His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1825 – 1826

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Chapter 1825

Jammy was 10,000 people. He didn’t expect that when he came to find his son to attend the funeral of his biological mother, he would be stopped by the other two juniors.

When did this group of juniors have one mind?

Jammy sneered, “Lemuel Chu bought you?”

Tang Christian stood there and said to Jammy, “I didn’t see you caring about your son and mother so much before you were alive. Why, when you die, you come here pretendingly, so you want face?”

Worthy of being Elbert Bo’s son.

Jammy smirked, “I remember that the relationship between you and Lemuel Chu is incompatible. You won’t even be able to swallow this breath just to deal with me?”

Tang Christian smiled very happily, “If you can deal with you, why can’t you suffer?”

There is a bloody hatred between the lines.

He hated this Jammy who was playing with everyone’s fate on a whim behind his back. He made his mother suffer and turned against Elbert Bo, making Ameli Su homeless and becoming the next generation of sin. He even implicated countless poor and innocent people in.

If he had to discuss the position, then he must be opposed to Jammy again.

“Your father never thought that you would do this when you grow up.” Jammy said in a low voice, “You are like this, isn’t his work in vain?”

“They forget it, doesn’t mean I will forget it.”

Tang Christian did not escape, facing Jammy’s gaze, “You have settled the past accounts with them, so let’s calculate the accounts between us and you-you don’t think that no one really can get you?”

“Wait until you have gotten me away enough, then come and talk to me like this.” Jammy sneered, “Get out of the way.”

Ameli Su and Tang were the only ones motionless, “Don’t you?”

There is no place in the world where Jammy wants to go but can’t get in. He just heard Lemuel Chu’s voice, “Why are you coming over?”

Ace greeted him, “Master, it’s the lord I told…”

“You are not welcome.” Lemuel Chu looked at Jammy’s face without emotion, “Lu Yiting is not your wife in the legal sense, what are you doing here? If you are not relatives or reasons, come less, lest you get bad luck.”


Jammy’s fingers closed fiercely, “You don’t welcome me?”

“Everyone in the world welcomes you.” At that moment, Lemuel Chu looked at Jammy’s face, his eyes were so strange, “They all like you, love you, and are full of admiration and fascination with your rumors-only I hate you , You are a real scumbag!”

“Master!” Ace was shocked. No one had ever commented on Jammy so bluntly, but he was so scared that his face changed a lot, and then said, “Master, don’t say–“

“I’m going to say–” Lemuel Chu gritted his teeth, “Self-righteous bastard, Lu Yiting is my mother, but she has nothing to do with you. There will be no before, and there will be no future! You never want to control Our life—”

“Great rebellion!”

The second after Jammy’s angry voice, the well-trained professional bodyguards behind him suddenly stepped forward and surrounded the three of them. Then, before Lemuel Chu could react, he was severely beaten in his stomach. Fist, he arched his back violently, the pain made his face pale instantly!

Ameli Su’s pupils shrank, and subconsciously reached out and grabbed Tang Christian. She was afraid that Tang Christian would also be—

Immediately after, she saw the group of security guards coming towards the two of them, Lemuel Chu was dragged weakly, gasping, and almost fainted, and said to Ameli Su, “Quick…Run!”

Chapter 1826

Ameli Su looked at Lemuel Chu’s words and was already fragmented. The next second he was severely punched behind him. He snorted and his face became paler–Jammy was able to do it!

She exclaimed, “Lemuel Chu!”

Tang Christian frowned, “So many people are present, do you want to make trouble?”

“It’s not that I think, it’s that you want to make trouble, I’ll be with you.” At that moment, Jammy sneered, “Stop me to find Lu Yiting, Tang Christian, you are protected by your parents too well, are you too dreaming? “

Tang Christian was shocked and watched Lemuel Chu being dragged away. Then Jammy brought a group of bodyguards who were tall and fierce and fierce and wicked toward them. The words “run fast” seemed to tell Ameli Su to stay away from danger. It was also the will he entrusted to Tang Christian as a man, but before he could say anything, a figure flashed in front of Tang Christian.

Tang Christian looked at Ameli Su, he couldn’t believe it–

Those gray-green eyes seemed to be burning at this moment.

“While she was alive, she waited for you countless days and nights. You don’t want to see her. Now that she is dead, she pretends to be affectionate, making it as if anyone who stops you has to pay a price. Why, are you in love with her? Ameli Su stood there, facing Jammy and his group of thugs and bodyguards, only Tang Christian behind her.

——That’s enough, so why not have a lot of troops.


Does the word love still have meaning for Jammy?

“Looks like an angry red face…” Ameli Su smiled, she smiled beautifully and surly, her eyes seemed to be shining, “I just want to make money for herself after Lu Yiting’s death. It’s just a little bit of face. Is the affectionate personality that attracts you? Jammy, you look so pathetic.”

You look so pathetic.

Jammy had never been provoked like this before, and the bodyguards nearby could perceive Jammy’s anger. He stepped forward and the bodyguard behind him also pressed up. He squinted and said to Ameli Su, “You have the courage It’s quite big, but it’s completely different from the appearance of shrinking and weak and incompetent after an hour.”

What he knows best is to poke a person’s sore spot.

Unexpectedly, Ameli Su said frankly, “Yeah, I’m cowering and weak and incompetent. Doesn’t it look like the way Lu Yiting faced you when he wasn’t dead? You think how ridiculous I am now, just insulting her love to you back then. How ridiculous, even if you continue to attack me, Lu Yiting will not feel any comfort because of you doing this.”

“To shut up!”

“It’s you who shut up!”

Before the words fell, a figure flew from a distance, Ameli Su was a little stunned, and Tang Christian was a little surprised.

This is a noble lady, different from the noble and cold of Lisa Tang, Jia Qi’s magnificent atmosphere, she is arrogant and defiant, as if she had never lowered her head since she was a child, watching Tang Christian and Ameli Su surrounded by a bunch of people, The lady’s long hands and feet stunned all this group of people away.

While pulling and pulling, he said, “What’s the matter, how did you bully women and juniors? What a shame!”

Jammy was stunned. This woman looked only a few years younger than him. Why did he have no impression in the past…?

Until she heard the sentence in her mouth: “Nie-in-law! Your mother heard that you brought my niece to the funeral today, afraid that you will be bullied, and called me to bring Auntie Fangfang Xiaoyue to come and help!”

Yes! Elbert Bo Lisa Tang Marven Su and others have direct contact with Jammy. The previous generation’s affairs are broken, it is not good to come forward, otherwise it will seem to have broken all balance-but she Estelle Su was not the party at the time! She is most suitable to come forward and help!

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