His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1815 – 1816

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Chapter 1815

Tang Christian was stunned. He didn’t expect Ameli Su to be able to speak to himself in such a calm tone. In a daze, he felt that he saw another himself standing opposite him. This woman…the soul has become more and more in sync with him.

A strange sense of refreshment rose in Tang Christian’s heart. I don’t know how long after the experience, he and her will become the so-called community of destiny. No one can stop them, and no one can forgive the other of them. other side.

Only they have personally become the original sin of the other party.

Tang Christian stretched out his hand to touch Ameli Su’s face. At that moment, he was convinced that even if Ameli Su was soft-hearted, he would not run with Lemuel Chu. That was the bloody engraved in her bones, which would attract her to beg for mercy and approach him evenly.

Ameli Su grabbed Tang Christian’s hand, “I’m not used to it when you look at me with that look.”

Tang Christian wanted to kiss her, “Do you like the way I dismissed you before.”

Ameli Su said mockingly, “Yes, it’s more attractive to not love me.”

Tang Christianluo kissed the corner of Ameli Su’s mouth. He smiled and said, “But only because I know I might love you, that’s why I can do this—”

Hurt you, satisfy you, give you all the cruelty and pain you want.

You like it, don’t you?

“Don’t go, Lemuel Chu’s affairs will have a result, and I will not say goodbye to the past in this simple way. Between us, at least we have to wait until Jammy regrets it and hear him say that I’m sorry, and then decide. Me or you, who is the winner.”

Tang Christian said so clearly and cruelly, and placed everything in front of Ameli Su. The woman looked at his face. She said, “I really should run away with Lemuel Chu, and take a good look at how you are desperate.”

There was a violent flash in Tang Christian’s eyes, and the voice of the man’s words became cold. He said, “Lemuel Chu can’t give you that feeling, Ameli Su, it’s comforting to be hurt by me.”

Ameli Su didn’t speak, turned around and pulled the door locked behind her. She said, “Open the door.”

“I think I need to do a little bit more profoundly so that you can remember that trying to mention He Lemuel Chu’s past in front of me is such a deadly thing.”

Tang Christian held down Ameli Su, he licked his lips, like a beast, as if he could see the fangs, and then before Ameli Su had time to react, he had already pressed her directly on the cold door panel.

Ameli Su instinctively pulled the doorknob, and the code lock machine indifferently reminded her that there was no way to escape. The woman trembled, and then she faced the door and turned her back to Tang Christian, but he twisted her hands behind her back.

Tang Christian did not exert much effort, but controlled him so easily. He has learned how to grapple, and now it’s almost effortless to screw her to the wall like this. What makes Ameli Su fear is his next move. Without hesitation, she pulled her clothes away from behind.

The cloth is torn, already on the edge of deformation——

Ameli Su called out, “Wait a minute–Tang Christian you–“

In the next second, a crisp sound of tearing clothes came from behind her, and Ameli Su felt a chill on her back, something was exposed to the air, and when she reacted, someone had already wrapped her naked skin from behind. , Hold her.

The other hand, just like this, wrapped around her neck when she didn’t notice it.

The suffocation hit, Ameli Su felt that she was about to breathe, her eyes were a little red, and her mind was chaotic, “Wait a minute, Tang Christian, what are you going to do…”

The madness that Tang Christian has concealed under the calm and peaceful coexistence these days is about to explode. The man pressed her against the wall and his voice was dumb, “What do you mean?”

Chapter 1816

Those lustful desires enveloped Ameli Su’s body, her body stiffened with fear, and she even forgot that Tang Christian had released her hand earlier.

Everything that followed became so crazy, as if the TV screen suddenly jumped off and flashed in black and white, the turbulent electric current disturbed people’s soul trembling, and the stinging entangled her breathing and swallowed her tightly. The body is like a bow that will break in the next second–

Ameli Su felt as if she was trembling tremblingly on the cliff of hell, and then she was grabbed and dragged down fiercely——

The abyss, tearing all her senses apart.

Everything in the past has long distorted her mind, she can’t survive without pain, she can’t live, and being hated is everything that she depends on for survival. If there is no… if there is no…

What is the difference between that and death.

If there was no control of that man, would my life be like a normal person… I would never meet Tang Christian again?

Give me comfort, hate me, give me shocking pain, am I still a human, am I crazy?

At the end of the darkness, someone looked at her with a pair of dark pupils, held her throat, and said to her—

Ameli Su, stop being a man and be a ghost with me.

When Ameli Su opened her eyes again, it was already the next morning, and the man on one side was no longer there. She sat up from the bed and noticed a rapid keyboard tapping sound from one side.

Turning his head, he found that Tang Christian was busy in front of the computer. After a while, he paused, frowning, as if he had encountered a difficult level.

When Ameli Su got out of bed, he staggered, walked slowly to his side, glanced at it, and pointed to the screen and said, “Here, there is a bug, haven’t you found it.”

Tang Christian chuckles, and looks back at Ameli Su in disbelief, “Do you understand?”

Ameli Su was a little at a loss, “Why can’t I understand?”

“Why didn’t you say it earlier?!” Tang Christian was shocked, this is… he and Lu placed the firewall to adjust the data of the Macho League app!

“I…” Ameli Su thought it was a bit funny, “Why go out and say Zhang Yanse when I’m free, and I will do it. Besides, there is nothing to brag about.”

Tang Christian went up and hugged Ameli Su, “Oh my God, you actually found the bug we are dealing with, my god, Lu Fang, did you hear that?”

Lu Fangzheng and Tang Christian were connected to Mai, and said impatiently, “I heard that. I’ll tell you that I actually found it too, but I didn’t speak as quickly as her.”

“Pull it down!” Tang Christian looked at Ameli Su in surprise, “You can program, why don’t you tell me?”

“I’m just…” Going closer to you.

That was the ability she had gained through her studies in spite of everything, but now there is nothing worth mentioning. Ameli Su lowered her head and remembered the tearing and crazy last night. The woman gave Tang Christian a push, “I should go back. .”

Looking at her slender neck, Tang Christian felt itchy in his heart. He grabbed Ameli Su’s hand and said, “Let me finish testing this program with me. I’ll give you some work. Miss Su won’t mind?”

Great! Their app and organization were set up in a hurry. Tang Christian and Kurosawa were in a hurry. No, they asked Lu Fang to help solve various bugs in the program. Ameli Su would actually help… Very busy!

Unexpectedly, Ameli Su sneered, “Are you rich?”

Tang Christian smiled and said, “Can I do it with my body?”

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