His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1959

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Chapter 1959

Christian think that this kind of thing will happen again?

What he originally wanted was to bring Ameli Su back to his home first, and then slowly use the rest of his life to make up for the rest of his life. This time, his mother stepped forward and did not allow him to fish in troubled waters, even… even… Let Ameli Su follow Ye Xiao!

Christian wanted to catch up. Seeing that Ameli Su was in the car with Ye Xiao, he was about to talk, but Lisa Tang stopped him with a look in his eyes.

His mother had never looked at herself with such a serious expression. Christian was a little surprised at the expression of Tang Poetry, and his heart pierced again.

Is Lisa Tang… Is it teaching him something?

But before Christian could talk to Ameli Su, Marven Su took Ameli Su and Supper away. Christian stood on the side of the road and suddenly lost his soul, like a homeless stray dog, watching. Ameli Su left, his eyes still staring at the rear taillights of the car, until the rear taillights completely disappeared.

Christian’s eyes were darkened, as if he had lost the temperament of the previously fearless demon king. He looked at Tang poetry, his eyes were reddish and said, “Mom, why…”

“So much damage has not been made up yet, you Why do you have the face to call Ameli Su to come back to our house for dinner? I don’t even have that face!”

Lisa Tang ’s tone was a little serious. This is the first time she warned her son so seriously. In the past, she had never interfered with Christian too much. But now, she only thinks that Christian is too relaxed. Compared with his father Elbert Bo, Christian is more like the one favored.

No, the love that can be easily obtained like this is not worthy of being called love at all.

“It’s good to know that Yan Yan is not dead. You need to make up for the rest and admit your mistakes yourself. Yan Yan didn’t refuse you because everyone was there. Can’t you see anything from her silent attitude just now? Boy, there must be a hurdle in her heart that hasn’t passed, you should show some attitude and sincerity.”

Lisa Tang said this to Christian earnestly, and then said, “In addition, I want to open this half a year. I don’t have to have Ameli Su married into our house. Yan Yan’s life belongs to her. Whatever the love is, don’t always think that you can’t do without Yan Yan. Now you can’t leave her.”

Christian’s words buzzed in his ears. He looked at Lisa Tang’s face and lowered his eyelids. Here, the long eyelashes trembled lonely.

Ameli Su never thought that the first meal she would return to China would be eaten at Daniel Ye’s house. This man who also surprised countless girls back then is as deep and complicated as ever. Although he is no longer young, he is still charming. He welcomed Ameli Su as a guest at home and opened a bottle of expensive wine to entertain Marven Su and his daughter.

While eating, Ameli Su asked Daniel Ye, “Uncle Daniel Ye, did you not marry another wife?”

Daniel Ye had a slight meal with his chopsticks, and then he smiled and put the chopsticks away and said to Ameli Su, “Do you come to ask me if you have an idea in your heart?”

Ameli Su glanced at Marven Su, then nodded.

This is why Marven Su brought Ameli Su to dinner with Daniel Ye.

She wanted to know how well Daniel Ye is living alone now in middle age. If you love someone and don’t love it, will you become a lonely devil?

She couldn’t make a choice. Between reconciliation and each other’s safety, she couldn’t tell which decision was better.

“Some people you love don’t have to be together.”

Daniel Ye doesn’t seem to be as impatient and ruthless as before. Years have smoothed out his unruly. Now only gentleness is left. He looked at Ameli Su as if thinking about it. “I know that you love Christian very much, just like she was at the beginning. You are willing to do everything for me, and you can afford it all.”

Ameli Su’s heart seemed to be strained.

“In the end, she didn’t forgive me.” Daniel Ye’s eyes seemed to have some emotions. He seemed to see himself through Ameli Su. If he did it again, he would never do that, but the reality is so. Cruel, won’t give him another chance.

“She had a very good, Ameli Su, decide what to do if you have not, it is better to time, and you are still young, but also to lose, but also have a chance to start all over again.”

Some truth is lost will understand Daniel Ye shook his head, reached out and rubbed Ameli Su’s hair, “So on the matter of making a decision, whether you decide to forgive Christian, or choose to separate and stay safe, I don’t think there is anyone. I’ll blame you, just like…no one would blame Jia Qi back then.”

After adding a piece of meat to Ameli Su, Daniel Ye said, “Don’t worry about getting back together now. It’s not easy to bear, trials and temptations are necessary, at least for you who have been injured. It’s better to live in your uncle’s house these days.”

Ameli Su was taken aback.

Daniel Ye smiled and said, “You can cultivate and cultivate feelings with Ye Xiao when you are idle~”

Ye Xiao’s face turned pale and red, “Who…who wants to cultivate feelings with her!”

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