His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2133

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Chapter 2133

Han Qingyan…is Aunt Jia Qi’s daughter?

Lemuel Chu sighed and said, “I can imagine Han Qingyan twittering and telling stories with you.”

Aunt Jia Qi is just such a daughter, who is innocent and loves the world. They were meant to be saviors, but Lemuel Chu only felt ridiculed.

Savior? Ameli Su and Christian may be, but he is not at all.

He needs someone to lift him when he goes against his own father. Compared with the self-awakened Ameli Su and Christian, he has much less courage than them.

“Han Qingyan is a good girl.” Qin Ruo remembered Han Qingyan’s white and tender face, and leaned forward to take a look at Lemuel Chu. “But your face surprised me a bit, saying that you and Christian are quite different. The points are similar.”

Maybe it was because he had not been loved correctly since he was a child, that’s why he was as surly as Christianmei’s eyes.

Lemuel Chu grabbed a handful of hair, turned around and walked out, “Don’t use me as Christian’s substitute.”

“Oh, what’s the matter, it’s pretty handsome anyway.”

Qin Ruo didn’t mind at all, she was bold and unrestrained. , What has always said, “There are so many people who want to be Christian’s stand-in. After all, few people can be worthy of Ameli Su’s love.”

This love is too heavy, extremely dirty but extremely pure, on the sidelines What else can the reader say besides sighing along the way.

Lemuel Chu’s most heart-wrenching thing in this life is this. Hearing Qin Ruoyi’s words, he grinned immediately, “You can really pick up my sore spots…”

“Hahaha!” Qin Ruo smiled, unlike in the cemetery. Here, she stepped forward and patted Lemuel Chu’s shoulder, and said fearlessly, “Oh, what’s the matter with this, you can’t love it.” After a pause, Qin Ruo pointed to the graveyard behind him, “There is also a cemetery lying there. Well, every year I miss her very much. When I think of her peacefully sleeping in the cemetery, I don’t think the cemetery is scary at all.”

Lemuel Chu’s eyes were deep, “Is it your very important person?”

Qin Ruo narrowed his eyes, and then his voice slowed down, “It’s my mother.”

Lemuel Chu paused.

Well… It’s really pity for the same disease.

He didn’t say much, and divided Qin Ruo’s shoulders. The two walked out side by side. He tried to say, “My mother is here.”

Qin Ruo was stunned. After a while, her voice He became cheerful and lively again, “That’s great, I can ask my mother to be with your mother, how is your mother’s temper?”

Lemuel Chu walked out of the cemetery with her, he pointed to the direction of his car, and then said “She has a good temper.”

“That’s great. My mother has a very familiar temper. The two of them can definitely be good friends.” Qin Ruo finished speaking and followed Lemuel Chu hand in hand, “but she’s here. The most stupid thing in my life is to love the wrong person.”

Lemuel Chu lowered his head, opened the door, and gave her the co-pilot for an unprecedented time. It was only the first time to meet…

“She was pregnant with a child, but I Dad doesn’t cherish it.” Qin Ruo pointed to himself, “Unexpectedly, I am still an illegitimate daughter, but because I am not spoiled, my family does not care about me, so in a sense, I am more free.

Qin brutal is your brother, right? “

thought genealogy, while Lemuel Chu start the car aside and said,” do you have conflicts with him? ” “

no! “Qin laugh very happy if the car chair The seat is adjusted, “It’s not that Qin Hu took the gun at his father and did bad things, so I have no grudges with Qin Hu. Sometimes when I make trouble outside, he will come out to help me wipe my butt.”

That’s fine, Lemuel Chu I’m always afraid that there will be a second Ameli Su, who is said to inherit the sins of the previous generation and be forced to become enemies with those around him.

It’s good to have no grudges, and it’s good to have no grudges.

Lemuel Chu drove and laughed unconsciously. Yan Yan, am I getting old, and now like the elderly, I think about world peace, and everyone can love and be loved.

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