His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2124

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Chapter 2124

The knife was pierced too hard and deep, as if he had vented his lifelong hatred.

When she was finally separated, Mrs. Sakurabara’s face was bloodless. She has been sealed in the so-called family heritage throughout her life. She has no name, no personality, only four mechanical characters—”For the family”.

At the end of her life, this sad woman finally lived for herself.

If there is only one chance that can be reversed, it is better to give it a go.

Mrs. Sakurahara let go, because the knife stabbed too deeply, the moment she let go, the knife was firmly stuck in her husband’s body, without even falling to the ground.

In this way, the lady watched her husband stumble and knelt down, and the red light of the police car downstairs was flashing. She did not even have the slightest heart to resist, but stared at her husband quietly and called out, “Dear

Yes .” I also had fantasies when I married you.

But then what you gave me was despair.

You crushed my personality and almost ruined my humanity. Fortunately, my humanity was awakened because of Luo Youyou’s feelings for Kurosawa.

Dear husband, have you ever regretted a little bit?

Back then, you must have been unwilling and wanted to live out of yourself, but after fighting with the dragon for a long time, you yourself have become the appearance of the dragon.

Do you remember the shining light in your eyes?

Seeing her husband closing his eyes, the police rushed to catch her, and Mrs. Sakahara suddenly raised her head and laughed hard, desolate and sad, “Hahahaha, I thought I would be in pain!”

But, my dear, I was unexpectedly It’s not painful at all, this is what pains me most.

When did my conscience begin, and it’s gone?

Look at you, my love, what have you turned me into! Look at this environment, what this terrible family has turned us into!

“Give it back to me! Give it back to me! Give me back my ability to love someone and my humanity!” Mrs. Sakahara had a hoarse throat, as if there was blood in her throat. She crawled down and almost couldn’t stand still, she would definitely be crazy. I can’t see the appearance of the famous and noble lady again. Back to the beginning, she was just an ordinary mother, “Don’t underestimate the determination of a mother! Bastard! You are innocent, don’t underestimate me. I can do it, don’t underestimate me!”

Repeating this sentence repeatedly, she seemed to be crazy.

Don’t underestimate me, don’t underestimate me, I am a mother!

As a mother, I can do the last things for my son.

Cut the chains off for him and let him fly freely.

Kurosawa, my child, please live for yourself once.

The day Sakurahara Kurosawa’s daughter was born was also the day his father died.

Later, Lemuel Chu took over everything. After all, the nationality of the person involved involved two countries, and his identity could not be more appropriate to handle these matters.

Eldon Valles followed him through all the formalities without expression. His father died on the spot. The Sakurahara family on the other side heard the sad news, but did not react at all, but just like this. The location was given to Sakura Kurosawa.

Look, this family never cares about anyone’s life.

However, since the power is now in control, if he inherits it, he must rewrite this insensitive and ruthless history!

In the hospital, Luo Youyou was hanging weakly with water. She had just given birth and no one had told her all about it. Sakurahara Kurosawa was also sitting aside guarding her after dealing with the matter. He knew he had a daughter. , Just like her own ignorant and cowardly mother, in the end, she could afford anything for him-and he, for his daughter, will also become the devil who defeats the devil.

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