His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1829 – 1830

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Chapter 1829

Ameli Su turned her head and glanced at Lemuel Chu who was being dragged away, her heart sour.

It turns out that Lemuel Chu has always grown up in such a family environment…Perhaps she can understand Lemuel Chu, he has no one to love, and the only mother who loves him and the death of his father because of his father’s death. What a blow to him… …

Ameli Su is a complicated individual. She is charming in that she can resonate with wounded souls. If she is a kind, healthy and positive opposite sex, she will only think that Ameli Su is a cold and beautiful vase.

But the wounded are different. They can perceive Ameli Su’s charm and darkness. Just like Tang Christian, like Lemuel Chu, similar souls can resonate. That’s why Lemuel Chu approaches Ameli Su like Tang Christian.

But, “He is more pitiful than me.”

At that moment, what appeared in Ameli Su’s eyes was an emotion called pity.

“Father is a more hateful person than my mother. However…” Ameli Su’s voice was flat and numb, “I still have my father and Aunt Lisa Tang who love me. And Lemuel Chu has nothing.”

He seems to lose nothing, because he never has nothing.

In this way, the craziness and darkness in the depths of Lemuel Chu’s personality may be slightly… acceptable to everyone.

Tang Christian didn’t speak, just grabbed Ameli Su’s hand tightly. He thanked his mother for not giving up Ameli Su at that time, otherwise… Ameli Su would be the same as Lemuel Chu.

It’s just… Tang Christian’s hands trembled unconsciously.

Ah, the tingling and comfort of pinching Jammy’s neck are still feeding back into his mind.

Trembling, nervous, painful-venting hysterically.

Tang Christian looked down at his other hand. That was the hand that pinched Jammy’s neck before, and he slowly closed it, as if finally pinched him off.

Estelle Su safely brought Ameli Su and Tang Christian back to Su’s house. Marven Su was waiting at home anxiously. Seeing Tang Christian and Ameli Su coming back, they hugged the two juniors in the past.

I was so emotional with Tang Christian before, but it was because I felt sorry for him. Hearing that they were going to face Jammy, Marven Su remembered the bloody storm of the past, and was so anxious for a while that he was inconvenient to show up, so he called his sister. Estelle Su went over and didn’t expect…

Marven Su said, “You didn’t do anything to Jammy, right?”

So Estelle Su didn’t dare to say, you brave son-in-law just pinched Jammy’s neck! Who is that, that’s Jammy!

Your son-in-law just strangled people’s neck without talking nonsense! ! !

But Estelle Su still didn’t choose to speak out, and only said, “It’s okay. They were a little frightened. Jammy brought many people over.”

“Lu Yiting is dead, why did he bring so many people?” Marven Su was annoyed, “Bah! Hypocrisy! Fake good person! Yan Yan, let Dad come and see…”

Ameli Su leaned over, “I heard that Little Moon and Aunt Fangfang also know about this…”

“I asked Lisa Tang to call them.” Marven Su sighed. “What happened back then was at the expense of imprisonment at night. Everyone swallowed this breath for the sake of society and people’s livelihood… But you are now again If there is a conflict with Jammy, I can only think of people who have not been involved in the affairs of the previous generation to help you, otherwise it will tear the peace on the surface…”

“I understand.” Ameli Su said, “Actually, dad, you don’t have to worry about us, we can do it ourselves.”

Perhaps Tang Christian had already thought about it.

Every day and every night since Elbert Bo replaced Jammy in jail, he has been looking forward and calculating-how to push Jammy to hell with his own hands.

Chapter 1830

Marven Su glanced at Tang Christian. This child seemed to have been alone since childhood. Even with so many people around him who loved him, he still looked like he didn’t care about it.

For Tang Christian, hurting someone is no different from loving someone.

Just like at this moment, he stood in front of Ameli Su and heard Ameli Su say that Marven Su should not worry, he also echoed, “Uncle Marven Su, there are some things that are not convenient for you to come forward, just leave it to us.”

What happened decades ago has ended in the previous generation.

And this dark night continues until now, decades later, it is still not bright.

Now, he wants this day to dawn.

Marven Su looked at Tang Christian in a daze for a long time. The man slowly lowered his arms, “Your father chose to replace and tolerate, but it’s not counseling, Tang Christian, I hope you don’t look down on Jammy because Elbert Bo and Lisa Tang forgave them. …”

“I never look down on my parents.”

Tang Christian’s voice was quick and decisive, just like his style of doing things, simply and neatly, “At that time, no one could clean up Jammy. At that time, the society needed Jammy, so there must be someone who commits the crime. It is too normal, then It’s not easy for my father and mother, and the wealthy people who were implicated at the time, to swallow.”

In order to give you an explanation, for the so-called most noble person, all the people of the previous generation who have experienced pain, silently swallowed hatred and put away all the determination to seek revenge, and all this, now Tang Christian wants to overthrow .

He doesn’t care who will sit in the position of Jammy, or who will manage the city in the future, will everyone be in a hurry, he just wants revenge, just wants to be happy, the world is dead or alive, it has nothing to do with him.

Gently hugged Ameli Su, he said, “You are frightened, take a good rest at home today… As for Lu Yiting, Lemuel Chu and Jammy should fight for victory or defeat by themselves.”

Perhaps now, Lemuel Chu is also on their front.

Why bother Jammy, trying his best to push himself to the opposite of everyone, the six relatives did not recognize him, and even his own son hated him extremely.

Ameli Su looked at Tang Christian and took a deep breath, then Tang Christian and Marven Su greeted them and planned to turn around and leave.

Marven Su watched Tang Christian go, and he stopped him, “I sometimes wondered if I faced you with the wrong attitude back then.”

If it wasn’t so good to Tang Christian, perhaps he could now be ruthless to separate the two juniors.

But he noticed that the souls of Tang Christian and Ameli Su fit so closely, and he didn’t know how to separate them.

So Estelle Su followed and sent Tang Christian out. She found that Tang Christian lowered her head and opened an app, and then clicked the call button inside.

The curious Estelle Su took a look, “Hey, what app is this, is it fun?”

Tang Christian curled his lips and looked at her, “It’s fun.”

“Who are there? It looks very interesting. It’s a new social software.”

Inside… Tang Christian said, “Probably the successor to the new Seven Deadly Sins.”

On this day, someone received a call. A plane took off from all over the world, and finally landed steadily at the airport in Freinvilla. The leader was a cold-faced teenager. He walked out slowly, at the moment he saw the pick-up person. , Grinned, “hey,.”

Lu Fang put away the phone, “Tang Christian said you will come, and I will pick you up on his behalf.”

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