The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1035

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Chapter 1035

Long Kai face to face , frowned, looked solemn, turned and walked towards the emperor and queen who were sitting in a high position.

Walking in front of the Emperor and the Queen, Long Kai muttered a bit before walking down again.

“The emperor has a purpose. This behavior is bad and severely disrupts the rules of the competition. The investigation will now be conducted on the spot!”

“Miss Zhang, do you know who sent the black assassins? Can you prove it on the spot?”

Long Kai After the announcement, he looked at Zhang Yingzi and asked.

“Of course, General Long Kai, Emperor, Queen, what happened last night was done by the young master Gongsun Quan of the Xuanqi Guogongsun family, and those black assassins are from the Gongsun family!” The

next second, Zhang Yingzi Just tell the facts directly.


When this word came out, everyone present was shocked.

Long Kai immediately looked at Gongsun Quan who was sitting in the seat.


Gongsun Quan was furious and shouted, standing up and pointing at Zhang Yingzi.

“Oh? Really? Master Gongsun, am I saying nonsense that you know the best in your heart?” Zhang Yingzi glanced at Gongsun Quan and responded with a sneer.

“General Long Kai, the black assassins have been captured by us. They are just outside the gate of the national city. I asked them to come in and confront Master Gongsun!” Zhang Yingzi immediately proposed to Long Kai. .


Long Kai nodded in agreement when he heard it.

A few minutes later, Zhang Tianzheng took Li Yong and a few soldiers with the four black assassins to the center of the field.

“General Long Kai, these four black assassins belong to the Gongsun family, and it was Master Gongsun who sent us to attack us!” When the person arrived, Zhang Yingzi pointed to the four black assassins and preached to Long Kai.

Long Kai walked down from above and walked in front of the four black assassins.

“Why didn’t they react at all?” Seeing the four black-clothed assassins didn’t move at all, without blinking their eyelids, Long Kai asked with surprise and confusion.

At this time, Sheldon came up from one side, reached out his hand and tapped a few times on the four black assassins, unlocking the sealed acupuncture points.

After the acupuncture points are unlocked, the four black assassins can feel and react.

“I’m asking you, is what she said is true?”

Seeing that he could move, Long Kai stared at the four black assassins and asked.

However, the mouths of the four black assassins were closed, and there was no way to speak at all.

“General Long Kai, these four people have their mouths sealed, so there is no way to speak out!” Zhang Yingzi quickly explained to Long Kai.

“Dumb?” Long Kai was surprised.

“Joke, General Long Kai, don’t listen to her nonsense, these people are all dumb, how can I find a few dumb men to prove that I did it? Can they speak to prove it?” He walked up and shouted angrily.

After a while, Sheldon felt that his approach seemed wrong.

“You can’t make a sound, but you can nod and shake your head!” Zhang Yingzi also immediately retorted.

This made Gongsun Quan stunned again, he actually forgot this.

“I ask you, it was you who nodded, but shook your head. Did Gongsun Quan send them to attack them?” Long Kai stared at the four black assassins and asked.

Looking at Long Kai’s eyes, the four black-clothed assassins glanced at Gongsun Quan on the side.

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