His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1923

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Chapter 1923

When Sakurahara Kurosawa said this, his tone was floating. Christian frowned, not knowing how much he took, “How much do you take?”

“Heaven and Earth Conscience, just One.”

Sakihara Kurosawa raised his hand to swear, and went to look at Luo Youyou’s face again, and found that Luo Youyou was crying with tears hiding in Ameli Su’s arms. Where could he be happy, he could not wait to cross back. At that time, I slapped myself unconscious.

See what bastard things he did!

Before chasing her well, he made her cry!

“One, no, then why your reaction is completely different from Sakurako Sakurako’s?”

Sakura Sakurako was just talking about God, and Kurosawa Sakura directly lost his mind.

“At the time, I felt that my vision was distorted. Everything I saw in my eyes was crooked and twisted, and the feeling was enlarged. It was really strange and chaotic. At that time, there was no reason at all. Can’t stop the car…” Sakurahara Kurosawa felt terrible in retrospect, and took a breath, “Why Sakurako Sakura has a much smaller reaction than me?” “It means that she has been taking this for a long time. This dose may affect her. It’s just what she showed.”

Ameli Su suddenly said indifferently, “Drug resistance, do you know? Eldon Valles took it for the first time, and this dose was already a terrible dose for him, so He will lose control and become like that, but Sakurako Sakura has been taking it all the time, and she has resistance. Jammy who gave her the medicine slowly increases the dose to strengthen her control, so it is a pill that Sakurako generally feels. , Is fatal to us ordinary people. It will lead to such an individual difference.”

Ameli Su’s analysis of this wave is very reasonable, Christian looked at it with admiration, Sakurahara Kurosawa nodded, “I know… , Can you forgive me? I am responsible, and I must be responsible to you. After the matter is resolved, I will come to propose marriage, okay? Don’t cry, I really didn’t mean to…”

Luo Youyou cried and turned into tears. She didn’t want to be entangled anymore. I hope Eldon Valles will be well, and she will be well. Missing it like this may also be a perfect ending. In the future, living separately, who would have thought it would happen suddenly She was not prepared for this kind of thing, and the pain had already swallowed her.

She wiped her tears, but she couldn’t stop it. She wiped her tears and continued to flow. Maybe Eldon Valles’s brutality and cruelty when she got out of control scared her into a solid, magnified primitive animality that could not be suppressed by reason. At that time, she was plundering her like a devil in a doubled way. What Luo Youyou said was the Luo family’s great pain. Where did she ever see such a scene of not treating her as a human?

The face was lost.

It’s a mess.

She was terrified.

“Eldon Valles, you are a devil!”

Kurosawa Sakura was heartbroken. “I…I really didn’t know it would happen. I regret hurting you. Please punish me. Okay, what do you want me to do? It’s all right, as long as you don’t cry…”

He is completely controlled by the medicine. This medicine is too terrible. Jammy is so vicious that he has been feeding Sakurako Sakurako to eat this… thinking of here Sakura Kurosawa She shuddered. By coincidence, Christian grabbed his arm and said, “I’m afraid you are in good health and your metabolism is fast. You will go to the hospital for blood sampling now. I’m afraid I won’t be able to get the physical examination when it is late.”

Eldon Valles also thought about this. , It’s just that Luo Youyou is still crying, how could he be willing, “Yoyou…”

“I’ll go back with Luo Youyou first, and see you in Haicheng.” Ameli Su grabbed Luo Youyou in his arms, “You go get your blood first, this The evidence is very important.”

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