His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1909

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Chapter 1909

She felt that she had slept for a long time, and when she opened her eyes, the surrounding environment had changed.
I just met this brainless woman and brought it to the door by herself… Ameli Su smiled and said, “You are too impatient to send it to the door.”

Just so eagerly to do it, for fear that others will not know you are going to secretly Did something wrong?
Sakahara Sakurako didn’t expect Ameli Su to speak to her like this. She was pressed by Ameli Su and gritted her teeth. “This is your true face. Brother Christian must have been deceived by you!

Ameli Su played a lot of hums, like dealing with a clown who couldn’t see her at all, “I can be fooled to show that Christian is not doing anything wrong. Are you still rushing to ask for rubbish?”

Sakurako was angry. “How can you say that to Christian! You shameless bitch, your mind is too deep-you dare to do it to me.”
“You can let your kind of jumping clown jump until now, we all do Responsible.”

Ameli Su pulled Sakurako’s hair straight from behind without any fuss, then grabbed her hair and asked, “Say, what are you looking for?”

Sakurako has a bottle in her pocket. The drug spray was still stuffed. She originally planned to wait for Ameli Su to fall asleep in a coma, and then fight her whole person away directly, but now who knows that Ameli Su not only did not sleep, but was still so energetic in the middle of the night, and she was even caught by others. Caught a current!

How could Sakurako Sakurako swallow this breath? Just as she was about to speak, Ameli Su squeezed her harder, and she shouted, “Let go of me!”
“Let go? Let you continue to attack me?”

Ameli Su was like hearing a joke. She couldn’t see her previous silly and sweet look. She only felt that Sakurako Sakura was incompetent and noisy. She liked to rush to play in front of her, “Just tell me, what can I do?”
“You don’t deserve to know!”

Sakurako Sakahara did not know where the strength came from, and suddenly resisted Ameli Su. Taking advantage of her carelessness, she turned her head and pushed Ameli Su away, pushing her out, “I tell you, don’t think you really are. Daughter, you don’t deserve to fight Christian with me ” Before the words fell, Ameli Su dodged Sakurako Sakura’s hand. Instead, he grabbed her again and took her off again, blowing a whistle, Ameli Su. She smiled very happily, “What’s the matter, this lady, it turns out that the fight was for a man, really…”

The still laughing woman suddenly reduced her smile, her voice suddenly lowered, and her tone of voice followed suddenly. Cold, “Too much like a waste.”
Sakurako was shocked severely, and was controlled by Ameli Su. She couldn’t break free this time. “Have you learned anything? What else do you say to me? You are What a good thing! A slut, a bitch, a green tea bitch, and a white lotus!”
“Good scolding.”

Ameli Su wasn’t angry at all, “I’m this kind of person, why, do you have money to take from Litong? I’m annoying A woman like you, turned into a shameless pen for a man, like someone who has never seen the world, she is small and useless. Do you like Christian? Haha, I’m going to get tired of sleeping.”

Sakurahara Sakurako’s face was pale, and the vicious words in her mouth rushed out one after another, which probably meant that Ameli Su was so wicked that she should go to the pan.

If you go to the oil pan, you can go to the oil pan, who is rare to be a good person to heaven.
She is like the incarnation of Christian, standing on the opposite side of all the beautiful words in the world. It became the so-called “evil” and fought with bare hands.

If you want to bring out how kind you are, then let me stand opposite you.
Sakurako Sakurahara was dragged out by Ameli Su, “Where are you taking me!”
Ameli Su searched her body and found a bottle of drug spray. She put it in her hand and weighed it up and down, “Come here prepared.

I like Tang so much. But, how about I take you to see him?”

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