His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1933

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Chapter 1933

Christian wearing a bulletproof vest and later threw a jacket on the outside, is still winter, he naturally is to wrap more than a little, if it beating, wear more hurt.

Sakurahara Kurosawa shared the remaining bulletproof vests with Huazhi and Anz. “Why don’t you both wear them too.”

“What about yours?”

“Your master said that you secretly got so many of them.”

Sakihara Kurosawa spread his hands together, and his identity was placed there, “My foreign friend has a halo, they don’t dare to move me.”

After all, the whole situation rose as soon as Eldon Valles was injured. So even if Jammy really did it, he would hesitate on Sakura Kurosawa.

“Your spoken language is so fluent, who can tell you are a foreign friend. When you fight, you still ask if you can speak Chinese?”

Christian smiled and cursed, “Fake foreign devil.”

“What do you know!”

Sakihara Hei Ze laughed angrily, “Tell you not to mess with me, you bagua.”

Christian put on his coat and walked in the forefront, Hua Zhi followed at the end, carrying various computers in his hand, Anci saw her Big bag and small bag, didn’t even think about helping her to mention it, but said, “How come you are better than a man.” These words have many meanings.

Hua Zhi grinned, “I didn’t expect someone like you who had no conscience to help me.”

“A self-knowledge.”

Anz smiled very happily instead, not feeling that Hua Zhi was talking about herself, but she wanted to urge In one sentence, “Go faster, everything is handed over, and the backstage matters are left to Feiga and the others.” The implication is that they need to go out and confront Jammy head-on, whether their parents are the previous generation or themselves. They are all involved with Jammy for their own reasons. As for Feiga and others in their team, they have nothing to do with Jammy, so it doesn’t matter whether they show up or not, just be their help behind the scenes.

Hua Zhi gritted her teeth and carried two computers, followed the team at the end and got into the car. Sakura Kurosawa sat in the driver’s seat and started the car.

Christian took out a tablet computer and placed it in front of the on-board screen. There was a small cursor on it, which was the path of Jammy and others. According to this cursor, they could catch up with Jammy in a moment.

“Our shortcomings are the equipment for doing bad things.”

Ameli Su hadn’t said anything before, but now she said, “Otherwise, it doesn’t look like a big deal.”

“What’s missing?”

Christian glanced back at her. Seeing that she took out a lot of sunglasses from her pocket and distributed them to everyone, and then she also wore a pair of them. At this moment, the temperament of the gangster girl suddenly appeared. She curled her red lips and said coquettishly, “Missing a pair of sunglasses.”


“Your Excellency… we found that there was a car behind us that seemed to be following us.”

Jammy, who was driving towards the venue, heard Ace in the passenger seat speak about this, his eyes suddenly alert, and the driver was driving along. They all changed their expressions, “What’s the situation?”

“We turned three turns, and this car has been following us within the range we can see.”

Ace glanced at the rearview mirror and said, “Even even We deliberately drove the wrong way and turned back, and they all followed.”

Jammy’s voice was cold, “Is it Christian?”

“I’m checking the license plate number.”

Ace sent a message to his man, and then looked up at Jammy. “Your Excellency, I think we still remain vigilant”

Before the words fell, Jammy’s car tires suddenly made a huge explosion, and the high-speed car suddenly appeared a violent shaking and slipping on the road, and the tires rubbed against the ground. The harsh sound made the driver yelled,
“The tire was blown out!”

“Quick! Notify all bodyguards immediately!”

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