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Chapter 2048

Hearing Wen Lizhi’s unreasonable words, Wen Mingzhu wished to stand up from the hospital bed and argue with him, but it is a pity that she is weak now, looking at the overturned porridge on the ground. Wen Mingzhu felt that his heart was also broken by Wen Lizhi.

How ridiculous, she actually had delusions towards Wen Lizhi…

Wen Mingzhu was trembling with anger, “Wen Lizhi if you are here to make trouble, please get out of my ward——”

“You are now The money for the hospitalization is all deducted from Lao Tzu’s account. You let me go out?”

Wen Li stopped pointing at herself, and couldn’t believe that Wen Mingzhu actually called herself by her name, as if it was Li Guang by her side. With confidence.

This wretched man deserves to make her so emotional?

Wen Mingzhu was taken aback, and suddenly felt ashamed. He didn’t expect that Wen Li stopped the medicine to spill his child, but now he is hospitalized, and it is his money… Wen Mingzhu immediately said, “How much? I will pay you back. “…”

“You can pay back the money, can you pay it back?”

Wen Lizhi stood there as if watching a joke, pointing straight at Li Guang, “He probably didn’t know what your father did back then. What?”

“What did her father do back then, does it matter to me?” Unexpectedly, Li Guang was not afraid at all. After seeing the tension in Wen Mingzhu’s eyes, he just smiled, “That’s yours. Father, it’s not you.”

He only knew that the little woman in front of him had a stronger tenacity than anyone else, gritting her teeth and wanting to live.

Wen Mingzhu didn’t speak, but tears slowly flowed out, and she took out the dark past and spread it out in front of Li Guang. Sooner or later, she needs to know, “My father is a criminal. He killed… the real Wen family daughter. “

Li Guang was stunned. He didn’t expect that there would be such a sad past. After thinking about it, he understood a little bit about Wen Lizhi and Wen Mingzhu’s current tense atmosphere. It turned out to be like this. No wonder Wen Lizhi treats Wen Mingzhu. So bad, maybe…

After experiencing those, Wen Lizhi’s kindness has long been polished.

Li Guang held Wen Mingzhu’s hand. To a certain extent, he knew what it was like to leave his dear relatives. His father was thrown into jail and hanged himself. His mother suffered from depression and has been in a mental hospital for several years. If there was no Wen Mingzhu, perhaps he would be a walking dead.

So Wen Lizhi’s hate…

Li Guang took a deep breath, “There will be no results if you continue like this, why… don’t you look forward?” What is this man pretending in his mind? Wen Li just didn’t understand, he clearly humiliated him like that, but he was not angry or angry, as if these words that attacked him were too understatement and did not cause him any harm. Instead, he turned his head and called them to reconcile.

There is no way to reconcile the hatred of human life.

Li Wen ceremony only looked at the light, “outsiders have less to worry about our family, if you go from nothing to get out of my sister’s ward!”

“I came to see her, I’ll go read.”

Top of the head with warm ceremony Despite the tremendous pressure on him, Li Guang only felt that Rumang was on his back. The only thing he could do was to prevent himself from losing face to Wen Mingzhu. After a long time, he said, “You have a good rest here…”

Wen Lizhi looked at I just wanted to laugh, “What are you going to do? If you didn’t dare to touch my sister, she wouldn’t be hospitalized for this shed child today.” The shed… child? !

Li Guang’s entire face turned pale. He had never asked Wen Mingzhu’s reason for being hospitalized. He thought it was because Wen Lizhi learned that she was pregnant and protected her. He never thought it turned out to be…the child is gone.

Li Guang’s originally good and calm appearance could no longer be put on. He stepped forward and asked Wen Lizhi loudly, “What’s the matter?!”

Wen Lizhi gave Wen Mingzhu a funny look and found her face. They are also pale. It seems that Wen Mingzhu hasn’t told Li Guang the truth… They are really good, thinking about protecting each other…

This behavior seemed even more ironic in Wen Lizhi’s eyes, so he cruelly pushed Li Guang away and said, “Do you know that you are the father of the child? It’s because of your incompetent dad, Wen Mingzhu. I’ll be guilty. I tell you, I won’t let her give birth to a child like yours, so if you dare to touch her to make her pregnant, the child will only get knocked out!”

“You’re crazy !!!”

Li Guang was heartbroken. He never thought that Mingzhu was carrying his own child. He had been worried about her caring for her these days, but the child was brutally beaten by Wen Lizhi in a blink of an eye!

“Wen Lizhi, you are simply not a person!” Li Guang no longer cared about his face, grabbed Wen Lizhi’s collar, and the fight between the two men was on the verge. “That’s my child. What to get rid of! Do you know how much damage to Mingzhu will be if the child is gone!!!”

“You are not worthy to make her pregnant…”

Wen Lizhi squeezed out from between his teeth in cold words, “I hate it the most in my life. Poor people!”

Poor people are all bitches, they all take a fancy to the money of the rich family, deceived that the money is not enough, and want the life of the rich family!

Wen Mingzhu’s father is such a dirty and shameless poor man, and the person he hates most!

Li Guang was trembling when he spoke, “That’s your sister… Wen Lizhi, are you so cruel? But if you have a little conscience, you can’t do this kind of thing—have you ever thought about her doing it for you? How much pain did you suffer from her hatred, and now even her child will suffer from you!”

He and Mingzhu…he and Mingzhu…Li Guang knew that he was not better than being gentle, and Mingzhu would not follow him when she was pregnant. Said, could it be that I drank too much that day… How could this little woman carry it secretly by herself! This will only make him feel even more incompetent…

He can’t even protect his own children…

Li Guang’s eyes are full of regret, and Wen Lizhi is only shocked when he looks at his eyes.

In the frightened Li Guang’s eyes, all were love for Wen Mingzhu.

In his Wen Lizhi’s eyes, there was only hatred for Wen Mingzhu.

Such a small and humble man, why would there be such a…… desperate for love…… tragic eyes?

“I won’t agree that you two are together. Don’t want to make a second child…” Wen Lizhi said every word, as if with a murderous intent, but I don’t know why, behind this murderous intent, there is a faint The trouble was also the anxiety and panic that he couldn’t resolve in his heart. “If you understand, get out. Don’t force me to beat you!”

How can the Wen family’s bloodline allow a lowly person to be tainted?

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