His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1809 – 1810

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Chapter 1809

In Jammy’s worldview, everything is arranged according to the importance of interests. He is also an extremely sober and calm person, even numb.

When he heard the news of Lu Yiting’s suicide, he instinctively blocked it, and then judged the value of the matter. Suicide and suicide are two things. Suicide may also be an attempted suicide. According to Lu Yiting’s temperament, generally speaking ——

It should be an attempted suicide, just show him what it looks like.

But now, but now.

Looking at Lemuel Chu’s face, Jammy couldn’t speak for some reason, he clenched his fingers, and then reached out and touched the white cloth covering Lu Yiting.

Hello, are you kidding me?

A performance is enough, don’t do this, the props are really used, hello—


Lu Yiting! ! !

He finally yelled Lu Yiting’s name formally in his mind, but he didn’t say it. He felt ashamed that she was a superior “sir”. What is her identity as Lu Yiting?

Even if he is dead-he is not qualified to be his so-called family!

It’s all this in my mind, why is my heart so trembling…

Lemuel Chu stepped forward and gave Jammy a big push. The latter looked at his son and saw tears in his eyes. He pointed to him and said, “You go out! You are not worthy, you go out!”

What a joke…

Jammy looked ruthless from the moment he entered, as if Lu Yiting’s death was nothing to him at all. This kind of appearance stung Lemuel Chu. The man pushed his respected father out of the door little by little. The voice was almost hysterical, and he said, “Get out of here! I don’t want your father—I don’t want anything! I want to get out of your account book!”

“You are crazy!”

Jammy’s voice trembled a little, but the emotional ups and downs were finally suppressed by him. In front of outsiders, he did not allow himself to expose the slightest fragility, not a single bit.

He is so powerful and perfect, why would he not give a little love to Lu Yiting…

Lemuel Chu cried, “I’m so regretful, I’m so regretful that I thought about being your good son, to be your right arm and right arm, to follow your arrangements and do anything, Jammy, you don’t love anyone. ——What do you pretend to be like being in the world, you don’t even know what love is!!!”

Jammy’s throat was itchy, and he almost blurted out something, but he finally swallowed it back. Faced with his son’s accusation, he laughed mockingly, “When you sit in my position, you will know–“

“I don’t want this position!”

At that moment, Jammy’s pupils shrank fiercely. He couldn’t believe that this was what he said from his son’s mouth. He heard his son say every word, and every word was directed at his heart. “Can this position really make you so happy! Can it bring you so much happiness! I am not rare–Jammy, I am not rare, and I am not rare as your father one in a million!”

He worked so hard, but only became a shadow of Tang Christian.

In the first half of his life, Jammy had been committing sins and making up for it, so that he had forgotten that there were people around him-so in the second half of his life, the people around him were indifferent and ignored, and he chose to leave him by himself.

Lu Yiting is, and so is his son now.

Lemuel Chu cried and pointed to the door, “I will handle my mother’s funeral by myself. You, Jammy, your honorable sir, can leave this hospital!”

Chapter 1810

“Great rebellion!”

At that moment, Jammy spoke out and scolded his son severely, “I am your biological father!”

Lemuel Chu wiped his tears and glanced at Ameli Su, who was standing outside looking at himself with a worried look. He gave Ameli Su a smile. The smile was too distressing, more sad than crying.

Ameli Su wanted to say something. A voice came from outside. She turned around and saw that a familiar figure appeared at the other end of the corridor.

Tang Christian.

Ameli Su swallowed and lowered her voice, “Why are you here?”

Tang Christian naturally heard the arguing sound from Lemuel Chu and Jammy inside. The sound was too heartbreaking. They could hear all those who came from the other end of the corridor, so he didn’t do anything impulsive. , Just came to Ameli Su and said in the same soft tone, “I know about this.”

“The news hasn’t been suppressed–” Tang Christian raised his finger before Ameli Su said, “I naturally have a way to know.”

Also, this person’s path is far more wild than her.

Ameli Su said to Tang Christian, “Then what are you doing?”

“Come to pick you up.”

Tang Christian squeezed Ameli Su’s hand, “I’m afraid something will happen to you in the middle of the night…”

Ameli Su pointed to herself, “What can I do?”

“I’m afraid you can’t control your emotions when you see Jammy.” Tang Christian’s expression was meaningful, “Isn’t it?”

At that moment, what floated from the bottom of Ameli Su’s heart was her indescribable impulse. That impulse was burning like a fire, making her whole body hot. She clenched her finger tightly, “I have seen him.”

Inside, Lemuel Chu didn’t know what the quarrel with Jammy had become. After Ameli Su had said this, Jammy slammed the door, and the sound of the door slammed loudly. If Lu Yiting hadn’t died, I was afraid that he would be caught up in it. The sound of the door slammed shook her soul, and now no matter how angry Jammy was, she would no longer react.

Lemuel Chu looked at the door that was slammed shut by Jammy himself. It was raining heavily outside and his pupils were so dark. Finally, the man closed his eyes tightly as he died.

Outside, Jammy slammed the door and saw Tang Christian standing there. The child who had shown hostility to him at the age of five has now grown into a more outstanding man than his father Elbert Bo.

“Come to pick up your girlfriend?” Jammy sneered. He seems to be used to it. Because he is “that adult”, he cannot have a compassionate expression, he cannot be kind, and he cannot give in. He must force himself to be high, come Face everyone, even dear ones.

Tang Christian grabbed Ameli Su’s hand, “I don’t have to deal with my own housework, so I don’t care about other people’s affairs?”

“How could your business be someone else’s business?” Jammy knew that Tang Christian was ridiculing himself, so he followed the irony back. “Didn’t you keep saying that Ameli Su was Sarah An’s daughter? Why, is it better now? Tang Christian , Do you think everyone in the world and the earth must be around you?”

Tang Christian’s eyes were obviously hideous, even Ameli Su was aware of it.

“When you hate Ameli Su, the whole world will give you way, as invisible, as if you don’t know, how terrible you bullied her in high school, now…” Jammy looked down at Ameli Su. The gray-green eyes were completely different from Sarah An’s. The man grinned, “Then you, Ameli Su, wouldn’t you really learn from the Madonna of Lisa Tang, so you forgave Tang Christian simply and easily?”

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