His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1932

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Chapter 1932

Hearing Jammy’s words, Ace’s eyelashes trembled. For a moment, there seemed to be some emotions in his eyes rushing past, but in the end it all returned to numbness and tranquility, and he would bend. His waist straightened, and then he made a “please” action, “You will need to approve the investment promotion in the next few days…”

Jammy nodded and said to Ace, “I will be punctual. Send it out to the TV station.”


Ace took Jammy’s jacket and strode behind Jammy. Jammy’s tall figure shuttled through the wide courtyard. Leaders in various fields sent people to do it. After the report came up, he needed approval, and he had to adjust his status to welcome the press conference for a while. Jammy’s daily affairs have always been so busy, it seems that he doesn’t have a moment to breathe.

Ace sometimes feels that Jammy is cruel to outsiders, and even more cruel to himself, as if he himself has regarded himself as a ruthless secret, operating precisely and never making mistakes.

“Let’s go to the venue.” After drinking a cup of coffee and reading a financial newspaper, Jammy sat in front of the restaurant and said to Ace, “

Get my gloves.” Ace winked, immediately. The butler brought Jammy’s gloves, and there was a ironed tie without any wrinkles on the side. Jammy took it and put it on, and tied himself a bow tie.

In the past, Lu Yiting did all these things, and now he has done it himself.


Jammy glanced at the bodyguard standing outside. Everyone has been loyal and dedicated for decades. It seems that they don’t know what will happen next. The burly bodyguards surrounded Jammy and greeted him. Travel without letting any strangers approach.

His battle is so grand and solemn.

Ace watched Jammy go away, and then he got into the accompanying car. In the car, Ace took out his mobile phone.

He asked, “Is the young master still locked up?”

“Back to Mr. Ai, still locked up.”

“Did the meal delivery in the morning pass.”

“Yes, my husband ordered the young master’s favorite food …but the young master hasn’t eaten much recently.”

Aisi gave a hmm, then lowered his eyes and logged in to a mailbox.

This is Lu Yiting’s mailbox. Someone used this mailbox to contact Christian and others. Lemuel Chu also knew the password of this mailbox.

The mailbox can be logged in multiple times without any impact. Ace went to the mailbox and took a look at the messages between the previous account owner and Christian, and then imitated the account owner’s tone to send another mailbox to Christian and the others.

At half past six, Christian and others received a notification from an unknown mysterious person on the other end of the Internet- Jammy, they were out.

“Huh—” Christian took a deep breath, he hooked down the eyepiece with the broken hair on his forehead, and put it on the bridge of his nose. They didn’t sleep all night, but they didn’t know why their faces were unexpectedly. There was no trace of fatigue, and even the eyes were shining. Someone handed a small black vest, “Put it on?”

Christian smiled, “Where is the body armor?”

“Ask your master Bryon Qi wants it.”

Eldon Valles folded his fingers together and made a shooting gesture, “The number one sniper that year, I heard that you are going to cause a big incident, and it was sent by someone.”

Christianjiang’s bullet-proof vest Wearing it on the innermost side, “It sounds like I’m going to fight on the battlefield.”

“Anything in the past is a prologue.”

Sakura Kurosawa pointed his finger to his head, and then stuffed an electric shock device into it. In Christian’s hands, “End means rebirth.”

Let the blood pay for the sins.

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