His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1958

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Chapter 1958

Ye Xiao was shocked. He had never seen Christian so shameless. Although he did do bad things before, but in order to show that he would not make a mistake, he has been helping peacefully for the past six months. Ameli Su rebuilt, look at the result, Christian just wanted to get out of the country as soon as he returned!

Christian naturally didn’t look good at Ye Xiao, in his eyes it was this man who hid his wife privately for half a year!

For half a year, his wife and Ye Xiao get along day and night!

Can he not be angry, can he be in a hurry?

But Ameli Su still has something to say. Christian wants to lead her away like this regardless of whether he doesn’t care. Isn’t it… he doesn’t take her seriously?

“Christian wait a minute, we don’t have to…”

“Don’t talk about it anymore.”

Christian was very afraid. He was afraid that Ameli Su who came back this time would be numb. It doesn’t matter if he is not together, he is afraid of Hearing all this in Ameli Su’s mouth, it was as if… he was given up.

Pulling Ameli Su’s hand tightly, Ameli Su wanted to break free from his palm.

Don’t do this, don’t do this, the rooftop didn’t catch you. Give me a chance to catch you this time, okay…

Christian’s hands trembled a little, “If we have something, let’s go back tonight and say…?”

Ameli Su was silent, as if Count down to Christian’s death.

Instead, Marven Su walked over to comfort Ye Xiao and said, “Christian just has this temperament, don’t worry about it… Well, do you want to have dinner together at night.”

Ye Xiao said to Marven Su, “But I have to wait first. Go back to Ye’s house.” It’s been a

long time since I saw Daniel Ye, and I don’t know how he is now. Marven Su thought to himself. Looking at the back of Ameli Su and Christian walking side by side, he was deeply moved. Although he has never married a wife, there is also a good daughter like Ameli Su who is kind and considerate of others, and Daniel Ye…

he has been lonely from beginning to end in his life, without a wife, no children, and his elders have passed away. Now He is the only one left.

When Jia Qi was there, he didn’t talk about his girlfriend, Jia Qi left, and he never looked for it again.

It’s as if it was a punishment for myself, punishing myself for lifelong loneliness.

After sighing, Marven Su said complicatedly, “I’ll take you to Ye’s house, and meet up later.”

His daughter let Elbert Bo take it away, and he could only send Ye Xiao back.

Ameli Su walked outside and saw Elbert Bo and Lisa Tang standing by the car, like a family waiting for the return of the last piece of her puzzle. Lisa Tang said to Ameli Su, “Good boy.”

She is always so gentle and always Call her a good boy.

Ameli Su thought, maybe the gentleness of Tang poetry saved her life and prevented her from becoming the same person as Sarah An.

But I didn’t expect that as soon as I walked to the side of Lisa Tang, I heard Lisa Tang frowning and saying to Ameli Su, “Yan Yan, I want to tell you that you are not.”

Ameli Su was taken aback.

Lisa Tang went on to say, “How can your ears be so soft? How can you be so unbelievable? I think Christian, the bastard, hasn’t made up for anything. Just forgive her. If you are my daughter, I will feel sorry for her! “

Elbert Bo was so scared to cover Lisa Tang’s mouth, “My wife, don’t you dare to say that!”

“What’s the matter? I’m going to say-Yan Yan dared to jump down with bombs for Christian, you Christian did it. What! There’s nothing left besides overthrowing Jammy, so easy to let you go?”

Lisa Tang pressed Ameli Su’s shoulder, turned her whole body, and said, “Go, go back to Ye’s house with Ye Xiao Go, don’t be cheap, Christian, this stinky kid!”

Christian’s face was pale, his mother is still not his mother! How can you help me or not?

It was Lisa Tang’s words that Ameli Su’s eyes were red. It turns out that women are the most sympathetic to women. Lisa Tang stood up and spoke for her because Lisa Tang had also experienced countless hardships at the time. It was because Elbert Bo paid a huge price. Retaining her heart, now if Ameli Su is acting on her own again, Tang poetry will never be able to stand.

Even if the person taking advantage is his own son.

Ameli Su choked and said, “Aunt Lisa Tang…”

“You do not need anyone to forgive you, so you should not easily forgive the person who has harmed you. Yan Yan is too kind, just unwilling to live up to it. . Compared to a pure wicked person, it is more disgusting, and it’s not fighting.”

Lisa Tang saw that Ameli Su was not moving, and took Ameli Su’s hand to find Marven Su, “Marven Su! Take your daughter away! Ye Xiao, Let him take Yan Yan back to eat!”

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