His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2041

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Chapter 2041

When I heard that Erwin Yue hadn’t done any surgery on her, Wen Mingzhu took a breath, but then she completely shattered her hope.

The child is gone…

Wen Mingzhu’s eyes were empty, as if at this moment, her soul was completely wiped out. She stretched out her hand to cover her belly, as if she wanted to feel the unborn child in her body. Feeling alive inside, but… Except for the cruel fact that her aching lower abdomen was telling her that she had lost her child, there was no other feeling.

Wen Mingzhu didn’t speak, but hunched her back, as if she was curled up. She was so silent, but Lisa Tang felt overwhelming despair.

It turned out that the cry was not the most painful, but the painful thing was…I didn’t even have the strength to cry. After the whole world was dead, that little sound was no longer enough to carry Wen Mingzhu’s grief.

“The child’s father…” Lisa Tang couldn’t see Wen Mingzhu like this. She was also the one who had given birth to a child. She was framed by Sarah An and tortured by the night. Christian’s birth became the driving force for her to live. She knew that the child was for a mother. How important is it? Perhaps all Wen Mingzhu’s expectation was on this child, giving birth to the child, and taking the child to live in a new place, but now everything is ruined by Wen Li.

What kind of mood was Wen Lizhi at that time when he opened Wen Mingzhu’s mouth and stuffed the abortion pill into Wen Mingzhu’s mouth?

Lisa Tang could only comfort Wen Mingzhu in his own way, “Does the child’s father know?”

Wen Mingzhu cried and said, “He knew that I was pregnant, but he didn’t know that the child was gone… Why would I have the face to see him? I didn’t protect our children…”

Wen Lizhi was too cruel, she shredded all her hopes one by one, does he hate her like that!

At this time, Wen Lizhi walked in from the door, just in time to hear Wen Mingzhu say that he did not protect the child well. I don’t know why a strange emotion came up. The man slammed the door of the ward with force, “It was originally a wild species. , You can’t keep doing anything!”

“You give it back to me!”

Wen Mingzhu saw him, eyes splitting, it was hatred, it was hatred that dyed her eyes red, “You return my child to me!”

“You let others touch you!”

Wen Lizhi felt that there was a fire in her body. He thought that Wen Mingzhu was deliberately irritating him when she was pregnant, but he didn’t expect that… Seeing her bleeding, Wen Lizhi realized that it was true.

it is true.

Wen Mingzhu was touched by others, and before he knew it, let another man touch it!

It was his toy, and someone tried to get involved!

“You actually let another man touch you!”

Wen Lizhi walked to Wen Mingzhu’s hospital bed, and looked at her heartbroken, heartbroken, “This is the price you paid for betraying me, Wen Mingzhu!”

“Betrayal. ? “

Wen Pearl hear jokes like, suddenly silent for a few seconds, separated for a while she muttered,” betrayal? warm ceremony ended, what is the contract between us? “

temperature only covered with a stiff ceremony.

“I betray you? It’s too funny what you said!”

Wen Mingzhu gritted her teeth, Lisa Tang felt that her mouth was full of blood when she spoke, “It’s useless, Wen Lizhi, your medicine is flowing today. Abandon my baby, tomorrow I will go to bed with another man, you beat me several times and I became pregnant several times, you have the ability to kill all my children!”

She actually said such a rebellious thing!

Wen Lizhi was stimulated by Wen Mingzhu and his blood flowed backwards, “Wen Mingzhu, you are so bold! If you dare to get pregnant and come back with wild plants, I will beat you until you have no fertility!” Until you have no fertility!

As soon as this remark came out, even the Tang poems took a sigh of relief!

Wen Mingzhu widened her eyes in amazement. She looked at Wen Lizhi for a few seconds. After a long time, she covered her mouth and suddenly laughed, “Haha, Wen Lizhi, you can do it, I believe you can definitely do it. , Come on! Let’s see who is more dangerous?

Anyway, I’m already like this, and I don’t mind breaking the jar a bit more thoroughly. I don’t want to have any relationship with you even if I fight it out. But you Wen Lizhi, you won’t have been thinking of me in your dreams for the past five years!” At that moment, Wen Lizhi was struck by lightning!

The utter coldness engulfed him all, Wen Lizhi couldn’t imagine that the person who said this to him now…was the Wen Mingzhu who was once kept in captivity by him.

In order to show his lord consciousness, the man who had recovered has pressed Wen Mingzhu straight on the bed. Lisa Tang exclaimed, “What are you going to do when she just finished her baby!”

“Wen Mingzhu, I will strangle you directly now! “Wen Lizhi put his hand on Wen Mingzhu’s neck, “You and your shameless, soft father depended on the Wen family to survive, so why do you go against me now!”

“You want my life? This Isn’t it dead?” Wen Mingzhu opened her eyes and smiled sharply. She pinched Wen Lizhi’s other hand, grabbed his hand, and pressed it firmly on her stomach, followed by the woman. He grinned and shouted, “Look! A life has already died here!”

Wen Lizhi’s hand trembled, almost unable to pinch!


Elbert BoElbert Bolled angrily behind him, and then from behind Wen Lizhi, he dragged Wen Lizhi from the side of Wen Mingzhu’s bed, tore Wen Lizhi away, and followed closely. He pushed hard to one side, “Wen Lizhi, don’t force me to beat you.”

Elbert Bo spoke with a low anger, and his eyes looked directly at Wen Lizhi’s face, “I can’t see Wen Mingzhu has Is it painful?”

Wen Li stopped his throat tightly, but he gritted his teeth quickly and said, “Elbert Bo, you don’t force me to deal with you together.”

“You do not like a man” thin hard night clutching his collar, “You do not know the child represents what, I do not know how valuable a new life, nor the temperature Pearl as human beings”

Thin night from people , Will know the meaning of children best.

Just like Lisa Tang named their children “Christian”, the word “Wei” beside the vertical heart is desperate and hopeful.

Just as he saw the protection of Tang poetry and the fear of tranquility in his thin face when he was young, he knew that the child was the purest and most innocent.

It is not easy for Christian and Su Yan to be able to understand the children.

Now that Wen Mingzhu’s child is gone, Lisa Tang and Elbert Bo are both wronged for her, how could they stand by and watch?

“People.” However, hearing Elbert Bo say this, an indescribable emotion suddenly surged in Wen Lizhi’s eyes.

As if someone had taken his strength away, he whispered,

“But didn’t he also die that year? That person…just like her child, he can’t come back.” He couldn’t come back.

Wen Mingzhu sat on the bed, her shoulders trembling suddenly.

“You take my child… as a funeral for her…”

Wen Mingzhu cried and laughed like crazy, “Okay! OK! This is retribution! This is retribution!”

“Take it! You! Take my life together!”

Wen Mingzhu picked up the thing on the side of the hospital bed and slammed it towards Wen Lizhi. All her sanity was overwhelmed at this moment. She said, “You want me to bear Live your sins, you want me to pay for my blood! I tell you Wenlizhi, I regret too much. Why didn’t I die that year? It’s better to let her live this chance! I don’t want to live!”

I don’t want to live. !

She knows that the sins are serious, it is better to… burden the sins and pass away together.

She would never call his brother again.

Just like the girl back then, a wealthy daughter, self-willed and conceited, and never called his brother.

Wen ceremony ended back against the wall, sucked throat was bone-chilling cold, his red eyes, said, “This is my name to you, warm pearl, you must pay the price.”

“Are you puzzled air, how I I’ve been pregnant a few times, I’ll beat you a few times, and I’ll make her apologize. What do you think?” Wen Mingzhu burst into tears with a smile, and after a while her eyes were empty, “Waiting for you to play enough, from now on I will It’s just called Mingzhu, and it has nothing to do with you.”

Wen Lizhi wanted to say something, but was taken out of the ward by Elbert Bo angrily, and then Elbert Bo slammed the door forcefully and held Wen Lizhi, “Do you know Know what you are talking about?”

“Wen Mingzhu was kidnapped that year, and Wen Mingzhu died for her.” Wen Lizhi raised his head and looked at Elbert Bo, “The son-in-law who ate soft rice, who is now her father, planned a kidnapping case. I wanted my daughter Dove to occupy the magpie’s nest, so that day, I lost my nine-year-old sister.”

The seeds of hatred fell from this.

Wen Lizhi’s mother was a well-known strong woman, but his father was a good helper, and even the children were given the mother’s surname. However, Wen Lizhi’s father was not useless, even a high-achieving student, and earning a lot of money. He was only voluntary. Sacrifice for love, and feel sorry for the difficulty of his wife’s pregnancy and childbirth. After resigning, he becomes the housekeeper by himself.

There can be many combinations of families in this world, from strong women to weak men, strong women to strong men, or even two women or two men.

Love is great and fair, and it transcends everything.

Unfortunately, the good times did not last long. His biological father unfortunately passed away in a car accident, leaving Wen Lizhi and Wen Mingzhu with his two siblings, as well as a distressed mother.

Later, there was a man who wanted to eat soft rice with a bad heart, and deliberately approached Wen Lizhi’s mother. The young Wen Lizhi saw that this man was different from his biological father. He really wanted to eat soft rice and covetous. The disgusting scumbag of their family’s money, and… with a daughter.

Drag oil bottles, wolf ambitions, and unscrupulous plots.

Wen Lizhi disgusted the man and the daughter behind him. But he couldn’t stop his mother and this man from receiving a certificate for their second marriage, and his daughter, just like that, lived in his own home.

Mother shared all the resources, money, power, fame, and power of the Wen family for this incompetent man, but this man got these, but he wanted more.

He wants to eat up all of Wen’s family.

When the real Wen Mingzhu was nine years old, this man revealed his true colors and planned a kidnapping case. He originally wanted to kidnap Wen Lizhi. In his eyes, his son is the most important thing to pass on. Wen Lizhi died. If the Wen family has no future, one less person will share the Wen family’s money with him.

So he secretly wanted Wen Lizhi’s life, but that day he changed his mind and decided to be cruel to the end, so the kidnappers kidnapped three children together, including his daughter.

That day, the proud eldest lady Wen Mingzhu rushed to the gangster’s knife, creating an accident and giving the police a chance to control the scene, and finally captured the gangster and the scheming man together, but Wen Mingzhu could not return…

was left behind, Only Wen Lizhi covered in blood and the man’s daughter “Why didn’t you die!” In those days, only meaningless accusations and begging for mercy were left between them.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know my father is so bad…” It is true that even my daughter was kidnapped together. This is because I think my daughter is useless and want to have another son. Even his daughter didn’t let go of that awkward thing.

But “That is your father, your father said, no matter how much, you should follow him to die together!”

“Go to hell!”

“I’m sorry ……”

“Go to hell!”

“I’m sorry ……”

“go dead Die to die!!”

“That person’s daughter is the current Wen Mingzhu.”

Wen Lizhi pulled away from the long memories, only feeling pain all over his body. He said with a dumb voice, “The real Wen Mingzhu is dead long ago. Wen Mingzhu lives, but to replace her to live and redeem her sins. Her damn father is still in jail now, and I will not let the family go.”

Killed his sister and ruined his mother. Expectations for the family, this kind of scumbag, 10,000 deaths a thousand times is not enough!

So he controls Wen Mingzhu just to torture her, but no matter how deep or hard he stabbed the knife that tormented her, no matter how violently she screamed – the sister who rushed out to death without hesitation back then, I can’t come back again…

“The current Wen Mingzhu should have known this, so that she could endure you for so many years in silence. Besides, if she was innocent in the kidnapping case, then she is also a victim, after all, her father I even want to take her life together. Because I haven’t been loved by my father, I will take it so seriously… Now I am pregnant with the child.”

Elbert Bo clenched his finger tightly, “You originally had two younger sisters, so good Cherish the one who is still alive now. Don’t wait to look back later, there is not even one person left.”

Wen Lizhi’s heart stopped abruptly.

It was as if he died once at that moment.

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