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Chapter 2038

Wen Mingzhu’s eyes flashed, it seems that Su Estelle Su was right, she didn’t want to be known about that man. So choose to use this method of protection.

“How can this be done! You are pregnant. If Wen Lizhi finds out who the man is, then…it’s not just you who suffer, the man must suffer!” So Estelle Su became a little anxious, “You tell me, I can think of a way to find someone to protect it in secret, Mingzhu, you have to think carefully…”

However, everything that followed exceeded Estelle Su’s expectations. As soon as Wen Mingzhu decided to tell her the truth, the bar rushed in. A bunch of people, dressed in black, looked like well-trained personal bodyguards. Before they had time to speak, they suspended the people in the bar. While talking about investigation, they shouted at the people over there, “

Call your boss out!”

How can such a small tattered bar have a terrible big man come out to search?

Isn’t this here to smash the scene?

Wen Mingzhu knew, Wen Lizhi wanted to have the whole bar together, because she was hiding here to escape from him.

“It’s me…”

Before the boss came out to say a few words, he was surrounded by the dead bodyguards and held them head down. Then someone walked in from the door, like a Satan, with a terribly low aura. He kicked the boss hard on the face, making him scream in pain.

“I’m so courageous, do you know who has been hiding in the past few years?”

Wen Lizhi’s eyes were murderous, and he couldn’t wait to razed this place to the ground. This kind of rubbish place and this group of rubbish people are not worthy to live in. In the world, he felt dirty when he thought of Wen Mingzhu having lived with them like snakes and insects for so many years!

Isn’t this kind of people the sordid and low-level groups he looks down on most?

Compared with the boss who suffers at a loss, Wen Li is biting his teeth with hatred, and wants to go on a second foot. The boss will not understand his hatred if he does not kick to death. Unexpectedly, there is an exclamation from not far away at this time, “Stop!”

Wen Li stopped for a moment.

It was Wen Mingzhu’s cry.

“Why can you beat and kill others like this!” Wen Mingzhu ignored Estelle Su’s obstruction, rushed out and stopped in front of the boss, “Who do you think you are! Do you think you are? No one offends you, what do you want to do when you rush in!”

Wen Li stopped his anger and smiled back. At that moment, his delicate face was like a devil, as if he could tear Wen Mingzhu to the blood in the next second. What are you talking about?”

“You get out of my life!”

Wen Mingzhu’s hair was a little messy, she stopped herself in front of the boss, thin, even shivering.

“Your life? Is this group of inferior people?”

Wen Lizhi opened his eyes, not knowing why, watching Wen Mingzhu stop in front of the bar owner as a cart with a manly arm, and felt a pain in his heart.

Knowing that she is weak and unable to compete with him, she still rushed out… Why?

This group of people, this group of low-level creatures who are not worthy of being called humans in his eyes, is it worth her to rush out and die like this?

That expression is definitely a desperate expression!

Wen Lizhi stepped forward and pulled Wen Mingzhu’s hair, forcing her to look up at her. Wen Mingzhu had a pain and grinned slightly at the corner of her mouth, but she still held back her swelling and looked at Wen Li. Stop, take a cold breath and say, “Do you still want to do it to me?” Do you still want to do it to me?

In a word, Wen Lizhi instantly dragged Wen Lizhi into the bloody storm of five years ago.

In the past days and nights, did he trample down her dignity like this?

Because of this, did she want to escape?

Because of the pain, his body muscles even started to excite, Wen Lizhi felt that his breathing was disturbed, “Wen Mingzhu, you are really amazing, you are all given to you by Lao Tzu, now for this kind of person, come with me Contrary to the tune? Wouldn’t you think that you are living out of yourself? Then your ego is really cheap! “


Wen Mingzhu’s hair was pulled, and the sting on her scalp forced her to endure these humiliations soberly, “Cheap? Wen Lizhi, I have never been noble in your heart, and I am not rare to be a noble person. Just laugh at it!”

If she is really delicate, she should be as cold as a Tang poem, as strong as Jia Qi, as if Estelle Su is loved and spoiled by her real brother, but she has nothing!

She was a mean creature from the beginning!

“I don’t need to report to you how I live, you let go of the boss!”

“He hid my sister privately for so long, what happened to me asking him to settle the account?” As soon as this was said, everyone in the surrounding bars followed Exclaimed!

younger sister?

Someone recalled the conversation with Wen Mingzhu in the past-did you know that your name resembles a person?

Oh my god… it’s actually true…

“So Mingzhu…is Wen Mingzhu?”

“This person isn’t the Wen family elder in front of me…”

“How can this be so incredible, it’s actually true… “The boss was kicked and the corner of his mouth was cracked, causing blood to spill from the corner of his lips, but he still smiled at Wen Mingzhu and said, “Is this…your brother?”

Wen Mingzhu did not speak, but The flushed corners of his eyes showed everything.

The boss smiled weakly and coughed twice. He patted Wen Mingzhu on the shoulder and said, “It’s okay, haha, you are actually a real lady…Your brother has been looking for you for so long, so why not go back? “

Also suffer less.

This place is not where a good boy should live.

Hearing this, Wen Mingzhu, who had decided not to cry again, suddenly burst into tears. She turned and hugged the boss, as if hugged the last straw – the ant that was looked down upon. At this moment, It was her Guanyin Buddha statue. Wen Mingzhu cried and said, “I don’t want to go back… the boss… I have no blood relationship with him, I don’t want to go back… I am very happy here, I found myself…”

The boss is middle-aged. People, usually gag at beautiful women, commenting on which lady is beautiful and which one is elegant, but now, he tremblingly touched Mingzhu’s head, like an old father, and said, “Mingzhu…or, Go back.”

The Wen family is so powerful, he doesn’t know what Wen Mingzhu has suffered in the Wen family, just thinking about her going back to enjoy the blessing.

“What kind of separation is happening here?”

Wen Lizhi just wanted to laugh while watching. Will Wen Mingzhu and this group of inferiors also have feelings? Look at her reluctant appearance, taking her away as if it was killing her, is this tattered place so worthy of her all!

Wen Lizhi forcefully pulled Wen Mingzhu over, called to acknowledge and hold her down, “Send her to the hospital now!” With no expression on his face, Wen Lizhi said in front of everyone, “I want to personally Sign to get rid of the wild species in her stomach!”‘

Such a cruel and numb killing intent caused everyone around to take a breath. Wen Mingzhu’s face was pale and she kept shaking her head, “No, Wen Lizhi, you I am not qualified to do this! I am a human, I am a living person, I disagree, no one can perform surgery on me!”

“I am your brother.”

“I am not!” Wen Mingzhu cried heartbreakingly “That Wen Mingzhu died long ago! I am not, I am just a substitute. I don’t have a drop of blood similar to you. If I am pregnant or have a baby, you are not qualified to intervene!”

“Wen Mingzhu You have turned the head!”

Wen Lizhi heard Wen Mingzhu irritate him, did not hold back, raised his hands high and slapped Wen Mingzhu’s face with a slap, and a loud noise stunned everyone in the audience!

Even he himself was stunned.

In the next second, everyone watched Wen Mingzhu raise his head, nosebleeds on her red and swollen face, falling drop by drop.

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