His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1914

Read Chapter 1914 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 1914

Standing on the edge of the bathtub, Christian looked at Ameli Su who was sitting in the middle of the bathtub without embarrassment. He slowly bent over and stretched out his hand.

The clean shirt was soaked in water and stuck to his chest, but Christian didn’t care whether his precious handmade shirt was wet, he just reached out to touch Ameli Su’s face.

A deep voice rang in her ears, “You want to punish me that way?”

“Yeah, I’m going crazy thinking about it.”

Ameli Su didn’t resist Christian’s touch, or maybe she is now, She will not resist anyone, she will only allow all the evil to happen unscrupulously on her. If those wickedness need a container for venting, then she will take up the container and bear everything without saying a word. Confidently, when it comes to an overturn, occupy the high ground to make others conscience painful.

“You have punished me enough.”

Christian paused, “During the time you remember me wrongly, I feel that it’s meaningless to be alive.” These words sounded more pleasant than marriage.

“Talk more, I love to listen.”

Ameli Su’s hands were up and down in the water, bringing up the sound of splashing water, “Tell me how uncomfortable you are, maybe I’ll be in a good mood.”

Listen to this little woman’s mouth Here are these rebellious words.

With Ameli Su’s glamorous mixed-race face, he can always say such hurtful things.

Christian glanced at Ameli Su, and said to Ameli Su, “I have always thought about one thing, if Ameli Su’s disease is cured someday, will you still exist?” The innocent girl, also Or the cruel and cruel woman in front of me is nothing but the fragments in Ameli Su’s soul. If she wakes up, will these personalities still remain?

“Young Master Tang is not going to marry a crazy woman, it will not affect you well if you spread it out.”

Ameli Su smiled. It was humid at the moment, and the scenes like her and Christian looked like a pleasing idol drama. It’s a pity that their hearts can’t go back to the past.

“I don’t care about fame.”

This may be something Christian rarely did. He lowered his posture and talked to a woman like this, “I just want to marry you.”

Ameli Su didn’t hear it, but… got married, Christian, now Of us, can we still call the right love?

She paused, and stared at Christian with those gray-green eyes. For a while, she was less seductive, but more painful, “Christian, do you know what others are saying about me? They said I’m not up for it.”


After suffering so much and suffering so much wrongdoing, the charges have been memorized, and people have been tossed like this. Before Christian fell into her tragic field, she had to go with Christian again in the end. Yu Hao –

“I also said that I was tacky, cheap, and brainless.”

Ameli Su tilted her head, and told him the rumors from the perspective of a bystander, but the more calm she was, the more Christian was. Wan Jian pierced his heart, “Have you heard of that sentence? People who are good at a rush should deserve to be aggrieved.” At that moment, Christian knew that if he did something wrong, he did it wrong, just like Bo Ye told Tang poetry back then. Doing the same thing, no matter how much the price is paid hoarsely in the end, it will not make up for the suffering of Tang poetry at that time.

“Then what should I do.”

Christian’s hands were shaking when he grabbed Ameli Su, and he used to roll in his mind.

His girl, afraid of him and the world, never dared to reach out anymore.

“I never knew that someone standing in front of me alive turned out to be a torture.”

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