His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2134

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Chapter 2134

After sniffing Qin Ruo’s address, Lemuel Chu sent her to a small villa under the name of Qin’s family. When she got off the car, Qin Ruo waved her hand and said, “Go next time. You can call me when you pay homage to Mommy, and my mother can have a little more fun.”

Lemuel Chu thought, his mother and Qin Ruo’s mother could not tell who was more pathetic.

Fortunately, Qin Ruo’s mother can be named.

And his mother’s name has long been drowned in the dust.

Lu Yiting, does Jammy remember you?

Lowering his eyes, Lemuel Chu laughed mockingly, and then said, “Well, I see, in the future, listen to Han Qingyan’s story less, what is the man who picked up the bargain…”

Although he did pick up a bargain… But this is not really pleasing!

Qin Ruo laughed loudly, “Those who make big things don’t stick to the trivial, don’t worry about these titles, anyway, that era has passed, right?”

Lemuel Chu gave a hmm, restarted the car, and then said, “Goodbye, next time. Welcome to Rongfu when you have time.”

“That place cannibalize people.” Qin Ruo shook his head, “I yearn for freedom, so I won’t come!”

Also, what is good about Rongfu, it’s all disciplines and restraints, no wonder Christian would not want this position.

After starting the car and leaving, Qin Ruo narrowed his eyes in good mood as he watched Lemuel Chu’s car go away.

She flipped through her mobile phone, just in time to Chu Yuan’s Weibo, and looked at the dynamics posted on her Weibo. It seemed that she was going to film a drama. I didn’t expect that the fat man had a beautiful turnaround that year and returned home gorgeously. It must be able to bomb the entertainment industry.

She called her brother and said, “Brother, don’t you start an entertainment company? Have you invested in Chu Yuan’s costume drama?”

“Ah? Is it mainly invested by the Ji family and the Song family? Then you can quickly find a sponsor and sponsor it! I want to find Chu Yuan for something…” Qin Ruo’s eyes darkened, she came back from abroad Naturally, some things can catch some wind noise, “Please help me lead the thread, okay!”

Qin Huzheng hugged the woman while drinking, hearing his sister’s request, said impatiently, “What do you fart? There are so many things!”

“No matter how much I do, you will help me, right.” Qin Ruo blinked in a place where Qin Hu couldn’t see, “have helped me wipe my butt for so many years… hurry up! Go and sponsor it!”

“Well, I’m so annoying! I didn’t want to interfere in the struggle between the Ji family and the Song family.” Qin Hu rubbed his eyebrows, “Do you want Chu Yuan’s contact information? I’ll give it to you. You.”

Qin Ruo hung up the phone with satisfaction and opened the calendar on the phone. It has been a long time since she came back from abroad, and she grabbed the phone.

She heard a little bit about the conversation between Ameli Su and Lemuel Chu just now. Maybe she can provide some information about these situations. After all, she has also been abroad for a while…

Ten minutes later, Chu Yuan and Qin Ruo added WeChat.

Qin Ruo thought about getting straight to the point, but as soon as he called, he heard Chu Yuan from the other side panting and saying, “Excuse me, is it Miss Qin? There was an emergency on my side, and that Weiran had a hands-on conflict with someone. I may not have time to listen to you right now…”

“Ah, do you need me to call the police?” Qin Ruo was taken aback and cared for a moment. Why does it sound that Chu Yuan is panting in a hurry? Wait a minute, Wei Rian? Isn’t that… Isn’t that the person from Wei Xin’s side!

“You don’t need to help, you have to help. Bring some people over.” After Chu Yuan said this, he exploded and cursed, “Wei Xiong of cnm, dare you to beat your son again, my mother will take your forehead. Believe it or not, I’m not dead!”

Qin Ruo felt a murderous aura coming out of the microphone as she grasped the phone, and she hung up the phone in fright.

This, this Chu Yuan, is this sturdy…

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