His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1931

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Chapter 1931

Hua Zhi took out a USB flash drive from her pocket, “I have a backup of these videos here.”

Christian frowned and expressed special suspicion. These videos are from Yu Ji’s hands long ago. Even Jammy didn’t even investigate what I got here… Why does Huazhi have it?

So Christian asked sharply, “Why do you have so much information?”

“I slept.”

Hua Zhi spread his hands together, “That Yu Ji was a well-known big man in the circle back then, and there are many others in his hands that are unsightly. News, I got to bed with him, and then I got this.”

Kurosawa Sakura was on the side giving a thumbs up, “You can go out.”

Anz smiled and continued to hang his hands on On Huazhi’s shoulder, “Of course we Huazhi are women full of mysteries. Don’t get to the bottom of many things.”

“Since she poured wine on Sakurako’s face at the beginning.” Sakura Kurosawa grinned. Taking a breath, “I knew that Hua Zhi is a woman is not

easy .” Hua Zhi scratched her hair lightly. The big waves were sexy and frivolous. She said, “A man can’t keep any secrets in bed.”

And she is a woman who holds countless men’s handles and secrets, walking between life and death, countless people want her to die, and countless people are afraid that her death will be exposed.

Christian felt that the hairs on his back were erected. It’s not easy to offend a woman like Hua Zhi. He asked, “How old were you when you got this news?”

“I? 20 years old.”

“…that entertainment Remember?”

“Fifty years old.”

“…” Christian admired Hua Zhi, “I call you sister.”

Hua Zhi laughed, “Okay, let’s take the USB drive. I won’t go to bed today, and wait for Jammy to appear tomorrow.”

That day at 6 o’clock in the morning, Jammy got up, the servant prepared everything, waited for him to wear clothes, brush his teeth and wash his face. The existence of this high-level and mysterious figure is related to everyone’s lifeblood. He is in this world. The most noble man, no matter how old he is, as long as he sits in this position for a day, the people around him must remain vigilant to protect his safety.

Rong south all the way out from the corridor to go, just Exelon also up to greet him, passing him, Ice bow, “Sir, good morning.”

“Early ah Ace, Wing Chu trouble you yesterday?”

Exelon His eyes flashed, he chose to tell the truth, “Master tried to stun the bodyguard and ran out to inform Christian and the others, but it didn’t seem to succeed…”

“Have you searched?”


Ace His eyes darkened, “I didn’t find anything else, but…”


Ace took out a piece of paper, “I found a picture of Su’s daughter.”

Jammy wanted to laugh, his stupid son replied. When I came to the tiger den and wolf den, I only brought a picture of Ameli Su, which was extremely ridiculous.

“His phone is still in a secret state. No one can unlock it for the time being.”

Christian personally locked it. Once unlocked, the phone will automatically destroy everything inside. Lemuel Chu had long expected that his communication equipment would be destroyed. Jammy took it away, so he put Christian’s program into his mobile phone.

Unexpectedly, Christian, who had been your substitute for a lifetime, was protected by you, it was really ironic.

“The media development conference at 8 o’clock, I’ll take you to the venue.”

“Elbert Bo and them?”

“They haven’t moved for a while, and they are all young people coming out…” Ace took Jammy’s hand. Jacket, “Your Excellency, the TV station has already prepared for the broadcast, and we will show you on TV on time. We have prepared the copy.”

“You are as reliable as always, Ace.”

Jammy patted Ace on the shoulder and said with a smile, “Leave it to you.”

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