His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1917

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Chapter 1917

So now Jammy has actually received the news. Christian and the others may have shot him. Although neither side knows what their final major weapon is, it is clear that Jammy is not the one waiting to die. people.

From his use of Sakurako Sakurako, it can be seen that he is unscrupulous, even the foreign Sakura family dared to drag down the water. He has reached such a point where he does not care about the consequences. Jammy really wants to fight with them.

Christian turned off the phone and got up from the bed to look at the computer. Ameli Su sat on the bed and watched his tall figure put on a bathrobe. The morning sun twirled on his abdominal muscles, leaving a trail of inconspicuous. Shadow, he tilted his head and said to Ameli Su, “What are you looking at?”


Ameli Su did not cover up at all, and said to Christian, “It feels very good.”

Christian put on his clothes. With a laugh, “I didn’t touch enough last night?”

Ameli Su folded her two long legs on the bed, like a woman hooligan, just now a morning aftermath, maybe she He could still spit out a beautiful smoke ring, and then flung a stack of money at Christian’s abdominal muscles and said—

“This is your hard work last night.”

But Ameli Su has no cash now, but She has a bank card.

She took out her wallet from the bedside table next to her and said, “There is no cash, but the bank card is available. Take it.”

Christian pulled a handsome face on the spot and looked at Ameli Su incredulously, “What did you say?

” Tips.” Ameli Su looked at Christian’s start to be shocked and angry, and felt that his wide-eyed eyes were particularly funny. At this moment, it was like a gender switch. She said jokingly, “Thanks to you.”

“Ameli Su!”

Christian gritted his teeth, since he was a child, he has bestowed it on others. How could anyone else reward him like this? Besides, what is Ameli Su’s expression? What do you think of him-male model?

Good boy, can there be a top male model like him, can other men still have business? !

So Tang said single word, “I really want to push you into the bedside table now.”

Ameli Su whistled, “Don’t worry about me, handsome guy, I’d better take care of you, Sakurako Sakura. What’s the matter?”

“We are not going to turn her into the police station now, because when we get there, we are out of our control, and it is very likely that people will be taken away by Jammy.” Putting on a bathrobe casually, Da Lala relaxed again. Hanging on him, Christian grabbed a handful of hair and sat down in front of the computer, and then began to tap the keyboard, “Lemuel Chu has returned to Rongfu, and he ran into the informant who had been giving us information over there. his head. “

Ameli Su changed the position, will hold himself up sitting in bed, long hair falling over her shoulder, she looks very beautiful, but she looked at Tang said,” a few days after the start of your actions? ” “

advance Sakihara Kurosawa and I decided to go back tonight to prepare, and then start tomorrow.”

Christian’s voice was suddenly serious, “It happens that we are broadcasting news about people’s livelihood these days. We can start from here and spread some information about the year. The gossip about going to jail allows everyone to review these things again, and then find out the old accounts.”

With the enemy also prepared, naturally the sooner the better.

“Need some media…” Christian murmured, “I remember Sister Fangfang’s home is an entertainment company, and Qin Hu Lufang from the next city…”

“Need it?” Ameli Su was sitting at the time. On the bed, she smiled and narrowed her eyes, her eyes were indifferent and self-deprecating, “I don’t need these, I just need to stand up.”

Christian froze.

That night, Ameli Su made a public account on Weibo. Christian only spent a few dozen yuan to help make headlines.

A few hours later, Ameli Su’s first Weibo posted tens of thousands of hot comments.

Hot comment number one: Was Sarah An your mother back then? Your mother is dead, why don’t you die?

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