His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1811 – 1812

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Chapter 1811

At that moment, Ameli Su’s expression changed almost instantaneously. Before Tang Christian did not speak, she had already stepped before Tang Christian, her body blocked Tang Christian’s face, her eyes were fierce, grey and green like a wolf. Eyes, “You are not qualified to describe Aunt Lisa Tang and her family like this!”

Jammy was first startled by Ameli Su’s sudden anger, but the man who had experienced the big storm still didn’t show much expression. He quickly reacted, raised his eyebrows and said, “It’s not like protecting my mother. , I really care about other people’s mothers.”

These words immediately pierced the most painful place of Ameli Su, her face was pale, and she was caught by Tang Christian.

The man stepped forward, just as a five-year-old child resolutely protected in front of his family. He stared at Jammy with only mockery on his face. The expression pierced Jammy’s eyes with pain, “I have lost so much, you It’s so pitiful to learn nothing.”


Who dares to say that today’s lord is pitiful? !

The only person in the world who dared to speak to Jammy like this boldly!

Jammy narrowed his eyes in an instant, “Are you trying to challenge me?”

“Not that interested.” Tang Christian sneered. The things that other people got after being hurt and bleeding, money, rights, and status are all disdain in his eyes. Some people are born with the capital to look down on anyone. , Even if he is penniless.

“You really can squeeze the final value of people out, and you have to laugh at other people’s corpses.” Tang Braden said, “Take all your energy to use everyone, and you can say this blood to the innocent next generation implicated. If so, it’s you, sir.”

He is now learning Ace’s tone and calling his Excellency in a decent way. Isn’t this disgusting Jammy? Tang Christian was born without paternal love, and grew up in darkness and distortion, which he could not choose. Jammy was killed-and Ameli Su was born by Sarah An. Her mother was a sinner, and she couldn’t choose. She played with the fate of their younger generation as mud, and the score fell apart, and in the end she would ridicule them. The fate involved is so ridiculous–

“Unforgivable…” Tang Christian knows how to sting Jammy. “If I were Rongbei, if I were Lu Yiting, I would never forgive you in my life! You die well, won’t you hurt? You are not. Don’t you feel sad — don’t you think everyone in the world is going to fight you and grab you, all have to seek benefits from you! Okay, now they are all dead, I want to see if there is still around you Accompany!”

Good death!

Jammy was irritated by these three words. He was furious for the first time, who had always been hidden. It was the first time Ace had noticed his emotions from Jammy so clearly. In the past, he was indifferent and numb. It was deeply covered up. Now, Jammy is really angry. He stepped forward and his voice was cold, “Do you think you are Elbert Bo’s son, I dare not move you?”

“Try to move one, don’t just say nothing.” Tang Christian looked directly into Jammy’s eyes, as if it represented a declaration of war from one era to another. The calm sea level suddenly became rough, and the later waves swallowed and rolled. Qianlang, he stared at Jammy, “You better not regret it in your life.”

After speaking, Tang Christian grabbed Ameli Su’s hand, “Follow me.”


At that moment, what flashed through Jammy’s mind was Lu Yiting’s youthful face.

Chapter 1812

When he was young, Jammy was distinguished and superior in appearance. He had a woman deep in his heart, who was his sister, Rong Bei, who had died for many years.

This younger sister is his mortal enemy. Since he is sensible, the adults have kept discussing who is the better brother and sister. Slowly, she has become a thorn in his eye and a thorn in the flesh, and she can’t wait to get rid of it.

Later, he finally did it.

But on that day, Jammy suddenly found that a certain corner of his heart seemed to be shattered suddenly.

He has been fighting against her all his life, for fear of being compared. The two are obviously brothers and sisters, but they have become enemies, constantly surpassing and constantly competing.

Therefore, the day the mortal enemy died was also the day his soul died.

The world suddenly emptied, and the passage of time stopped. On the day when the struggle stopped, he suddenly didn’t know what he should do, staring blankly at the right held in his palm, no one could shake it anymore.

But… also so boring.

Rong Bei’s death took away everything he had.

No wonder that after the end of the war, some people began to be “invaded” by the “past war”, thinking of the sound of shells bursting in their ears, and the scenes of bloody fighting, constantly…want to go back to the war. . Obviously it is pain, but there is no control to forget.

They are poor and innocent. They are left behind and suffer serious psychological barriers, and they cannot return to normal lives.

Jammy felt that he too, the moment Rong Bei died, his heart ached.

The sting was not obvious, but it was enough to scare him.

Later, in the long night, a woman named Lu Yiting approached him. This woman had an excellent face and very neat means—becoming his left arm and right arm.

He could detect the desire and obsession with him in her eyes, and understood that this woman was nothing but boring and greedy, dismissing her, but taking advantage of her abilities.

Lu Yiting is indeed obedient and reliable, and will never betray. Heartfelt, like Ace, are the two people he trusts most.

That night, he asked her. She was nervously like a child. She woke up in his arms and her face was blushing. At that time, Jammy hugged her, kissed her, and felt the heat of Lu Yiting. Love, but his eyes are cold.

He doesn’t love her.

If you go back in time, he is willing to go back to Rongbei when he is still alive, or… back to the day when Lu Yiting smiled so bright as the sun came to him and called him “Your Excellency”.

That was the first time Jammy felt the world was illuminated in so many days after Rong Bei died.

I don’t know how long this kind of life lasted. Lu Yiting was by Jammy’s side, survived peaceful suspended animation, survived the rupture of Lisa Tang’s Tang Christian, and survived the combined counterattack of the two of them. In the end, she was still not named. .

Jammy felt that he would not feel sorry for such an upside-down woman.

But now—but now.

The empty hospital corridor was so long at the end, it looked like a bottomless pit, no one passed by, and it was as quiet as death. He looked up at the ceiling placed in the corridor, and felt his vision start to twist.

Everything is fake, right?

Clenching his fingers tightly, Ace watched the tall and noble man in front of him suddenly shook his shoulders severely, followed by the most noble man in the world, turning around, no longer young but still deep face On the top, there are red eyes.

Neither the master nor the servant spoke.

In this way, the tears silently fell from Jammy’s eyes.

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