His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1813 – 1814

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Chapter 1813

Ace, who had been accustomed to the big scene, was also stunned. He couldn’t believe it and watched the honorable lord in front of him. He shed tears. He didn’t know what to do for a while, and then took out his equipment. The handkerchief he was wearing was handed up, and then he lowered his head and said, “Sorry, sir.”

Turns out, would you still cry for that woman?

Ace said to herself in her heart, it’s a pity that Lu Yiting can’t know it anymore.

Maybe she used up all her life, and in exchange, it was just two drops of Jammy, not sure if she was sincere.

Jammy took the handkerchief and held it in his hand without wiping it. After a long time, the man raised his neck and turned his face to the sky, as if he could pour back the tears that flowed down.

After a while, he said, “Ace, have you seen it?”

Ace knew, and replied, “Your Excellency, Lu Yiting is a comrade-in-arms to us and is more like a relative. Your Excellency is sad for her to pay homage to her, showing that you are generous.”

Listen, this set of rhetoric rounded him up to the point that Ace and Lu Yiting will always be someone Jammy can send unconditionally. They played unknown roles in his years, and no one has ever felt sorry for them.

At that moment, Jammy asked, “Ace, have you regretted it?”

What do you regret? Do you regret becoming Jammy’s left arm and right arm?

Ace lowered his head, without joy or sadness. He was used to such a person who never expressed any emotions. What did Jammy want him to do? What would he do? Since Jammy asked like this… he replied, “I will not regret it. Your Excellency is everyone’s Excellency. It is my honor to do your best for you.”

Jammy did not speak, took a deep breath, and never entered the room where Lu Yiting was lying again. Ace followed him out, but when he reached the end, Jammy stepped, “Lu Yiting, is there another one? daughter.”

Ace’s heart trembled fiercely.

Lu Yiting has a daughter, but she is not her own. It was a very poor girl she picked up on the roadside when they were on a bad day with Ace. She adopted her and took the girl back on the first day. Chu said that he welcomes many younger sisters in the family and can chat with his mother more. He is very happy that this little girl comes to live in his own home.

At this point, Lemuel Chu has an extra sister, and this sister seems to have become the daughter of Lu Yiting and Ace.

The little sister was very attached to Lemuel Chu. At first, she asked if she wanted Lu Yiting’s surname or Ai Si’s surname, but she didn’t want it, she insisted on being with her brother.

Everyone spoiled her and followed her, so Lemuel Chu had a younger sister with the same surname as her, Ais and Lu Yiting, her parents.

During that period, Ace felt like she was dreaming. He had a family and another daughter.

And now…

All this came out of Jammy’s mouth, which seemed extremely ironic.

Ace can only answer, “…Yes.”

“Does she know about this?”

“For the time being…not yet.” Ace said intermittently, “Lemuel Chu kept it from him, and hasn’t told her yet.”

“Notify her, and then send my person to pick it up.”

After saying this, Jammy walked forward without stopping, “Is it called… Rong Mo?”

Ace’s fingers clenched tightly, for fear that Jammy would give this innocent girl some bad orders someday, such as asking her to leave people with their status, so as not to reveal any secrets.

But unexpectedly, Jammy said, “Pick her up and accompany Lu Yiting.”

Chapter 1814

The words came out of Jammy’s mouth, and Ace was shocked, but he quickly reduced his emotions and habitually accompany Jammy silently, acting as an unsentimental processing machine, bowing his head, Ai Si said, “I see, sir.”

Jammy walked out and looked up at the deep night, so dark and cold. He said, “Why do I always feel that spring seems like it’s not coming.”

Or in other words, he never seemed to really feel that there was spring around him, as if it was always cold winter.

Yes, people with a cold heart feel cold too.

Ace followed Jammy, and the weather really started to cool down. He said, “Maybe… Your Excellency is more impressed with the autumn and winter seasons.”

Jammy took a deep breath, “I feel that the people around me have always been alienated from me, Ace, so are you.”

For so many years, Ace has been loyal and undivided, but Jammy still can’t completely trust him. Perhaps he is suspicious in nature. He has been accustomed to hearing the wind since he was a child. Beware of this and beware of that. Over time, his own sincerity has also been lost. I don’t know how to trust others.

Ace followed blankly, just bowed his head and said nothing. For some reason, Jammy felt that Lu Yiting was dead and Ace seemed to be more silent.

His heart seemed to be emptied suddenly, not knowing what the missing piece was, but it just shattered silently.

Jammy didn’t speak, but accelerated his pace and walked to the side of the car. Someone opened the door respectfully. He left like this, as if he had never been here.

Lu Yiting would never know that Jammy once shed tears for her.

Ameli Su was taken back to his own villa by Tang Christian. Looking at the strange house, Ameli Su muttered, “How many real estate do you have?”

Tang Christian opened the door of the code lock without looking back, “Do you want it? Come to our account, these are all yours.”


Ameli Su said, “No, I just came over to accompany Lemuel Chu at night. I’ll go back if there is nothing wrong.”

Gee, it’s really troublesome.

Tang Christian turned his head and closed the door behind Ameli Su.

Locked with a click.

Ameli Su instinctively felt that something was wrong, and took a step back, frowning, “What do you do?”

Tang Christian squinted and leaned close to her, “Yes, only you will be dragged away by Lemuel Chu. If you change to that Ameli Su, Lemuel Chu will probably close the door and go to sleep.”

——This is about Ameli Su, the blackened and sickly young lady.

Ameli Su didn’t look at Tang Christian’s dark eyes, “Lemuel Chu helped me a lot, and I can’t ignore him when he was hit hard.”

Yes, during the years when he escaped from Tang Christian, almost Lemuel Chu accompanied him. Now that something happened to Lemuel Chu, Ameli Su went to help—can he not worry!

Tang Christian grabbed a hand of Ameli Su’s hand, “I know you did it well, but I’m very afraid, very afraid that you will be soft to Lemuel Chu…”

If one day they resonate with the same experience of losing their mother…

Tang Christian said anxiously, “Besides, when I think of you having to face that Jammy alone, I’m afraid you will lose control.”

Speaking of Jammy, Ameli Su had a different expression on his face. It was almost exactly the same as Tang Christian’s eyes when he looked at Jammy. Perhaps in their eyes, Jammy was the culprit who held up high. Their lives were in a mess, and they still tried unrepentantly to continue to manipulate.

“Lemuel Chu is Jammy’s son. I know this very well.” Ameli Su looked at Tang Christian and said every word, “but Jammy’s bad things will not be implicated in Lemuel Chu’s head.”

Different, different, Lemuel Chu and Jammy are different.

Lemuel Chu still has human feelings…

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