His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1821 – 1822

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Chapter 1821

Xu Yao’s mother’s case will go through the normal process for at least a few months before she will be sentenced. In the past few months, she has been infamous. The culprit who instigated her is still flourishing. Lemuel Chu’s words make Xu Yao’s mother suddenly changed her expression.

There was a slightly different look in the eyes of the numb old middle-aged woman. At this time, Lemuel Chu asked, “Tell me what you know, and she won’t be doing well.”

In the middle of the night, the crescent moon was high. When Lemuel Chu walked out of the detention center, his expression was quite cold and serious. He glanced at his mobile phone. It was the countdown of a day. Someone sent him a message to report to his mother Lu Yiting. What was the stage of preparation for the funeral, he looked at the relics that were picked up, and sent a row of words—

All were sent to Jammy’s office door.

When Jammy opened the door the next day, he was a little stunned. The door was full of various things, including photos, a delicate box, and a thick stack of diaries. Jammy frowned and looked at Ace. “Who put this?”

A thought quickly passed through Ace’s mind, “Maybe it’s…little master.”

Except for Jammy and Ace, only Lemuel Chu who has blood relationship with Jammy can make Jammy’s subordinates do this kind of thing.

An expression of disgust appeared on Jammy’s face, “It’s all done for me!”

“I looked a little familiar, maybe it was… Lu Yiting’s relic.”

Ace stood there unmoved. This was the first time he resisted Jammy’s order. A virus called emotion appeared in the robot’s program. He lowered his head, but his attitude was somewhat determined, “Your Excellency, you might as well take a look. Maybe it’s the young master who wants to collect his mother’s relics for you. At any rate, they are biological parents. Although they are not real husbands and wives, they have accompanied you. For a long time… if your Excellency loses it without even looking at it, the young master is heartbroken and tells the story to the world, and people outside will say you are indifferent and ruthless.”

Jammy’s eyebrows wrinkled, and he always felt that Ace’s words had a faint meaning, but these words were not unreasonable. The man clenched his fingers, thinking of Lu Yiting’s appearance, and looked at the pile of relics at the door. Feel unrealistic.

Is Lu Yiting really dead?

Why is she here, he always feels that she is not dead yet.

Pushing the door open, Ace crouched down behind him, holding up Lu Yiting’s relics one by one with his own hands. The movements were very light, as if he was afraid of falling. Between them, one died without a name and the other lived without a sound. It was impossible to tell who owed someone more, and who was more pitiful.

Perhaps in the late night waiting for Jammy’s arrival, Lu Yiting leaned on Ace’s shoulder to cry out of breath, which was his only motivation to live.

Jammy just watched Ace put the things up one by one, and then he said, “Ace, are you starting to have opinions on me?”

It seems that since Lu Yiting died, Ace has changed.

Ace acted, and the last relic in his hand was a photo taken by Lemuel Chu. Jammy was standing in the center. Ace and Lu Yiting were young and energetic, but no one knew of them. The undercurrent surging in between.

The photo was placed in front of Jammy’s eyes. Jammy’s breathing accelerated. He watched Ace clean up everything silently, and said, “Do you like Lu Yiting?”

My lord, I love her deeply.

But Ace didn’t say that he was old and no longer young, and he didn’t know how long he could stay with Jammy. What was the point of saying this.

I never got it in my entire life.

Just like Lu Yiting.

Chapter 1822

Now if I talk about things I like or dislike, this kind of term doesn’t really mean much.

Saying you like it is more like betraying the silent company of these years.

Ace thought for a while, and said, “Why do you think this way?”

“Lu Yiting has never been married.” Jammy’s voice was so cold, Ace thought, was it cold when he kissed Lu Yiting’s lips during so many days and nights.

“You haven’t found a woman either.” Jammy narrowed his eyes slightly, “Not interested in women?”

Ace lowered his head and smiled, “I just joked your sir, but I don’t think it is interesting, and I don’t have a strong desire to get married.”

Jammy seldom talked about the private lives of Lu Yiting and Ace. In his eyes, the two of them were the most sophisticated machines. There was nothing to be concerned about. Now when Lu Yiting goes-Jammy feels like he is empty. Began to care about Ace in front of him.

It seems that apart from Ace, he has nothing to talk to, “Then what about you now, don’t you want to have a baby?”

“I have children.” Ace still had that expression, “Rong Mo is.”

Rong Mo’s parents’ household registration was moved by Ai Si and Lu Yiting to their names. In this way, it was as if the two of them really had a child.

At first, it was just that I wanted to give this poor girl a pair of parents to become her.

“It’s not his own, after all.” Jammy looked at the photo album that Ace had put up, his brows instinctively revealed disgust, but behind the disgust…

Ace paused, he seemed to see fear in Jammy’s eyes.

Scared? It turns out that the aloof Jammy would also be afraid.

Ace opened one of the relics-a box, that was Lu Yiting’s jewelry box, which contained several pairs of beautiful earrings, and Ace was stunned.

Jammy’s eyebrows were frowning tightly, and he heard Ace next to him say, “Is this a mistake? It’s not like Lu Yiting’s jewelry…” Because she…

Got it wrong?

Jammy’s voice was quick, “Take me a look!”

Ace put the box over, and Jammy was taken aback.

Those pairs of earrings were all thrown to her when he went out, and she kept them in this box like this, some of them were reluctant to tear off the label. It will be carefully wiped to prevent the gloss from going down, which is enough to show how hard she is.

I am so attentive to treat you casually with my gifts, although they are not priceless jewelry, they are also invaluable to me.

Perhaps in every late night when Jammy was absent, she wiped these earrings over and over again, talking about love that cannot be heard.

Jammy, when are you coming?

I’m waiting for you to love me, just like waiting for death.

But at least, death will come. And you will never love me.

“She actually saved it all…” At that moment, a sour mood surged to Jammy’s heart. He blinked hard, thinking of the surprise and touch in the eyes of this woman when she received the gift. Why did he make his heart gasp.

Squeezing his emotions down, Jammy forced himself to stay sensible, then looked up at Ace.

But Ace’s words made him pierced with arrows.

He said, “Did you make a mistake? Your Excellency, Lu Yiting… there are no pierced ears.”

Jammy was stiffened by thunder.

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