His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1823 – 1824

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Chapter 1823

Jammy never thought that Lu Yiting’s whole life… actually did not have pierced ears.

She clearly accepted every time, every time…

Why never talk about it?

Jammy looked at the string of earrings, and suddenly felt a pain in his heart, but he comforted himself that this is because of his age, and perhaps it is the relic of his deceased, so he was a bit sad…

Is it really too sad?

Jammy froze there, as if his soul had been hollowed out.

Ace’s words are like a slap on Jammy’s face. He has dealt with Lu Yiting for so long without knowing it, and while she is cherishing treasures, she is pregnant with something. Are you in such a mood to accept these gifts?

Perhaps these gifts never really belonged to her.

Jammy put his hand on the desk, he lowered his head and looked at his desk, temporarily in a daze, then said, “Haven’t she beaten?”

Ace shook his head, “No, because wearing ear studs, going out to do a task will appear in case, if accidentally dropped somewhere, it will leave a fatal clue-so Lu Yiting never I have pierced my ears.”

It turned out to be like this, the reason she didn’t pierce her ears turned out to be this…

Actually, it was to preserve Jammy, and she didn’t make any mistakes when performing the task, so she didn’t think about piercing her ears in the past.

And it was this person who didn’t pierce his ears and received the most gifts from Jammy’s earrings.

How ironic.

He Jammy really looks like a devil.

Isn’t this damaging her heart?

Ace looked at Jammy like this, and didn’t know what to say, all kinds of emotions surged in his heart, “Your Excellency, could it be that you gave the earrings…”

Jammy’s figure was shocked, and then what he said from the man’s mouth was trembling, “It’s me, I gave it.”

Because every time I don’t know what to do to perfuse her, I feel unbearable when looking at the expectation in her eyes. I always wonder if I should do something to buy people’s hearts, so that this woman can die for herself more heartily. .

Lu Yiting is beautiful and has a good figure. She works as a errand under Jammy’s staff and will not go where she is short of money. So Jammy always picks some jewelry at hand. Once she gave her ear studs, her reaction It’s so huge that Jammy thinks she likes earrings, so she will always choose what she likes to send.

But I didn’t expect that the reaction was big that time, it turned out to be… because she didn’t have pierced ears at all.

Jammy didn’t know how much he was talking about. Ace listened silently on the side like this. He realized that Lemuel Chu might have sent all the relics here with ulterior motives in order to stab his father. Make him guilty.

But is Jammy’s conscience still guilty?

“I didn’t know it would be like this, if I knew…” Jammy said, “Maybe I will give something else.”

“Your Excellency, do you care about Lu Yiting?”

Jammy’s pupils shrank and looked up at Ace in disbelief, “What did you say?”

“If you don’t care about it, why would you choose earrings to give each time after mistakenly thinking that earrings are her favorite gift?” Ace’s words calmly and rationally analyzed everything and threw those naked. Jammy’s face, “You subconsciously want to give her something that makes her happy, right?”

The heart seemed to keep shrinking from the sting.

So… So… Lu Yiting will be so happy every time she receives earrings, because she knows that Jammy misunderstood and mistakenly thought she liked earrings, remembered her hobbies, and gave them away again and again-maybe she should Fortunately, I didn’t tell Jammy that I didn’t have pierced ears, so that I could always accept the gifts he gave to please her.

One cooperates with the performance, the other believes it is true.

Jammy opened his eyes and blinked vigorously. It seems that it won’t hurt anymore.

Between them, no one really said it.

It’s all missed.

Chapter 1824

I don’t know why, Jammy’s heart seemed to be torn apart. He thought he had seen life and death enough, so after Lu Yiting died this time, he always felt light and light, and didn’t really feel anything.

It turned out that he had only been numbed by the years, and at that moment the emotion seemed to be deeply suppressed in the bottom of his heart. It didn’t burst out at the time, so that he thought he was okay, that was okay.

But now seeing these relics, he broke free from the cracks in the past, and the pain finally began to erode his reason. The mask that had been pretending to be careless finally began to shatter, and those emotions gradually climbed into his chest.

After Rongbei died, his heart never hurt again. At that time, he thought his heart was dead.

For the first time in so many years, he was so clearly aware of his pain and sadness. Jammy picked up the jewelry box and was surprised that his hands were shaking.


Why is it so late, as sad as being broken.

Jammy took a deep breath. Ace looked at him like a bystander. He only felt sad when he saw it. Lu Yiting has loved Jammy for so long. From the graceful to middle-aged, she uses as much as possible. All means to maintain his young and beautiful appearance, just so that Jammy can take a look at himself.

Now people leave without hesitation, leaving him and Jammy here to reminisce, not knowing if it was the scene she wanted to see before she died.

“Lu Yiting is gone.” Ace opened his mouth, and when he said this, he felt like he was being pierced by a thousand arrows. But it’s useless. No matter how sad you are, you have to say, “Sir, please be sorry.”

Jammy patted the jewellery box back on the table, and he held back Ace, “Let me stay alone for a while today.”

Ace gave Jammy a worried look, “Your Excellency…”

“I’m fine, today I want to be alone.” Jammy finally sat weakly in the chair. He turned the chair back and looked at the French window behind him. The heights were so cold that no one would wait for him to go back unconditionally. .

“Young Master previously contacted me. Today is the day when Lu Yiting’s body is cremated. If you miss…you can go and see.” Ace glanced at the schedule, “It just happens that today’s business is not very busy…”

Jammy sat there for a long time, his eyes were so dark, as if he was suddenly old.

He is no longer the “sovereign” who was so powerful and respected when he was young, he could not even protect his son and his biological mother.

Lemuel Chu didn’t expect Jammy to come. At this moment, a group of people were around to accompany him. Ameli Su and Tang Christian were also there. Because Ameli Su couldn’t worry about life and death, he wanted to come and have a look. Tang Christian put a picture. Smelly face followed.

But it’s good to have this heart. On a day like this, Lemuel Chu doesn’t have the strength to fight against Tang Christian. Maybe he shouldn’t fight against Tang Christian in the first place. There is no money or interest friction in the commercial sector. , And there is no place to compete, it’s just that Jammy’s cultivation and education of Lemuel Chu since childhood, coupled with his feelings for Ameli Su, made the two of them regard each other as enemies.

Lemuel Chu was dressed in black and waited at the entrance of the funeral home. He didn’t say anything. Some disputes came not far away.

When I went out to look around, I found that Ameli Su and Tang Christian were in front of Jammy.

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