His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1922

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Chapter 1922

Christian and Ameli Su took the fastest time to pack their luggage, facing the common enemy Jammy, I don’t know when from when the blackened Ameli Su became His teammates.

It seemed that in her heart, apart from Christian who was the object of her hatred, Jammy was the one who deserved to die.

Christian knew that Ameli Su gave him a good face, but at present she wanted to target Jammy more. When facing him, she was still so cruel.

Will not leave him a trace of affection.

After taking a deep breath, the two of them prepared their luggage and planned to go out and talk to Luo Youyou first, but as soon as the door opened, they saw Luo Youyou running over in the corridor, crying and covering his face. When they ran into Ameli Su, She couldn’t hold back, tears fell out of her eyes and plunged into Ameli Su’s arms.

Looking at the direction Luo Youyou ran out of, this room…

Christian reminded her, “It’s Heize’s room.”

Ameli Su frowned, “Why did you go to his room?”

Luo Youyou hid in Ameli Su’s arms, “You ask Kurosawa… You ask Kurosawa…”

Sure enough, it didn’t take long to see Kurosawa rushing out from the inside in a bathrobe and clothes, and he was still muttering—”You are Let me explain!”

Everyone was shocked when they saw this scene.

No, why does this little Luo Yuyou run out of Sakura Kurosawa’s room crying? Where is Chi Li? Where is Gu Ye? !

In the same room they live in, is it possible that Luo Yuyou and Sakura Kurosawa moved together? !

Ameli Su was very calm at the moment, and patted Luo Youyou’s head lightly. Her cute face was really wronged when she cried, and it hurts to look at it. So Ameli Su stretched out her hand and squeezed Ameli Su’s face. Say, “Tell me, what’s wrong?”

Luo Youyou hasn’t realized that Ameli Su is not the personality of the previous few days, but the blackened eldest sister. She still nestled in her arms and cried and said, “Eldon Valles is playing a hooligan…”

She just thought about it. Talking with Sakurahara Kurosawa, she and Gu Ye had already said that they had broken up. After that, she didn’t even think about falling in love and dealing with herself, confessing all her feelings about Kurosawa, and then living her life well by herself——Luo Youyou This little innocence doesn’t even think about hanging the ones that Eldon Valles doesn’t have. However, after knocking on the door and entering, he finds that Sakura Kurosawa’s whole person is abnormal and his pupils are dilated. Seeing her is like a wild beast seeing its prey. Pounced.

Luo Yuyou people are going to be frightened. Where have they seen Sakura Kurosawa like this? She yelled madly that the hotel is so soundproofed. Kurosawa was in a crazy state and couldn’t stop it. She could only cry. Finally, Sakura Kurosawa Slowly woke up, but it was too late…

everything happened, Luo Youyou was so scared that people were shaking constantly, raised his hand to Sakura Kurosawa slap and rushed out, this is not-just meet Ameli Su.

Ameli Su’s eyes seemed to have a knife, and she stuck straight into Sakura Kurosawa’s face, “Are you a brute?”

“Heaven and earth conscience!” Sakura Kurosawa could not wait to kneel in front of Luo Youyou, “I am… Sakurako Sakura I found the medicine. I want to check if it is addictive. Who knows that the dose is so strong, I was really scared, Luo Youyou, look at me, I really didn’t mean it, I don’t know you will come Knock on the door, right? I don’t have this predictive ability. I didn’t design you on purpose…”

Christian felt the veins jumping wildly on his forehead, “Didn’t you send me the medicine for testing!”

“The test will take a week at the earliest. Sakurahara Kurosawa was very anxious, and saw Luo Youyou crying, how could he even bother to explain, “Tomorrow we will confront Jammy, and we urgently need evidence to prove that this drug is hallucinogenic and addictive. Smoke me. The blood test will have results on the same day! No, does everyone react differently after eating? My legs are still soft now…”

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