His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1928

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Chapter 1928

At the moment when he saw this ear clip, Ace felt the blood all over his body was flowing backwards. He didn’t expect that Lemuel Chu would give this to him. After Lu Yiting died, he would clean up. Everything that got up was handled by Jammy, because Lu Yiting was also Lemuel Chu’s mother during her lifetime. She and Ace are both people who don’t seem to exist in the world. Their secret identities have never been disclosed, so naturally they won’t be able to match them after death. To the side.

So Ace could only watch Lu Yiting die, and he was helpless.

At this moment, Lemuel Chu put the ear clip into his hand, undoubtedly re-tying the bond between him and Lu Yiting. Because of his special identity, Lu Yiting had no position to take a look at her.

Now, he finally had solace.

“I have always known your feelings for my mother.”

Lemuel Chu lowered his voice. He seemed to be really sad, “Every minute and every second in this world, people are missing out. The most uncomfortable thing is this.”

If you live and fall Fortunately, at least Ace can still see her. But now Lu Yiting is dead, one hundred years old, and there is nothing more to come.

Ace’s heart died on the day Lu Yiting died.

The rest is just a body, just the ruthless administrative machine around Jammy.

“If I can do something for my mother in the end.”

Watching Ace close her fingers and squeeze tightly, as if the ear clip in his hand is a baby, Lemuel Chu’s eyes swayed, as if he was stung by the action. He grinned to himself, “Then, let’s stop all these sad reincarnations.”

Lu Yiting couldn’t love it in this life. Jammy was holding the rope of fate to play tricks. Then the only thing they could do for her was to save her. The rest—

“That’s like saving ourselves.”

Lemuel Chu finally patted Ace on the shoulder, “Tomorrow at seven, see or leave.”

Christian and his companions met at ten o’clock that night. Everyone finally arrived at Haicheng. This city also had those legends of changing circumstances, and the people in the legends are already old. They are the descendants of the protagonists of the ups and downs,

“Ah, the air is so good!”

Hua Zhi stretched out her body when she got out of the car, and walked towards their base. There are countless top-notch houses in Haicheng Tang. The equipment is specially prepared for them. Sometimes everyone will choose to meet in Haicheng when they are bored. Unexpectedly, the meeting today is for big business.

An Ciqing, who walked behind her, squinted coldly, with a bag slung on her chest, wearing loose wide-leg pants and sneakers. At first glance, it looked like a salt boy from abroad, and his fingers were too. The thin and long one stepped forward and pulled Huazhi to her chest, stretched out her arm from behind and hung it on her shoulder, and said casually, “After finishing this big deal, we have money to take right? ” “

no money. “

spend Chih smiled and made a little” pure play white workers. ” “

that will not do. “

Ants took Chih followed into the house, at the door in front of Christian is an opening, “Christian, if not pay, you see you afterwards Ameli Su Jieshao to me how ??”

Christian, like being stepped on the tail of a cat suddenly changed expression, “you go to hell!”

changed the subject, He said again, “But I can introduce Luo Wu to you.”

Lu Lou on the side shouted loudly, “I quit the group!”

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