His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1835 – 1836

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Chapter 1835

Ameli Su knew that Jammy didn’t have a good face to herself at the moment, so she didn’t care about it, but her voice was indifferent, “What do you want to bring me here?”

She didn’t seem to be afraid at all, or to say… as if she had made some determination, she would never fear any trace of Jammy’s.

Jammy glanced at Lemuel Chu, “Do you want to stand with her?”

Lemuel Chu gritted his teeth, “I think no one will want to come to you.”

Jammy simply wanted to applaud his son, and see, he taught his elder son personally. Now that he is so courageous, he dares to challenge him with outsiders like this!

I just don’t know why, looking at Lemuel Chu’s eyes, Jammy seems to see a little shadow of Lu Yiting vaguely.

It seems that this woman is not dead yet.

She hasn’t said what she loves the most, what she likes the most, so she left silently, which is too unreal, leaving Lemuel Chu alone to resist him, but in vain like a joke.

Jammy said, “It is naturally useful to bring you here. Since Tang Christian and the others want to overthrow me so much, of course I have to hold the most valuable chess piece in my hand to facilitate confrontation with Tang Christian and the others. .”

After saying this, Lemuel Chu glanced up and down at Ameli Su, as if looking at what is worthy of Tang Christian and her life in this woman. Then Jammy smiled and said, “Back then, I could control your parents and his parents. I can also control you now.”

This right has never been released from his hands from beginning to end.

“Don’t be careful, the hostages you take back will become sharp blades that pierce you.”

Ameli Su said every word, “If I had any accident, neither my father nor Tang Christian would let you go.”

Jammy’s eyes were fierce, and then he led the people around him away. In this mansion, all his eyes were on his eyes. What Ameli Su and Lemuel Chu wanted to do was under his control. Ace followed Jammy’s steps. , But after walking a few steps, he glanced back.

At that glance, he voted for Ameli Su.

Ameli Su tilted her head, as if receiving a signal, she put her hand in her pocket, and the cold and hard pen gave her a little sobriety. Then the woman turned around and said to Lemuel Chu, “We can’t escape. “

Lemuel Chu knew clearly that there was nothing he could do but he felt sad, “You shouldn’t be involved…Ameli Su, you tell me what Tang Christian is going to do, I will find someone to let the wind go out.”

Ameli Su did not speak, and Lemuel Chu went up and hugged her, “What I am sad is that you were taken in as a hostage against Tang Christian… You understate it so lightly, you don’t even know that you are at the center of the storm’s eye. Ameli Su, is it because you know that Tang Christian will definitely come to save you? But why did you take the risk in the first place?”

It’s just that what he can do for her, she can do for him too.

Ameli Su didn’t say this, Lemuel Chu shook his head, “If there were no Tang Christian, would you stay with me that year?”

It seems that the finale is coming, and it seems that everyone knows that their death date is approaching, and they start to miss the past. Ameli Su stood quietly in front of Lemuel Chu, listening to him, “Actually…I always knew that I was just a Tang Christian’s substitute, a copy, you will always have a devil named Tang Christian in your heart, and I can only get close to you with his light.”

“You are not a stand-in.”

At that moment, Ameli Su stretched out his hand and took the initiative to hold Lemuel Chu’s hand, as if holding Lemuel Chu’s lifeline.

“You are yourself.”

Lemuel Chu still remembered this picture a long time later, when there was no one around him, and the temperature of his hands became his only thought.

Chapter 1836

Tang Christian almost received the news of Ameli Su’s disappearance that night. A group of people at the base jumped up directly. Lu Fang patted the table and said, “Did Jammy do it?”

“I didn’t expect him to do this directly, without hiding it at all!” There was a woman on the side with sharp eyes, “It’s really a vicious capitalist… Now I don’t even pretend to be pretended, Tang Christian, you Are you okay?”

When they turned their heads to look at Tang Christian, everyone found that Tang Christian’s expression was terribly cold, and his eyes were as sharp and cold as quenched ice. He stood there, and then looked at everyone, “I just received the news, and there is no way to investigate her yet. When was it missing…”

“I went to see the nearby surveillance, it should be able to determine the specific time.”

Lu Fang sensed Tang Christian’s anger, and immediately started investigating the surveillance. Twenty minutes later, the big guy gathered in front of the computer desktop and saw a camera in the corner of the coffee shop taking pictures of Ameli Su sitting alone.

But she didn’t even know that Jammy’s people were already in this cafe.

Then she was stunned and dragged away. During the whole process, Ameli Su was like a weak female stream without the power to bind a chicken. She didn’t respond at all, so she was taken away by Jammy’s people.

Lu Fang felt angry when he saw it, let alone Tang Christian.

Seeing Ameli Su being taken away with his own eyes, Tang Christian’s killing intent was already on the front of everyone present. At this moment, everyone did not dare to breathe, for fear that Tang Christian would lose control of his emotions, but fortunately Tang Christian held back. Said to Lu Fang, “When is this…”

“In the evening, this cafe will open as a western restaurant in the evening. Ameli Su used to be in the off-season. She may not have noticed why there is no one in the cafe…” Lu Fang said so, but I always felt that something was wrong. After a while, the man asked bluntly, “Do you think Ameli Su looks like a stupid brain?”

Tang Christian’s eyes flashed.

Ameli Su can’t go up to the floor silly to give someone a head. She’s not the kind of stupid and sweet teammate. For a woman who never drags her back and knows when to do something, Ameli Su will definitely notice something wrong. But she still chose to go alone–

There was no resistance even when I was caught, could it be…

Could it be that Ameli Su knew all this a long time ago, she even guessed that Jammy would take her away, so she chose to go out for an appointment in the middle of the night alone, what is she thinking and what is she going to do? !

Lu Fang found it unbelievable. The woman Ameli Su behaved very much like Tang Christian. No one knew what she could do, and all this was unexpected…

Tang Christian had a bold idea in his mind. He walked to the computer and replayed the footage from the surveillance video. After watching it many times, Tang Christian suddenly pressed a certain picture on the screen. Up the space bar.

Everyone’s eyes widened in disbelief.

The second of the stop was a momentary capture, which was successfully paused by Tang Christian with precision and accuracy, because this action was so fast that they didn’t even see this scene in the camera just now…

In the paused picture, it was Ameli Su who was behind. One second before the person came, the woman was sitting in the coffee shop with her head down, suddenly raised her head and glanced in the direction of the surveillance video.

That glance.

She knows, she knows everything…!

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