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Chapter 2040

This Tang poetry lay down with Elbert Bo most of the night and was woken up by Estelle Su’s phone call. Elbert Bo was originally quite uncomfortable. At this point, someone came to disturb Tang poetry. He looked at Su on the screen. With the three words Estelle Su, she squinted and saw Lisa Tang sneaking up from the bed. The man coldly shouted,


Lisa Tang looked guilty, and his back became stiff.

Elbert Bo took a deep breath, “Who is that?” “Estelle Su…”

“Isn’t Marven Su calling you with Estelle Su’s phone?” Elbert Bo was particularly alert, did this Marven Su privately associate Tang poetry again in the middle of the night? Haha, don’t let him hold this cub!

“No…” Lisa Tang said angrily and funny, “Don’t think about it.”

“I didn’t see that my jealous jar was turned upside down?” Elbert Bo turned over and got out of bed and said to Lisa Tang, “Why did Su Estelle Su call you so late at night? Connect carefully?”

Lisa Tang swallowed. It can’t be said that the women were hiding from Elbert Bo Wen Lizhi. They had been secretly taking care of Wen Mingzhu, right… If Wen Lizhi knew about this, he found her then. For many years, it is estimated that it can be bombed directly.

Moreover, if Wen Lizhi knew where Wen Mingzhu was, he would definitely try his best to bring her back regardless of her wishes.

Lisa Tang thought for a while, and said to Elbert Bo, “I confess to you, but you can’t tell others.”

On the other side, the scene is still in a stalemate, So Estelle Su feels that she can’t pretend not to see her. Knowing that he has stepped up at this time, then everything will be exposed, Wen Lizhi will understand that he is the only one who has been kept in the dark for so many years, and it is estimated that he will hate Estelle Su…

but he can’t control that much. !

Seeing Wen Mingzhu fragile and flimsy about to be taken away, she rushed up and shouted, “Wen Li will stop you from letting people go!”

Wen Li stopped for a while, never thought that a woman would appear to stop him, when he turned to look, he was shocked, isn’t this Marven Su’s sister Su Estelle Su!

Estelle Su pulled away the group of black-clothed bodyguards with her hands. Because they were all members of the upper class, the bodyguards naturally recognized her face and did not dare to stop it. So Estelle Su stumbled all the way to Wen Mingzhu’s face. He took out a napkin out of his hundreds of thousands of bags and wiped the blood on Wen Mingzhu’s face, “Is it all right? Huh? Mingzhu…”

“Why should I stand up…” Wen Mingzhu felt that his eyes were hot and he left Wen Mingzhu. After the ceremony stopped, she had fallen into the dust, but Estelle Su was still the golden lady, she was still elegant and advanced in dress, but now she rushed over in high heels, blocking the way for her with a weak body in front of so many men… …

Wen Mingzhu shivered, let Su Estelle Su wipe her face with her hand, “Your bag will be dirty by me.”

So Estelle Su likes this crocodile leather Hermes bag the most.

“Why don’t you care about getting dirty at this time!” Su Estelle Su was anxious, and shouted at Wen Lizhi, “She is bleeding! She is bleeding when you slap it, you can’t even think of helping her wipe it. Wipe it!”

This sentence was like an accusation, accusing Wen Lizhi of turning a blind eye to Wen Mingzhu’s pain. However, it was Su Estelle Su’s words that made Wen Lizhi shocked, and then the man came back to his senses, “How is it? You?”

“Why can’t it be me?”

Su Estelle Su knew that her elder brother was Marven Su, and Wen Lizhi had to give some face to her. She stood forward and took Wen Mingzhu’s hand and said, “Wen Mingzhu is an adult. No one, you have no right to take her away!”

“So you have been in touch all the time, but I am the only one who is anxious not finding her every day?”

Wen Lizhi felt a surge of blood in his throat, “You Keep it from me, treat me as a fool?!”

Su Estelle Su’s voice trembles when she hears it, but she gritted her teeth and says, “Why should I tell you? Mingzhu said that she has a life of her own and doesn’t want people Excuse me, why should I tell you and let you find her!”

“So Estelle Su, do you think your brother is Marven Su and I dare not touch you!” “You try to move me!”

“You are not allowed to shoot her!”

At the same time, hearing Wen Lizhi’s threat, Su Estelle Su and Wen Mingzhu shouted loudly one after another!

Wen Lizhi’s pupils suddenly tightened, and he didn’t expect Wen Mingzhu to stand up and speak. He was still numb just now. When he heard that he was fierce to Estelle Su, he was struggling to resist him again!

Wen Lizhi became more and more furious, and actually ordered Su Estelle Su to control it together. Estelle Su Fei did not turn back when she was held by someone. She yelled in disbelief, “Wen Lizhi, are you crazy?” “It’s you two who are crazy, thinking that I won’t find it? Wen Mingzhu, you are my life and death is my ghost, thinking about running away, next life! Take them both away together!”

Lisa Tang It was too late when He Elbert Bo came from the other direction. Wen Mingzhu had been sent directly to the hospital by Wen Lizhi. While Erwin Yue was waiting in the operating room, he looked at Wen Mingzhu who Wen Lizhi had sent in. The medical equipment crashed to the ground.

Wen Lizhi’s eyes were red, “What’s the matter?”

Erwin Yue shook his head, “I won’t do it! I won’t do it for how much you give me!”

“It’s so difficult for you to hit a child?” Wen Lizhi has lost his mind. “Aren’t you a doctor! Wen Mingzhu’s child is unknown. In order not to affect her marriage in the future, I, as her brother, will bring her to have a baby…” I can speak of my own cruelty so grandly. , Wen Lizhi, Wen Lizhi, do you still have a trace of conscience?

Wen Mingzhu was given anesthetics while lying there, because her former assistant always gave anesthetics before the doctor to facilitate the operation, and now her eyes were slowly closed, and she glanced at Baiyue with the last begging look.

At that glance, Erwin Yue’s heart was chilled. He knew that Wen Mingzhu had disappeared for a few years, and that Wen Lizhi was strapped to the operating table and sent in for abortion surgery… Then what has she experienced in the past few years? It’s terrible…

“Don’t… don’t…”

Wen Mingzhu made a humble voice, then closed her eyes, and the last trace of reason left her body.

When he woke up, Wen Mingzhu saw Lisa Tang and Elbert Bo sitting by the bed. There were tears in Lisa Tang’s eyes. When he saw Wen Mingzhu awake, he went to touch her face, “Mingzhu, are you…what’s uncomfortable?

” What about the children…” Wen Mingzhu’s voice is dumb, “My child?”

“Erwin Yue didn’t perform surgery on you.” Elbert Bo couldn’t stand by the side, Wen Mingzhu was too humble, how could Wen Lizhi be like this Heartbroken, seeing Wen Mingzhu breathing, Elbert Bo closed his eyes, took a deep breath and said, “But…”


En Mingzhu’s face suddenly turned pale, “What happened… During my anesthesia… …”

“Wen Lizhi forcibly fed you mifezone.”

That was… a medical abortion medicine.

Wen Mingzhu was struck by lightning, and then I heard Lisa Tang say, “The child is…is gone. We didn’t stop it, I’m sorry… Mingzhu, I’m sorry…” At that moment, she clenched the quilt tightly and leaned against the hospital bed. The thin back flapped and shook constantly, “Why! Why!”

Wen Lizhi, you are so cruel!

How can I fight you! ! !

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