His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1817 – 1818

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Chapter 1817

Hearing Tang Christian’s jokes like this, Ameli Su also knew that he was intentional, and did not soften his tone, “Not enough.”

Hey, this is not enough, what else do you want, little bitch.

Tang Christian looked at Ameli Su, and the woman returned to the same posture, as if two identical souls were watching each other magically.

At that moment, on a certain channel, they were in sync.

Tang Christian retracted his gaze, took a breath, and said, “Okay, I see, please, Miss Ameli Su, can you… do me a favor?”

Ameli Su looked at the scenery outside the window, “I can’t hear you.”

Tang Christian patted the computer desk twice, and Lu Fang’s laughter came out of the computer, not converging at all, “Do you have today?”

Tang Christian exploded in his heart, and then increased his voice, “Su Xiaoqiang, I beg you, Tang Christian, I have been very busy recently, and I need to test the app level. I can’t find a reliable person to help me, please do everything. Among them-take the time to help me!”

Ameli Su snapped her lips and smiled, “It’s pretty much the same. Give me the computer.”

What she said, could it be that she had to turn on the computer to help him now?

Tang Christian’s eyes lit up, “Before this, can you tell me who taught you?”

He has been leading Tod since he was a child, so what about Ameli Su, who is Ameli Su following…

“Teached by Lemuel Chu.” At this moment, Ameli Su did not evade, and said straightforwardly, “In a foreign country, I learned programming with him. At that time, Lemuel Chu was trained as the second person, so Jammy looked for it. Many excellent Internet engineers came to teach Lemuel Chu, and Lemuel Chu turned over the textbooks to me after he finished the class, and over time I followed them.”

Tang Christian immediately became ridiculously smiling, and uttered two words from his mouth, “Haha.”

Ameli Su glanced at him, did not speak, glanced at the code on Tang Christian’s screen, her eyes rolled, as if she was thinking about something, and then she walked outside, “Should you have more than one computer at home?”

“Well, there are also in the study, but…”

Tang Christian’s low voice remembered behind Ameli Su, gloomy, even with a little warning, “Are you sure… are you going to see my study?”

Ameli Su felt a chill rushing up behind her, not knowing why.

Then the woman opened the door of the room. This villa has never been in the future. Tang Christian has owned too many houses. She is unfamiliar with all the surroundings and it is normal, but the study is generally in the middle of the second floor. According to this structure, ——

Ameli Su paced slowly to the door of the study, and the moment Ameli Su caught the doorknob, Ameli Su gasped for some reason.

What Tang Christian said just now… what is it–

She slammed open the door of the study, and immediately after the woman saw everything inside, she slammed back two steps, and her scream was put out in her throat, and she suddenly covered her mouth, incredible His eyes widened.

This study…this study…

The wall of this study room is covered with pictures of her, those who are wearing clothes, those who are not wearing clothes, those who are crying with red eyes, those who are struggling in confusion with their hands, those who are not awake, those who are flushed and are forced to bear them, those who cry and bathe in the bathroom——

On the wall four or four weeks, she was all hers, dirty, sordid, and shameless.

Ameli Su felt her soul trembling.

When… when is it…

For so many years…

She raised her head and faced the very center of the front wall. It was a snapshot, with gray-green eyes.

Chapter 1818

The eyes are full of complex emotions. What kind of person can have that kind of look, living without dignity, but the eyes are full of unwillingness and gritted teeth, with hatred and love, Strong and viscous mixed together, just like her dilated pupils-the iris is clearly visible and complex and gorgeous red, gray, yellow and green, blending into a mixed and charming color,

That’s her…

The eyes that were exposed the day when he fell in the crowd and was besieged by violence.

It was the darkest high school in her, the year when the masochistic temperament in her was the most obvious, all over her body was written with seduction and desire-please hurt me, I am a sinner, come and make me surrender Right.

Ameli Su covered her mouth and backed away. At some point, her back hit a wall—no, it was a man’s chest.

Ameli Su turned her head and saw Tang Christian looking at her with those dark eyes. The woman felt her soul tremble. How many photos did Tang Christian use to take her?

In the long river of years, his most unspeakable dark thoughts, dirty, shameless, and rebellious, have all been vented and released from her. It is a kind of spiritual climax. Someone can make your hate and pitch black. Wrap and swallow, swallowing into the body with the adhesive lips and teeth.

He has touched her very few times, and in the real world, Tang Christian restrained her infringement too many times.

And in this study, closing his eyes, he made friends with her countless times.

Tang Christian hugged Ameli Su from behind. He said, “Is it pretty?”

Like a child, proudly showing off his incomparably exquisite doll to an adult, Tang Christian is also in this tone at this moment, “Look at you, are you beautiful?”

Ameli Su’s face turned white and red, red and white, she said, “You are…you are…”

“Am I a pervert?” Tang Christian held Ameli Su’s hand tighter and tighter, “I really don’t want to be a human being. No one can fit me into this way, every thorn of mine can perfectly penetrate your broken pieces. The hole is tightly stitched, so—I have warned you not to come to my study…”

Ameli Su gasped, “God, Tang Christian, you are not afraid that others will say you–“

“Say me? Tell me what?” Tang Christian smiled, “My victim, there is only you.”

Others want to criticize me and judge me, but what are they using as an excuse?

They only like the kind and good people who are fake, they only want a person who is shining from beginning to end, and they only want an unconditional good reputation-because then, they can seize the advantage of favorable morality at any time. It will always be the one that is tilted.

In short, the good people they want is to become them-it seems that if they ask others in this way, they become that person. If they empathize with such people, they also become a camp, which can last forever. Be understood and favored.

Going deeper, using this idea to favor kind people is just using kindness itself to give yourself a shell that can not be held accountable for anything, that is not true kindness— That is hypocrisy.

“But this is so boring to me, I don’t have to lean towards me with moral scales.”

Tang Christian said, “I want this scale to be broken and completely collapsed.”

Let’s take a look at the dark side and unspeakable desires of human nature, let’s take a look at how many people are pretending under this skin.

Rebellious and deviant, can’t be a world.

This is Tang Christian, who can die for a person without looking back, but can push her down the abyss in the next second.

Ameli Su looked at the face of the man in front of her, her shoulders trembling faintly, “You are out of place in this world…”

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