His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1805 – 1806

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Chapter 1805

At that moment, Jammy pinched Lu Yiting’s neck, his power was so real.

Lu Yiting thought that he could really kill her.

Yes, he is a lonely and respected emperor.

What can’t be done?

Trembling, reaching out and holding Jammy’s strong wrist, Lu Yiting cried and said, “But sir, this is my last child… If I don’t give birth well, in my life… I won’t be able to become a mother again. “

Does he really want to deprive her of this… final dignity and bottom line?

I don’t know why, after touching Lu Yiting’s expression, Jammy’s hand suddenly paused, then he stared at her for a long time with a complicated and hateful expression, and finally let go.

After letting go, Jammy gritted his teeth and said, “I hate being deceived the most. When a child is born, you will rarely show up in front of me!”

this is……

Lu Yiting watched Jammy go with teary eyes. He turned around and took away all her love.

Your Excellency… Why do you always give me cruelty.

Jammy never came to see Lu Yiting again. Until she was in labor ten months later, Jammy, who was able to take care of everything, finally appeared at the door of the delivery room. The doctor handed it over the paper, Jammy’s eyelids twitched slightly.

After a long silence, he said, “Is there any danger?”

“Maybe…” The doctor was embarrassed. “The lady had aborted too many times and injured the uterus. This time she was very careful to save the child until now. She is very weak…”

Jammy has never disclosed his appearance and identity to the public. With confidentiality measures, it is natural for the doctors here to not recognize him, so he directly and automatically substituted Jammy as the husband of a pregnant woman. He did not say anything but he was straight to the family. Speaking of concerns.

But this was heard in Jammy’s ears, just like acupuncture, why is her uterus so fragile…not because of his baby after being pregnant so many times.

Jammy turned around, and Ace replied for him, “Your Excellency…No, our boss meant that you should protect the Lord first, and you have worked hard for the doctor.”

Lu Yiting almost had a difficult childbirth. After giving birth to Lemuel Chu, she was dying, could not open her mouth to eat, relying on nutrition needles to sustain her life, and walked away from the ghost gate for a while, and finally… the mother and son survived safely.

But this birth almost cost her most of her life. After that, Lu Yiting became quite weak and often fell ill during the season. The doctor said that whether it was abortion or childbirth, it would hurt a woman a lot. This was a root injury. It needs to be well maintained.

Jammy took Lemuel Chu away, leaving Lu Yiting to live in a villa alone and be served by her servants. Occasionally Lemuel Chu came back to accompany her mother, and she would always find that she was thinner than before.

But now…

Trembling, Lemuel Chu stood in front of Ameli Su, muttering, “I never thought that she would choose to kill herself on this day of my father’s birthday…”

What is the point of despair?

Lu Yiting has done everything for Jammy in her life, and will do any dirty things for him, but in the ears of the public, she will always be the one with no name and no name—for Jammy, she personally chose “social death”. , So that no one knew of his existence, to become the shadow of Jammy.

But what did she get in exchange?

“I think Jammy shouldn’t even frown his brows.” Lemuel Chu shook his body. “I called the police, but Jammy suppressed everything in order not to expose it.”

At this point, Lemuel Chu didn’t even want to say the word father to Jammy.

Chapter 1806

Ameli Su couldn’t believe it. She had heard about Lu Yiting from Lisa Tang and Elbert Bo. She knew that Lu Yiting was a woman who would do everything for Jammy, but now…

She actually died for Jammy.

How desperate is a person to choose to leave the one he loves in the world alone?

Ameli Su thought about letting her die. She definitely didn’t dare to let her die. She was afraid that she would leave. From then on, Tang Christian lived without light and lost his soul-but if the two of them fell off the cliff together. Even in the abyss, she must accompany Tang Christian to jump down without looking back.

What about Lu Yiting.

So Lu Yiting, who loves Jammy so much, at the moment when she chooses to commit suicide, what kind of despair was flashing through her mind?

Yin and Yang will never see each other again, can she be so cruel to herself?

Ameli Su touched the blood on Lemuel Chu’s body, mixed with the cold rain, and Lemuel Chu’s voice was also ambiguous by the intensive rain. He said, “I don’t have a mother.”

Although Lemuel Chu didn’t feel the two words of mother and father clearly for a moment, at least in the past, his parents were still alive and his home was still there.

Ameli Su blinked. Lemuel Chu had walked too long with her. She didn’t want to see him like this, and took Lemuel Chu’s hand, “What’s the situation now?”

“My mother originally made a big meal today, and invited me to go home, waiting for Jammy to come back to eat together.” Lemuel Chu looked at Ameli Su numbly, “but Jammy did not come, it was Ace’s words. She committed suicide, and Jammy came. It suppressed everything, and I came out in the chaos, and I don’t know where to go.”

She committed suicide and Jammy came.

“go back.”

At that moment, Ameli Su stared at Lemuel Chu, trying to pass on his strength to him, “Lemuel Chu, going back, accompany your mother through the process and the last part of the road—”

“I want to run, I don’t want to face…”

“We have to go back!” Ameli Su raised her voice, “I don’t have a mother either. My mother is more hateful than your mother! Is your mother working hard to keep you? Lemuel Chu-then why did she leave? , You have to fear her!”

Lemuel Chu’s heart seemed to have been hit, Ameli Su turned around and entered the room, taking a coat casually, “You come in, change into clean clothes, we go to the hospital, and accompany the aunt for the last time.”

“I can understand that, in fact, have you always… longed for maternal love?” Looking at Ameli Su’s thin back, Lemuel Chu’s heart trembled, “Although you were abused by your mother since you were a child, she died again later, and you become a burden. All the scapegoats, then why, to other people’s mothers…”

Well, gentle.

Ameli Su did not speak, her eyes were flushed when she turned her head.

The news of Lemuel Chu’s mother’s suicide did not know where it touched her. Ameli Su smiled and did not let the tears fall. After a long time, she said, “Your mother, must be… you gave birth to you with love? “

Lemuel Chu’s eyes became hot, he stretched out his hand to cover his face severely, and then his shoulder twitched.

Half an hour later, in the hospital, the cold body was covered with a layer of white cloth. When Lemuel Chu entered, Ace was standing by the side.

Looking down at Ameli Su, Ace said, “Miss Su, why are you here too?”

“Lemuel Chu came for me.” Ameli Su stood at the door, did not follow in, and let Lemuel Chu sit down with his mother alone, and finally talked. She and Ace both chose to stand at the door and closed the door for Lemuel Chu.

After forbearing, Ameli Su asked, “This news…Does that adult know?”

“I haven’t notified the past.” Ace’s hand is tightly clenched, and there must be countless emotions in his heart, but he is still so respectful, “Is considering the wording, how to convey it to you.”

As soon as the voice fell, there were footsteps outside, and Ameli Su’s breathing stopped.

That man, in the past, combined control and used her mother to commit countless crimes, and caused Elbert Bo Lisa Tang to torture each other, the Tang family was destroyed, and the seven sins were displaced. The adult behind the scenes…

Ameli Su’s heart throbbed wildly in her chest, turned around, and faced Jammy directly.

At that glance, Jammy snorted fiercely, “Why do you look exactly like Tang Christian’s eyes?”

Those gray-green eyes with hatred.

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