His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2039

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Chapter 2039

This slap not only shocked Wen Mingzhu, even Wen Lizhi himself was a little surprised.

Seeing the nosebleed on Wen Mingzhu’s face slowly dripping, he felt that his heart was dripping blood, why… he obviously looked for her for so long, couldn’t sleep at night, and suffered so much, but after many years, he found her. In response, it turned out to be…slapped her.

Wen Lizhi looked at the palm of his hand in disbelief, feeling that his forehead buzzed and exploded. He wanted to say a lot but couldn’t say anything. Staring at Wen Mingzhu’s swollen face, his fingers clenched unconsciously. .

Does it hurt?

This slap…

Wen Lizhi stepped forward subconsciously, “Mingzhu…”

“Don’t call me.”

Wen Mingzhu wiped a handful of her nosebleed, and the bright red blood was smeared on her excessively white face. His face looked a little oozing, but when he looked closely, his eyes were filled with despair.

There was still a nosebleed on the back of her hand, but Wen Mingzhu didn’t care about it at all. She just smiled at Wen Li and said, “Is it enough to slap?”

Wen Lizhi was stunned, not thinking about Wen Li. Mingzhu would say this.

It’s as if he’s rebellious, never succumbing, but Wen Mingzhu in the past would never be like this.

Wen Lizhi said to Wen Mingzhu, “What do you mean?”

“I don’t mean anything, if you don’t slap enough.”

Against the smeared nosebleeds, Wen Mingzhu smiled and pointed to himself The other face said, “Well, my face also stretched out to give you a beating?”

Wen Li was frustrated. He didn’t know why he was so angry, but his anger had already rushed up all of a sudden. Seeing Wen Mingzhu’s appearance, she is the one who suffers, but she is also the one who is smiling now.

Wen Lizhi grabbed Wen Mingzhu’s shoulders, and the people behind them stopped by, “What are you doing!”

“You have slapped, you don’t want to hit people anymore!”

“What is a man who hits a woman!”

Even if there are those scary-looking black bodyguards, there are still people in the bar who can’t help but ask for it. Coming up to stop him, Wen Mingzhu looked at Wen Lizhi’s angry face and said, “You can’t do anything to me, Wen Lizhi, I will never listen to you again.”

“Silly people say dreams!”

Wen Lizhi His eyes were fierce, “Take her away for me!”

“You let me go!” Wen Mingzhu’s eyes were red, “You dare to take me, move me and my child, and I will bite my tongue and kill myself!”

“Dare you !” “

I don’t dare!”

Wen Mingzhu shouted, “My life was ruined by you! I became this because of you! Everything in this Wen family was originally not mine. Since you hate me so much, it’s not good for me to die, and you let me go, don’t hurt my child! “

Don’t hurt my child!”

She actually cared so much about a wild species who didn’t know how to come!

Wen Lizhi completely lost her mind and pulled Wen Mingzhu directly up, even ignoring her struggle, pressing her on the bar in front of everyone, and cutting her hands behind her back, letting her bodyguard bring her with a rope. Strictly tied up! ! ! !

Such behavior simply does not regard Wen Mingzhu as a human being!

Wen Pearl had a chance to speak, mouth was stuffed into a mass of paper, she simply can not bite the tongue, the next second temperature ceremony ended Nuhan, “Now put her to the hospital! The wild species do not deserve to live!”

The edge of the Soviet Union Estelle Su looked terrified, and immediately took out her mobile phone to call Lisa Tang, “It’s not good for Shishi, Wen Lizhi and Wen Mingzhu have an accident!”

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