His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2122

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Chapter 2122

Lemuel Chu’s appearance gave everyone a booster. He stepped forward, followed by a large group of people, without him speaking, Ace was already in front of Sakihara’s father. There is no such reason to use so many people in our country!”

Sakurahara’s father was shocked, “Who are you?”

“You will know later.” Ace glanced at Luo Yoyo who fell on the ground, and felt distressed. When he got up, he seemed to see through Luo Youyou Lu Yiting, who was bleeding and giving birth to a child alone.

How can you be so insulted by such a thing as being pregnant with a child!

Lemuel Chu’s blood surged, “Take them all away! Forced into the house to gather people to make trouble, threatened and intimidated Luo Youyou and caused Luo Youyou to have a miscarriage. If Christian hadn’t told me, do you really think you can cover the sky with one hand!

“I discipline my child, what does it have to do with you outsiders?” Sakahara’s father was still holding on, and someone separated him from Eldon Valles. Eldon Valles’s fists were red, and he kept panting, “I’m not Your child! I’m stubborn with you! From now on I will be independent, and I will be separated from our family!” At this moment, they heard the sound of the ambulance downstairs, and Christian pushed away from the crowd and saw the one downstairs. Marven Su led the ambulance all the way to racing, and he waved his hand, “Here! Here!”

As their crowd grew, Sakurahara’s father dared not to act rashly. Besides, he didn’t take this child away. Luo Youyou couldn’t bear his fright and fell and it had nothing to do with him!

Didn’t he just say a few words to kill the child, who would have thought that she was so courageous?

But he never thought that, for every mother, it would be more cruel to kill the child than the sky fell!

When Luo Youyou was lifted away, Christian held Ameli Su’s hand, “You also go to the hospital for a check, you also have a child, and I was emotional just now…”

Ameli Su patted the back of Christian’s hand, “I will be with you. Youyou go to check first, and then check mine later…”

Lemuel Chu heard their conversation, his shoulders trembled, and he turned to Ameli Su and said, “Go to the hospital together, and leave it to Christian and me.”

Christian must have taken into account that Ameli Su is also pregnant now. He didn’t show up like that, otherwise he wouldn’t need to be on the stage, and Christian could solve it by himself.

But now he is a father. Be steady. If Ameli Su sees him fighting against Sakurahara’s father, he will be worried. It will affect the children in his stomach…

Lemuel Chu smiled, damn it, Christian pulls him over to replace him. To support the scene, he became a bodyguard!

However, this new world was originally created by Christian himself, and even the position was given to him. Christian’s cynical and fearless scum always didn’t care about this kind of position, just like in ancient times regardless of whether he was in charge. He could easily overturn any emperor. The cliché plot of plotting to usurp the throne is really boring, and a side bed with more than ten thousand people can’t sit back and relax every night. He doesn’t bother to bear this kind of pressure – it’s not as interesting as being a chic and unruly villain.

Become an unscrupulous offspring with Ameli Su.

Since you are the me who made you perfect, Christian, it would be nothing to escort your child along the way in the future.

Lemuel Chu glanced at Christian, but Sakurahara’s father beside him sneered and said, “It’s better to send her to the hospital and have her uterus clean!”

“You say one more thing, I will break your teeth!” Christian’s eyes were cold. “If there is an accident between the child and the adult, you are the murderer!”

Twenty minutes later, the howling ambulance drove Luo Yoyo to the hospital. The doctor knew the situation was wrong, the fetus moved , and the baby was born prematurely!

Both adults and children are in critical condition and must be ready to take delivery now!

“There are still more than 20 days, but it is estimated to be ahead of schedule.” The doctor is a good friend of Tonny Jiang, she said to Luo Youyou, “You hold on, we will arrange the surgery for you now .” Have you given birth?” Luo Youyou’s face was sweaty, “I’m so painful, can I give birth, I, save the baby first…”

Sakurahara Kurosawa looked like he was pulling together, “Yoyou, I beg you, save you first, there will be children again, save you first…” The belated father of Sakurahara seemed to be shopping, he It’s just bad words, but they didn’t do anything harmful to the world at all. What can they do with him?

They can’t do anything.

It was Luo Youyou that her own life was not hard enough.

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