His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1918

Read Chapter 1918 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 1918

Ameli Su’s account has caused a great sensation in social circles, plus their own identity attributes are the rich second generation who will cause others to discuss, everyone has a variety of love and hatred in the famous door Qiu brought gossip, and it was natural to be able to eat melons from the rich, so all kinds of effects began one after another. Christian didn’t need to do anything. The past decades began to be posted on the Internet. Variety of heated versions.

“Is this true or false? F**k, this Jim Bo scumbag, Tang poetry was able to reconcile back then, so cheap, it really shocked my whole family…”

“I heard that Jim Bo pays a lot of money. , You can eat melons and eat everything, okay, don’t rush to scold Tang poetry, Tang poetry has done nothing wrong.”

“It turns out that the rich people’s life is really much better than ours…”

“This tranquility is not the best That damning woman? So why is Ameli Su still alive? I don’t really think that changing Marven Su’s surname has nothing to do with Sarah An?”

“It can only be said that Christian is just as cheap as his fucking Tang poetry.

Yes , after all, mother and son understand everything.” “It’s disgusting to speak. Christian’s victim of Tang poetry was described as a crime by you. It was obviously Jim Bo who believed that others harmed Tang poetry. Originally, Jim Bo didn’t observe his marriage to Lisa Tang The contract, the person who destroys the marriage is Jim Bo. If Jim Bo has a brain, this Sarah An is to seduce again, and Jim Bo will get the bait? If one party does not agree to refuse, it will not be possible. But as long as Jim Bo has no brain, there is no Sarah An today, tomorrow There will be the next one. Why do you have to push the man’s fault to the woman? You can really do it.”

“Wait a minute, wait for melon-eaters-think about it, this Jim Bo is usually not a brainstorm, although it may Love will make him dizzy, but he won’t be holding his nose like this. I always feel that this set of love and hatred from the past is a bit fake, or it lacks a fatal…”

At this moment, Ameli Su I was lying in bed and flipping through the Weibo comments on my phone. There were so many different kinds of comments. Christian originally thought that Ameli Su would be irritated. Who knew that she had a good mentality, and she looked at it with a smile. I was being scolded, and I couldn’t feel that they were scolding myself.

She also raised her mobile phone and said to Christian, “Look, some people suspect Sarah An has a push hand behind her, otherwise how could Sarah An become this climate.” A mouthful of Sarah An, or I really didn’t know that Sarah An was her own mother.

Christian only felt uncomfortable in his heart to say these words without moving. Because only after experiencing torture, will it be so numb.

He raised his head from the computer and paused for a while, “We originally wanted to guide everyone’s thoughts on this, so we chose to release a little bit of the ups and downs of the year, and let the people who eat melons guess whether it is true. There are more powerful people stepping on the air.”

Only in this way can we slowly realize that there is someone hiding in the shadows.

Christian originally planned to use other gossips and various gossips to slowly unfold these actions. Unexpectedly, Ameli Su came out alone to complete all the workload, absorbed tons of damage, and then perfectly let These gossips are beginning to circulate again, which saves a lot of time and effort in buying marketing numbers.

Christian grabbed the phone and said, “Some comments are not good, don’t read them .” “Let me read more.” Ameli Su didn’t think what was wrong, “It just happens to know that there are all kinds of ideas in the world.”

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