His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1807 – 1808

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Chapter 1807

Perhaps when Ameli Su didn’t even know it, she and Tang Christian had already assimilated.

At this moment, staring at Jammy and looking at him with hatred eyes, perhaps not only Ameli Su, but also Tang Christian in her soul.

She didn’t dodge. Ace stood behind her and stood opposite Jammy for the first time. It was like a silent oath. Because of Lu Yiting’s death, he walked silently to the opposite of Jammy.

Ameli Su said, “Are you here to see Lu Yiting?”

Jammy only knew that Lu Yiting had committed suicide, but he did not know that she had committed suicide. At this moment, there was a slight expression of disdain on her face, and said, “Isn’t that woman very fond of being a demon? Come to the hospital, why bother?”

Ace opened his mouth, trying to speak, but didn’t say anything.

Ameli Su, who was next to him, saw it, and followed what Jammy said, “Yes, yeah, why bother, he gave birth to a child for a man, and the ghost gate was shut down. This man still doesn’t love himself. Why should you be so stupid? Raise your child and turn around and find a man who loves you to get married.

Ace’s heart trembled fiercely, this kid… can you see it?

I don’t know where this irritated Jammy, the man raised his eyebrows, “Does Tang Christian teach you the yin and yang weirdness?”

“Why, do you want to learn too?” Ameli Su grinned. At that moment, she didn’t need to be blackened. Her personality was already born with aggression, “Or you should die again, Growing up like me, maybe you can learn.”

Listen, the bloody words that came out of her mouth are not attributable to Lemuel Chu’s ability to write her name into the seven deadly sins. Ameli Su, who has always been low-key, actually knows everything and knows everything, but she always converges, silently Silently accompanied Tang Christian to atone for his sins in his own way.

Jammy’s voice became colder and colder, “Sharp teeth.”

“Yeah, I can say that people who have died can’t say anything. Lemuel Chu without his mother has no place to cry.” Ameli Su shook his head twice, “If I were Lemuel Chu, I would also like to have this problem. What is the identity of Jammy’s son!”

“Presumptuous!” Jammy’s expression changed suddenly, “Do you know what the identity of my son is? Do you know that there are many things in the future that Lemuel Chu can’t bear—”

“He can’t bear it now!” Ameli Su pointed to her chest, “It’s not just Lemuel Chu, Tang Christian, I, the offspring of the group of people framed by your design, and we who were innocently implicated. Accept—the same is true for Lu Yiting! She is dead, I congratulate you! She is dead, Lemuel Chu no longer has a mother, the woman who used to seduce Uncle Elbert Bo and sacrificed herself for you finally died!”


Jammy’s body shook. He hasn’t recovered until now, until the word was repeated and repeated in Ameli Su’s mouth. The man couldn’t believe it and said, “Dead?”

Ameli Su spread her hands, as if particularly relaxed, but her eyes were flushed.


Does anyone know how important a mother is? A good mother can save a child, just like Lisa Tang warms Tang Christian, so that his humanity will not die, Lu Yiting is also a Lemuel Chu born with hope and expectation , Let him know that he has a home.

Hey, this high-ranking adult, do you know, do you know how heavy the word “mum” is… How much she envy people around her to have a good mother, and you, why…

“Why do you, never, care about…”

Chapter 1808

Facing Ameli Su’s accusation, Jammy instinctively frowned. Lu Yiting’s face flashed in his mind. For some reason, he couldn’t accept the fact that this woman died.

Instinctively, he was running away.

Standing there, Jammy’s expression became colder and colder, “My choice has nothing to do with you—”

“It’s really ridiculously high-sounding!” I don’t know where the courage, or a generation of young people, Ameli Su dared to confront Dang Jammy like this. She stood in front of Jammy and slammed open the door of the hospital with a voice. He followed up and said, “All people’s encounters are because of you-if it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have tortured each other like this! Lu Yiting died for you too. Since she has a clear conscience, let’s go in and take a look. See if she is lying there without breathing, is it as you wish!”

As he wishes?

Jammy’s body shook fiercely, and he unexpectedly…he was said by a woman who was so much younger than him that there was no room for rebuttal!

He clenched his fists tightly, an inexplicable sense of panic gradually flooded into the heart of the lonely “emperor”. He looked at the door opened by Ameli Su, Ameli Su’s mocking voice was still in his ears. She was a victim of the previous generation’s bloody storm, and her fate was upset by him, so… then what about Lu Yiting…

That woman who is willing to do everything for him, why did she choose to give him such a gift on his birthday… so that he could not resist…

Ameli Su saw Jammy standing at the door in silence for a long time, then his face was almost pale and rushed into the ward. The tall man was used to controlling everything, including Lu Yiting’s survival, but she never thought that one day she would use such determination. The ground gesture jumped out of his palm and left without looking back.

Leave him… alone.

Lemuel Chu was still burying his head on the side, and when he heard the voice raising his head, he rushed in at the door. When his so-called father hit face to face, when two pairs of very similar eyes were looking at each other, Jammy looked at each other from his own life. The son received overwhelming hatred.

Jammy had a meal, “Are you here?”

“I’m not here, where else can I be?” Lemuel Chu smiled, “My biological mother is dead, of course I have to stay here.”

Jammy didn’t even dare to see Lu Yiting who was covered with white cloth.

She died, and died silently. On such a family-wide celebration of joy, news of her suicide was controlled by him, and naturally no one knew that she had left.

But she died so vigorously, Jammy’s birthday, a day that will be remembered in this life, she chose to end her life with her own hands, like a slap in the face of Jammy-every year from now on, your birthday , I want you to pay homage to me!

His birthday, her death.

Jammy thought that Lu Yiting was just a suicide trick. How could he really succeed in suicide and it was gone. This woman cares about him, youth, age, love, and the things that women care about the most. She has never cared about anything, no end. She was married, never had a good relationship with a good man, was not publicly known to the world, and was not recognized and accepted by anyone—she hid in the shadows, and how old she was, she hid for many years.

When the years are old, she is no longer young, but still waiting for Jammy to come home for dinner.

“No one will wait for you to come home for dinner anymore.” At that moment, Lemuel Chu murmured, “My home is gone.”

At that moment, suffocation called pain slowly floated to Jammy’s throat.

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