s too late!”

“It’s not too late, Abe Zhang, you have to believe in my Zhang family. My Zhang family definitely doesn’t want to eat you!”

What I want is to split the Youjia with your Abe Zhang. Now my Zhang family will give you the Youjia. What else do you want?


Trust me, don’t believe her!

Zhang Xiang said in horror. Abe Zhang killed her strongest bodyguard a few times. That scene was deeply condensed in her eyes and made her frighten!! “I believe her, so you two must die today!”

I forgot to tell you, I originally planned to kill You Shiwen and then kill you. Now the plan has changed, but killing you still remains the same!

“Abe Zhang approached step by step!

Chapter 897

You are a descendant of the Zhang family! “Abe Zhang, do you think you can kill us?”


Can you eat my Zhang family?


“The Zhang Family Patriarch became indifferent! He remembered at this moment that he was the Patriarch of the Zhang Family, one of the three hidden families!! The Zhang Family’s size is unimaginable! Abe Zhang inherited Tina Li’s property, how could it be possible? Can you eat the Zhang family?? “You don’t need to worry about this!

“Abe Zhang shook his head and came indifferently! “Hmph, let me suffer such a big loss, it is actually a nasty kid, but you forget that I am the head of the family, I consider things more comprehensive than you!”

Do you know what is in my hand?


“The Zhang Family Patriarch took out one small remote control! “Bomb?

I know you have placed a lot of bombs below,” Abe Zhang shrugged! You Shiwen was taken aback, does Abe Zhang know?? “Yes, a lot of bombs, these bombs can make us all die here, so don’t force me and You die together!

I did it!


Patriarch Zhang sneered! Zhang Xiang cried, she was afraid, she didn’t want to die. “Grandpa, I don’t want to die yet,” Zhang Xiang begged. Pop! Patriarch Zhang slapped her face, “Shut up!”

“Uuuuuuu…” Zhang Xiang cried! She was raised since she was a young girl, but she didn’t expect to die here today! She doesn’t want to! “Abe Zhang, you are still young, and your mother’s hatred has not been reported yet, you Don’t want to die?

So get out, let’s go!

I’ll leave it alone. From now on, you and Abe Zhang will not be in the water!


Patriarch Zhang said coldly!

Abe Zhang is indifferent!

You Shiwen is indifferent!

She doesn’t like being threatened!

“Abe Zhang, don’t you take revenge for your mother? I see how you go down to see Tina Li, how you face her, she gave birth to you. You don’t even give her revenge, I see you How do I explain when I get here!” The Zhang Family Patriarch smiled calmly!

He knows Abe Zhang’s shortcomings!



This is inherited from Zhang Qingyang!

“I don’t need to explain, because I will avenge my mother!” Abe Zhang said coldly!

“I see how you explain, you are about to die with me, don’t you know?? Want me to remind you again??” Zhang Family Patriarch still smiled.

“I think you made a mistake. You have a lot of bombs, but you can’t explode!” Abe Zhang shrugged!

The head of the Zhang family’s eyebrows were inverted, “Huh, can’t it explode? Then try!” This is the most advanced remote control, how could it not explode?


“You are done.” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“No, grandpa, I don’t want to die yet!” Zhang Xiang said in fear.

“Stupid thing, Abe Zhang, this little bastard is using the radical technique!!” Zhang Family Patriarch is angry!

“Don’t press, I don’t want to press it, grandpa, I don’t want to die…” Zhang Xiang wept in despair.

Patriarch of the Zhang family is heartbroken!

“Abe Zhang, don’t force me!” Zhang Family Patriarch is angry!

“You know that my mother has a technology company, right?” Abe Zhang approached step by step!

“What do you mean?” “My mother, this technology company, has too many scientific research projects, drugs to treat cancer, future technology, future airplanes, future cars, too many, oh, there is one more thing , It’s a jammer! Can interfere with the remote control in your hand!” Abe Zhang said.

“You are talking nonsense, I have nothing to interfere with this remote control!!” Zhang Family Patriarch said angrily!


Zhang’s family also has technology companies!

It is also the most advanced thing in research and development.

Because of technological progress, real progress is made!

“Yes, it can be developed by my mother technology company, you can press the button, don’t be afraid, it will not explode!” Abe Zhang smiled slightly!

Step by step!

Beatrice has rich experience.

I told Abe Zhang a long time ago that the Zhang family would use this trick and prepared a jammer!

All signals within a radius of three kilometers will be disturbed!

Of course it also includes this so-called bomb remote control!

The Zhang Family Patriarch was annoyed, “Abe Zhang, do you want to die? Ah!!! You! Don’t, don’t press!!!” “Ah, no, I don’t want to die, stop!!!” Zhang Xiang panicked.

Abe Zhang took away his remote control and pressed it in front of him, however, nothing happened!

In the forest, a jammer next to Beatrice was ticking!


You Shiwen shrugged, she secretly relieved, and Abe Zhang prepared

It’s more than hers!


There is no explosion.

“How is it possible?!” The Zhang Family Patriarch was shocked!

His body trembled involuntarily!

His confidence just now is this bomb remote control that can die together!

However, it’s useless!

What can he do?

There is nothing you can do.

He never imagined that he would encounter such a thing today!

He is an old fox, he capsized in the gutter today!

Since he was a child, he opened his mouth and stretched out his hand. At this moment, there is no one from the Zhang family around him, and there is no one who can call for instructions!

He suddenly felt that all around was terrible!

Because there is no Zhang family, only him and Zhang Xiang!

So, a trace of fear appears.

This is involuntary!

Zhang Xiang sat on the ground crying like the rest of his life after the catastrophe, “I don’t want to die, no! Grandpa, I don’t want to die, tell him, tell him who I am!” Zhang Xiang climbed to the Zhang Family Patriarch “Grandpa, tell him, tell him everything, and he will let us go!” “Fuzzy! We are even more dying!” Zhang Family Patriarch is angry!

“Grandpa, let’s not say we are going to die more!” Zhang Xiang cried in despair.

Patriarch Zhang sighed, he has reached this point today, he didn’t expect it!

Was overcast by a replacement pawn!

“Okay, tell me!” Zhang Family Patriarch lowered his head.

He could not face Abe Zhang even when he said such things.

“What you say, you will die today!!” Abe Zhang came indifferently.


Abe Zhang will be indifferent, no matter what they say, Abe Zhang will take action!

Because, leaving them two will cause endless trouble!

They are hidden families.

As long as they survive, they will definitely get revenge!

Abe Zhang still wants to kill Nora Wan, and has no time to fight with the Zhang family!

So, kill them with no trouble!

Eat them well!


“No, wait for me to finish! Abe Zhang.” Zhang Xiang climbed up to Abe Zhang and pleaded bitterly.

There is no way, she wants to live. There are too many people in the Zhang family and she is reluctant to die.

Abe Zhang grabbed her neck and Zhang Xiang struggled uncomfortably. She screamed in fear, “Don’t kill me, Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang!! Listen to me, your surname is Zhang, and my surname is Zhang, I am your aunt!!!”

Chapter 898

turned out to be… “What did you say?” Abe Zhang was indifferent to the extreme!


You Shiwen was stunned. Zhang Xiang said it was Abe Zhang’s aunt?


So Zhang Xiang is Abe Zhang’s older sister?


“Listen to me, don’t pinch me, listen to me, your father is Zhang Qingyang, he is my brother, I am his sister, and I am your aunt! Let go!!” Zhang Xiang screamed uncomfortably!

Because Abe Zhang’s big hands, like a vise, pinched her neck!

You can squeeze her neck in a second!

Abe Zhang’s expression was dull, “What did you say??”

You Shiwen’s mistake is even more serious. She knows that Abe Zhang’s father is called Zhang Qingyang!

This person, a little mysterious, has been eating Tina Li’s soft rice on the surface, but it is not as simple as it seems!

She has thought about what family member Zhang Qingyang is!

However, she never thought that Zhang Qingyang would be a member of the hidden family Zhang family!


So, what is going on here?


The expressions of everyone in the Youjias present changed.

“I said, I am your father’s relatives, I call him grandfather, and your father will call him grandfather too!” Zhang Xiang screamed frantically!

She wants to live!

“You bullsht! bullsht!” Abe Zhang was indifferent to the extreme!

“I didn’t, no! Grandpa arranged for your father to marry Tina Li, and it was all arranged by grandpa! Don’t pinch me, let go! I can’t breathe!” Zhang Xiang begged and frightened ?


Abe Zhang couldn’t help letting go. He was at a loss, “What did you say!!” “It’s to blame your mother, Tina Li is so good! Once, grandpa went out and met Li, who was only 13 or 4 years old at the time. Tina, her performance is too good, 13 or 14 years old, fighting has surpassed too many people, and very business acumen, so grandpa fancy her.” Zhang Xiang said in fear.

The owner of the Zhang family was in a trance.

You Shiwen stunned!

She has this expression because she feels appalling!

“Say, say, tell me! Why do you see it?! What do you want to do!” Abe Zhang looked like a lion, with blood red eyes and roaring emotionally!


“Because grandpa needs a person and wants to cultivate a person to change the status quo of the three hidden families. Grandpa wants this person to grow up and eventually stir up the Youjia, Wanjia, and best of all, for the Youjia Wanjia. Our vitality was badly hurt, and then our Zhang family came out to clean up the mess, so Grandpa took a fancy to your mother Tina Li…” Zhang Xiang said in fear.

“Then, say!!” Abe Zhang roared, his blood-red eyes were painful, painful for his mother!

“Then, Grandpa first planned to train her, and checked her information and found that she was a member of the Li family. However, the strength of the Li family was too bad, and the control and training alone could not allow Tina Li to grow up to barely match the You family. The strength of Wanjia! So, so…” “Say!!!” “So, Grandpa decided to control her by another method.” Zhang Xiang said in fear.

“Let my dad appear right?” Abe Zhang was bitter to the extreme!

He said word by word, his heart was hurt, he was so, my mother shook her head to know how sad it was?


“Yes, grandpa asked Qingyang to show up and approached Tina Li as a stranger. In the end, the two of them got married. Then, with this convenience, grandpa controlled her and cultivated her…. In twenty years, your mother has not let him down.

His expectations have grown to a person second only to the three hidden families!

“So, my mother, is it a pawn of your Zhang family?”

“Abe Zhang bitterly.” “No, Grandpa changed his mind and wants your mother to enter the Zhang family’s genealogy,” Zhang Xiang dare not say anything else. “But, my mother has grown up to the present and it is also used by your Zhang family. right!

“Abe Zhang’s blood-red eyes gradually became indifferent! It turns out…this is a game that has been arranged for 20 years! “No, your mother has grown up to this day, and she has benefited the most!”

“So, if my mother is not assassinated by Nora Wan, your Zhang family will control my mother to deal with Youjia, Wanjia?”

Use my mother as a pawn to charge, right?


“Abe Zhang said every word! “No, Grandpa has changed his mind. Don’t think about it!”

I am your aunt!

Your dad Zhang Qingyang is my own brother!

Screamed Zhang Xiang! “My dad?”

Is he still my dad?


Abe Zhang smiled bitterly and shook his head, his voice was so dry! Abe Zhang suddenly understood. Why did his mother show up for so long, and he never showed up. It turned out that he couldn’t face himself? “Why not?”

Without him, where did you come from?


“No, he used my mother at all. I suddenly felt that my mother was too pitiful. When she was so young, you used her to use my mother’s affection and her love to control her. She, you…” Abe Zhang bloody eyes are red! He always feels that his mother is independent, but no, she has been used since childhood! You Shiwen is stunned, and Tina Li is like this. She has seen Tina Li several times. , I found that Tina Li had no trace of being exploited. Tina Li didn’t know until today. She was used by the Zhang family since childhood??? You Shiwen understands this bitterness! She understands too much!! She suddenly sympathizes with Tina Li If Tina Li did not work hard, did not grow, and did not meet the original expectations of the Zhang Family Patriarch, would Tina Li be abandoned by the Zhang Family Patriarch halfway through, that is, killed? “Abe Zhang, you can’t So, Qing Yang is your father and I am your aunt, don’t forget!

This can’t be changed, you are from my Zhang family, you know?


Now standing in front of you is your father’s grandfather and your outsider…” Zhang Xiang screamed. “Shut up!


Shut up I!


“Abe Zhang roared, “I’m not from your Zhang family, no!”


Starting today, my name is Li, and my name is Li Ce!


“Abe Zhang, you are so rebellious, why are you talking to me like this?”

To you…” “I want you to shut up!


Did you hear that!

To shut up!

“Abe Zhang’s horror reached the extreme. He came step by step! “You Zhang family, use my mother and treat her as a chess piece,

If you didn’t treat her as a human being, would you still let her enter the Zhang family’s genealogy?

Want me to enter your Zhang family’s genealogy?

Impossible, impossible!


Laozi is not named Zhang!

It has nothing to do with your Zhang family!

“Abe Zhang’s blood-red eyes are like an angry lion!! “Abe Zhang, you can’t say that, you are Qing Yang’s own son!”


Without Qing Yang, how could you be born?

Qingyang gave you life!

Zhang Xiang said. “Really?”

Am I his son?

No, I’m just a tool he controls my mother. One day it’s useless, it will be thrown away. I have nothing to do with him. I wish I was not born, and I don’t want my mother to encounter such a thing. “I don’t want to…” Abe Zhang’s face was as gray as death, and he muttered to himself.

Chapter 899

is no longer relevant! Abe Zhang thinks so! My mom’s life is so pitiful and still being treated. Assassination. Abe Zhang was really sad. He thought he still had relatives, but no, his own father, not a father… What kind of dad? Abe Zhang really can’t describe his feelings at the moment, and he’s lost to the extreme! “Abe Zhang, you can’t be like this. saying you.


“Snap! Abe Zhang clenched his fists and made a terrifying fist sound, “Stop talking!


Zhang Xiang was startled by Abe Zhang’s eyes, “I won’t say anything, but don’t kill us, you are your aunt!”

“No, you are a stranger to me, and no, you are a dying person to me. Your Zhang family used my mother so much. Go down and apologize to my mother!”


Abe Zhang grabbed Zhang Xiang by the neck. “Ah, don’t kill me.”

Don’t kill me, I’m your aunt, dear…” Zhang Xiang screamed in fear. The Patriarch Zhang sighed, it’s useless, he didn’t expect that he would die in Abe Zhang’s hands today! Abe Zhang, but a replacement chess piece “No, Abe Zhang, no, I don’t want to die.


Oh, so uncomfortable, so uncomfortable…” Zhang Xiang was desperate. She felt Abe Zhang’s hands were squeezing her, and she was about to squeeze her neck!! Suddenly! Abe Zhang stopped! He turned his head and was extremely cold. , “Do you still have a face in front of me?


“A man appeared! Yes, Zhang Qingyang!! He walked slowly. You Shiwen’s people stopped him, and You Shiwen waved! Zhang Qingyang walked in front of him, “You all know?”


“I know, I know, what you have done, I know, I feel worthless for my mother, she is so to you, and you have been using her, and eventually want her to die, you are so cruel!

“Abe Zhang is terrifying and hideous! At this moment, he is angry!! Zhang Qingyang was silent for three seconds, “I, I am sorry for her, but she, the woman in your hand is my sister and your aunt…” “No !




“Abe Zhang roared to anger!

Zhang Qingyang was silent, “Well, let them go, you can do whatever you want,” “What do I want? My mother has been assassinated, you should tell her yourself!” Abe Zhang roared.

“I will, don’t worry, I will, I want you to let them go, can you? When I beg you, if your mother is still there, she will agree.” “You are not qualified to mention my mother anymore, no more “Well, what you said is.” “Ah, I’m so uncomfortable!” Zhang Xiang screamed, “Qingyang, let your son let me go, I don’t want to die…” “Sister, let him alone Make a decision.” Zhang Qingyang was silent, and You Shiwen remained silent. This is Abe Zhang’s own business.

Abe Zhang squeezed Zhang Xiang’s neck, he wanted to squeeze it off, but when he saw his so-called father, Abe Zhang suddenly sneered and boomed!


Abe Zhang throws Zhang Xiang away!

Zhang Xiang was in fear, fell to the ground and fainted!


“You, I have nothing to do with you from today! Never see you again!!” Abe Zhang finished speaking and left!


You Shiwen also left, and the travellers also left.

“Ce…Oh!!” Zhang Qingyang was silent for a long time, only a wry smile!

“Qing Yang, your son is too shameless, I want to let him die!” Zhang Family Patriarch said angrily!

Today’s shame, he must find a way to recapture it!


Abe Zhang, the little bastard born by Tina Li, he is going to kill!


“Enough!!” Zhang Qingyang was suddenly indifferent!

The Patriarch of the Zhang family fell into horror, “Qingyang, do you dare to speak to me like this?? You…” “Grandpa, I listen to you, but I regretted it very early. You didn’t let me go, and you wouldn’t let it go. Guo Tina, her death was caused by you, do you know??” Zhang Qingyang fell into pain.

“You have to know that she is a chess piece, she…” Zhang Family Patriarch was angry.

“No, she is to you, but not to me, she is my wife! You don’t understand!!” Zhang Qingyang said suddenly!

“Qing Yang, you are too shameless, you are the future heir of the Zhang family, how can you talk to me like this for a dead woman?” The Zhang Family Patriarch was heartbroken.

“Grandpa, do it for yourself! I’m leaving!” “Qing Yang, what are you going to do?” Zhang Family Patriarch felt bad.

“I will do what I should do and what I owe her. It’s time for me to apologize to her… I don’t know, can she forgive me,” Zhang Qingyang muttered.

Tina Li is dead, and he can only see her if he is also dead.

Apologize to her.

“Qing Yang, do you know what you are talking about? a*shole stuff!?” Zhang Family Patriarch wanted to slap his face!

“Grandpa, I will do what I owe her, otherwise, my life will be meaningless,” Zhang Qingyang shook his head.

“You want to find Nora Wan by yourself? Are you her opponent? You are

Go to die, you are the heir of the Zhang family, if you dare to go, I will die in front of you!


“The Zhang Family Patriarch is angry! He is too optimistic about Zhang Qingyang, and he is the only qualified to be the Patriarch of the Zhang Family. “Grandpa, I’m sorry, I will do my own thing.”

“Zhang Qingyang shook his head and left… The Zhang Family Patriarch was shocked, “a*shole thing, what is good about that woman Tina Li, is it worth your death for her?”


“You don’t understand her. Twenty years, I understand,” Zhang Qingyang muttered to himself, he really understood.

Chapter 900

do you understand? Wanjia!! Olena Jiang has a pair of tired beauty Staring at Nora Wan, “It turns out that everything is done at the door!


“She was arrested by Long Yi and came over to Wanjia, and everything happened to her!! Nora Wan smiled lazily, “You said you, I didn’t want to do anything to you, if you are more interested, you may leave Abe Zhang by yourself. I can also let you go. Now, the reason why you are here is because you are stupid, not smart, don’t you know?


Long Yi stood aside and smiled slightly. She took Olena Jiang here without any effort. “You kill me!”

“Olena Jiang closed her eyes! Long Yi’s strength is too strong, she hates him very much at this moment, especially wanting to kill Long Yi. It’s a revenge for Tina Li. However, she doesn’t have this ability, and coming here means she will die. Olena Jiang has never been afraid of death. The only thing is that I have regrets. As Abe Zhang’s wife, she did not leave a descendant for Abe Zhang. “Don’t worry, you will die and I will not let you live!

Nora Wan smiled lazily. “What do you want to do?”


Olena Jiang was angry. What did she think of. “What do you think!”

“Nora Wan smiled slightly, “Olena Jiang, I don’t conceal you, I am barely curious about you, do you know what I am curious about you?”


” “I do not want to know!

“Olena Jiang beautiful eyes Shuosuo!” Give her a slap!

“Nora Wan’s beautiful eyes flashed cold light! slap!! Long Yi gave Olena Jiang a slap! Olena Jiang’s cheeks were red and swollen, and the corners of his mouth were bleeding, but his eyes were cold! “In my place, you better be good, I Ask you again, do you want to know what I am curious about you?

Nora Wan asked again. “I don’t want to!”

“Slap! Long Yi smiled and gave Olena Jiang a second slap! She was powerful, and the second slap knocked Olena Jiang out. Splash! A bucket of water was poured on Olena Jiang. Olena Jiang woke up, “If you dare to treat Abe Zhang this way, I will not let you go as a ghost!


“Don’t let me be a ghost?”

I’m so scared!

do you know?

In one word, how many people can die?

“Nora Wan smiled slightly and didn’t care what Olena Jiang said. “What I am curious about is, why does Abe Zhang like you?”

What is good about you?



I am better than you, looks better than you, what does he like about you?

“Nora Wan asked with a smile. Olena Jiang’s beautiful eyes were indifferent, “There are some things you never understand!”

“No, there is nothing in this world that I don’t understand yet,” Nora Wan smiled slightly. Lazily lying on the sofa! “Kindness!”

Don’t kill innocent people, you know?


“Olena Jiang asked coldly. “Do I need to understand this?”

You still don’t know what I’m going to do next, I will destroy the Zhang Family, You Family!

There is only one hidden family in the world, and the entire earth belongs to me!

What do I need to understand?


“Nora Wan disdain to argue. “So, my husband Zhang…” “Slap her!”


“Nora Wan was indifferent for an instant! slap! Long Yi slapped Olena Jiang. “From the moment I saw Abe Zhang, she was not your husband anymore. Don’t you understand this truth?”


“Nora Wan said coldly! “He is not!”

“I said yes, he is!”

In his current situation, he will come and beg me, and I will give him the best things in the world, can’t you?

I can!

I can make him the richest man in the world, can you?

I can!

Men just like these, and Abe Zhang is no exception!

“Nora Wan seemed confident. “He will rely on himself, not on you!”

Olena Jiang shook his head, “I know him, he can’t eat soft food, it’s yours.”

“He has no choice. Soon the world will be mine. He will only be under my watch, oh, I said this, you will never understand!

“I don’t need to understand,” “You can’t understand either. You are just a low-level person. Do you think your family has billions of dollars, which is amazing?”

In my eyes, you are a beggar, do you know?


Nora Wan smiled slightly. “How do you want to deal with Abe Zhang?”

Before Olena Jiang died, he wanted to know about this. Otherwise, she would have regrets when she died. “What shall I do with him?”

He is the man of my future, and I will only give him the best,” Nora Wan seems to have dreamed about the married life with Abe Zhang. “You can’t give it, you never thought about a problem, if Abe Zhang one day I see, you killed his mother, what would he do to you?

“This question, I haven’t thought about it yet!”

Know why?

Because he will never know about this.

“Nora Wan said confidently. “He will know!”

Olena Jiang shook his head. “Slap her!”


“Slap! Long Yi slapped Olena Jiang in the slap! The corner of Olena Jiang’s mouth was blood flowing, she was not afraid, and her beautiful eyes were still shining! “I said, he won’t know, he won’t know, understand?

Oh, you don’t understand!

I’m bored, I don’t want to talk to you anymore, Long Yi, take good care of her, I’m going to see Abe Zhang and see what he is doing…” “Nora Wan, stop for me!

“Olena Jiang

Those struggling to get out!

Long Yi pinched Olena Jiang’s neck, Nora Wan smiled slightly, “Don’t use too much force, this kind of rubbish, you will die with one pinch, I haven’t thought of letting her die so soon!” She kept talking, and came in alone. “Miss, someone wants to see you!” “Who?” Nora Wan shrugged.

“He said his name is Abe Zhang.” Nora Wan smiled beautifully, “Oh, he finally came to find me, please come in!!”

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