His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1833 – 1834

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Chapter 1833

Ameli Su seemed to have a long dream. When she woke up, she felt like Tang was on the operating table with her hands and feet tied up.

There was a loud noise outside the door, and then someone slammed the door open and stumbled in.

The one with messy haircut and disheveled clothes was Lemuel Chu with a flustered expression, “Why did you come?”

Ameli Su watched him trembling hands and feet, loosening the rope for herself, and asked him, “How long have I been in a coma?”

“Probably… more than an hour,” Lemuel Chu looked pale, “Why… are you coming over?”

“Where is this place?”

“my home.”

Lemuel Chu’s Adam’s apple moved up and down, “It’s his mansion… You know that I didn’t send the text message… My phone was stolen by him. I have been worried that you will be deceived…”

Ameli Su looked at Lemuel Chu’s face and said, “Have you been beaten?”

Lemuel Chu was stunned.

Ameli Su reached out to wipe off the sweat from his forehead, her fingers were so soft, “Lemuel Chu, did you come here secretly?”

“Jammy imprisoned me.”

When Lemuel Chu spoke, there was a little despair on his face, “It was Ace who told me that he brought you to my home through my mobile phone. I can’t figure out what he is going to do. Is he going to imprison you with you?”

“Jammy wants to control Tang Christian, so he must control me first.”

Ameli Su said that, but his eyes were deep, and then he grabbed Ameli Su’s hand, “Why are you so stupid? The news comes as soon as you see me, you are usually clever outside, knowing that it is low-key to cover people’s eyes. After so many years, how can you still be deceived by Jammy?”

Ameli Su lowered her head, “I just thought, if you can, you and Tang Christian are so similar. If you can help, you can help.”

At least, don’t despair Lemuel Chu again.

Lemuel Chu didn’t know what to say at the moment, and just untied the rope from Ameli Su, “They didn’t do anything to you, right?”

I don’t know, when I went to the coffee shop and was held behind the cloth with an inhaled anesthetic, she completely lost her strength.

It’s like this when I wake up again, Ameli Su said, “Jammy doesn’t want to experiment with my human body.”

Coming off the operating table, Ameli Su looked at the strange environment outside, “How big is this place?”

“The mansion in power is an existence you can’t imagine.” Lemuel Chu took her hand and shuttled through the corridor, Ameli Su almost looked silly, servants coming and going, various assistants in a hurry, this mansion is like It is the Forbidden City in ancient times. It is like an ancient heart. Every generation of successors will be brought into this mansion to take over. Since then, life has said goodbye to the word “freedom”.

This place should be a very confidential place. Jammy actually brought Ameli Su here, enough to show… he was pressed into anxiousness. Only when Ameli Su was brought here, surrounded by his people, she could hardly fly.

Lemuel Chu said, “I don’t know if Jammy did anything to your body…” Perhaps Jammy was checking Ameli Su for a tracker.

As soon as she was about to lead her to her area, she was shouted, “Master.”

As he turned around, Ace stood not far away, looking at them with a gloomy expression, “Miss is here.”

Before she finished her words, a slender figure emerged from behind Ace. When she saw Lemuel Chu and Ameli Su, she rushed forward and hugged Ameli Su, “Wow! It’s my sister-in-law!!!”

Ameli Su took two steps backwards, looking at Rong Mo, she seemed to be completely different from the people in this “cage”, innocent and energetic, maybe this kind of girl… is enough to be worthy of Lemuel Chu, or Tang Christian.

She smiled, “Long time no see.”

“Sister-in-law, why are you here?” Rong Mo just finished speaking, and became sad again, “I see, did you come with your brother to watch mother’s funeral together?”

Chapter 1834

Rong Mo is so innocent, maybe Lemuel Chu didn’t tell her everything, her eyes were not polluted, they were pure like a washed sky without any impurities.

It may be this pureness that makes people want to have the desire to protect at all costs.

Ameli Su lowered her head with a smile, and didn’t break it through, just cooperating with Lemuel Chu and swallowing in front of Rong Mo, “Well, I’m sorry, Aunt Lu Yiting is gone, don’t be too sad…”

“I know, I have always been in pain, but seeing you today, I feel a little better.” Rong Mo mentioned this with tears in his eyes, but the well-behaved little girl held back and grinned at Ameli Su. Said, “Brother can bring you here, it is a great comfort to me, Sister Ameli Su, I like you so much.”


What is she to like.

Ameli Su reached out and touched Rongmo’s face. Rong Mo asked how she came and whether Lemuel Chu had picked it up. Ameli Su and Lemuel Chu looked at each other, and then considered Rong Mo’s mood, Ameli Su I can only follow Rong Mo’s words and say without mentioning the fact that I was stunned, “Well, what about you?”

“Ace Daddy bought me the plane ticket.” Rong Mo grasped Ameli Su’s hand as if he was holding the last support, “I haven’t seen you for a long time, I thought something happened between you and your brother. Contradictory, when I thought that I might not see you in the future, it was fortunate to be disappointed. It was great that you came back.

Perhaps Rong Mo is the only reality around this group of people. So everyone was silent but agreed to make up a beautiful lie together, weaving a beautiful dream, and preventing her from seeing the cruelty of reality… Maybe it was a little bit of comfort to myself.

This time, Lemuel Chu really figured out how to take Ameli Su out, especially Ace. When he saw Ameli Su, he was a little surprised. Then he guessed what was going on. His expression became gloomy and he asked his servant to lead Rong Mo to the study. After that, he stayed alone to talk to Lemuel Chu Ameli Su.

“Your Excellency brought you here?”

Ameli Su glanced at Ace unexpectedly. Why did this assistant who had always been loyal to Jammy suddenly approach her to talk about this?

But she did not deny, “Yeah.”

“It’s dangerous here, you should get out.”

Ace said something meaningful to Ameli Su, “Never get involved.”

In this mansion, the power is always the most unpredictable and unfathomable. There are countless conspiracies, if there is no scheming, there is no place to die.

Looking at the fair-faced woman in front of him, Ace seemed to think of what Jammy looked like when he stepped on others to this position. At that time, the ambition in his eyes was almost exactly the same as that in Ameli Su’s eyes. of.

“Do you want to replace it?”

“Not that interested.”

Ameli Su looked away, “I know it’s terrible here. Scenes of betrayals and killings have been staged here. The fate of all of us is distorted from here.”

“Your Excellency kidnapped you.” Ace paused, “If Tang Christian knows, he will definitely come. At that time, Your Excellency and Tang Christian will have a head-on conflict, which will not benefit both parties. So Miss Su, you should leave here.”

“Who rarely gets any benefit from Jammy…” Before the words fell, someone approached behind him. Lemuel Chu noticed that his voice turned back. The man with the highest authority had appeared not far from them. Ameli Su suddenly turned around, and Jammy bumped face to face.

Squinting, Jammy said indifferently, “Who rescued you from the operating table, Lemuel Chu?”

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