His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1827 – 1828

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Chapter 1827

Jammy looked at this woman who was messing up the scene in disbelief. He didn’t expect anyone to slap him in the face like this. Estelle Su flirted with hair. “You don’t really think you are in a country under the rule of law. Can you be lawless?”

Jammy gritted his teeth. He always felt that he was a symbol of a certain right, but he forgot…

The composition of a country is the people, not rights.

Water can carry and overturn a boat.

So at this moment, when every such person appears in front of him, he can stop him once or twice, but when this kind of power gets stronger…

Perhaps one day, he will fall from the altar.

Ameli Su glanced at Lemuel Chu, who was in the hands of the bodyguard, his face was pale, it was obvious that the two punches just now made him lose his strength all at once, she could only say, “If you let the person go, we will let you in.”

“This is my son. What does it have to do with you?” Jammy felt that he would be tripped by a junior. It’s ridiculous. He didn’t seem to regard himself as a human being, so he never regarded others. people.

Things like humans are nothing but tools and machinery.

He is also included.

He said numbly and ruthlessly, “I don’t care how many people you come today, if you don’t let go, this is the end.”

“Try it?” The moment Tang Christian spoke, he was murderous, “Then you have to see if the group of dogs you raise has eaten rice.”

Tang Christian’s skill Ameli Su knew, but she hadn’t spoken and the people around her moved. Estelle Su dragged her back quickly, and immediately saw Tang Christian flashing into the crowd. Jammy mistakenly thought he was going to fight in groups—— Unexpectedly, Tang Christian withdrew from the crowd to avoid their attacks, just like this and directly confronted him!

Hooking his fingers into claws, he put his hand on Jammy’s neck without hesitation.

He was not joking, and he never joked!

At that moment, Jammy saw the shadow of the seven deadly sins in a daze. He heard Tang Christian say, “I really thought about it countless times, what it feels like to put your hand on your neck.”

Afterwards, without hesitation, the man tightened his fingers, and he wanted to squeeze out all the air in Jammy’s neck and throat. The tall lord stood motionless, letting Tang Christian’s hatred overwhelm him–

In the blue sky and white sun, what is mighty and mighty is his desire to kill, like the huge black mist that was torn from behind this man, his teeth and claws turned into his minions and black wings, soaring into the sky!

The world lost its voice, and no one dared to step forward to stop it!

A group of bodyguards came forward one after another, but Lemuel Chu shouted with his last strength, “Who dares to go up and try!”

Little Master’s order? ! This–

Recalling that the revolving lantern generally passed by Tang Christian, Lisa Tang was killed and imprisoned, Bo’s family was split and nibbled several times after Elbert Bo’s accident, Daniel Ye was suppressed, the Fengshen group and the Seven Deadly Sins turned against each other, Sarah An’s explosion had no bones, so she ended up with a minor one. Ameli Su bears all the anger that the world has not had time to vent”—

“You’re still alive, you’re actually alive!” Tang Christian felt the smell of blood in his mouth, “Don’t think that you are a bullshit and you can have your hands and eyes open to the sky, human beings, you can’t figure it out! “

Hate is stronger and fierce than love.

Jammy looked at Tang Christian in front of him. In a daze, he saw the soul roaring behind Tang Christian, which was stained black by his own hands, which was destroyed by his hands.

It is him, the most powerful blade.

Jammy smiled and was pinched, “Tang Christian, you are actually not like your father at all.”

Chapter 1828

“I don’t think anyone will be another person’s replica.”

Tang Christian stared at Jammy, his eyes narrowed little by little. He was different from Elbert Bo. He was doomed from the moment he was born.

Elbert Bo has always been favored by others, but he has lost his father’s love since he was a child, and he has seen his mother’s hardship in his eyes. The soul essence is completely different.

He is not Elbert Bo, nor can he become Elbert Bo.

“I’m not as good as him.” Tang Christian didn’t let go. His face was white and cold, like an unsentimental killer, even if Jammy broke his neck in the next second and blood splashed on his face, he Never blink, “Because I have nothing, I can use everything as a price and bargaining chip to avenge you.”

Elbert Bo and Lisa Tang chose the overall situation and chose to consider all beings, but he was not.

The life and death of the world has nothing to do with him.

“Let go!” Ace couldn’t stand it anymore. Tang Christian was so rebellious. How could he dare to talk to the most noble person today?

“Tang Christian, let go of your hand, otherwise no one will be able to leave today!”

“Lu Yiting is watching.”

At that moment, Tang Christian smiled. His eyes were like rare treasures, bright and cold. He smiled, “Jammy, Jammy, Lu Yiting and Rongbei, all looking at you like this in the sky!”

Jammy was furious and his face changed suddenly. He reached out and squeezed Tang Christian’s wrist and peeled his hand away from his neck little by little, “You are not qualified to talk to me like this!”

Tang Christian gritted his teeth, “I won’t make you feel better.”

“I look forward to.” Jammy sneered, and then slammed Tang Christian’s hand away. A group of security guards surrounded Tang Christian and Ameli Su all at once, and So Estelle Su hugged her niece. Then he said to Ameli Su, “Yan Yan, don’t be afraid, the Su family will not let you be wronged.”

Ameli Su didn’t speak, but just looked at Tang Christian’s back. At that moment, in her eyes, there was a more complicated and gloomy piety than asking God to worship Buddha.

Estelle Su has never seen a person who can have such a look, it is like, just looking at it, resonating with another soul.

Ameli Su’s ears buzzed, she reached out to grab Tang Christian who was in front of her, stumbled and grabbed his hand from behind.

Estelle Su looked at her arms empty, and then at the woman who rushed out to stand side by side with Tang Christian, suddenly she understood why Tang Christian and Ameli Su had not let each other go.

Only if they don’t let it go, it will be better.

“Hurry up…” Lemuel Chu, who was caught, let out a last weak cry, “Let them go!”

Jammy smiled and glanced at his son, “Is the latter sentence meant to me?”

Lemuel Chu trembled, and was pressed to Jammy’s face. He gritted his teeth, “Father, please… let them go, I will let you go in and see your mother.”

Jammy stretched out his hand and touched Lemuel Chu’s hair like a dog, “Isn’t it okay to be like this earlier, good, you beg me, I will let them go. Otherwise, don’t talk about the Su family-the Bo family will come here now. No one can take Tang Christian and Ameli Su away.”

His right is so terrible.

Lemuel Chu didn’t speak, but the surrounding crowd suddenly dispersed, and then Jammy walked forward and suddenly smashed Tang Christian’s shoulder.

In an instant, just like the changing times, the supreme ruler of the previous generation and the most rebellious Tang Christian of the next generation made silent moves at this moment.

As he passed by, Tang Christian’s voice was cold and muffled, his eyes were as fierce as a beast, “Jammy, underestimate other people’s feelings…you will regret it.”

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