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Chapter 489

As Grace spoke, she reached out to touch the corners of Alyssa’s lips.

Alyssa was bending down and squatting in front of Grace. As soon as Grace reached out, she touched the corner of her bitten l!ps.

An embarrassment flashed across Alyssa’s face, and when she was about to speak, she heard footsteps behind her.

It was Karl who came.

Grace immediately shared what she had discovered with Karl: “Dad, mom’s mouth is broken!”

Alyssa: “…”

Karl glanced at Alyssa, and then replied to Grace lightly, “Really?”

“Yes.” Grace ran over with short legs, took Karl’s hand and walked to Alyssa: “Look, here…”

Grace’s tone was a bit exaggerated, and the word “broken” dragged the old man.

Alyssa glared at Karl with an angry look, then bent down and hugged Grace and walked upstairs.

“Mom, your mouth…”

Grace’s small arms were wrapped around Alyssa’s neck, and she was still thinking about the broken corner of her mouth.

“It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt.” Alyssa went upstairs faster.

She held Grace and went to the room she had lived in before.

As soon as Alyssa entered, she locked the door.

Seeing that Alyssa had locked the door, Grace looked at her with big eyes, “Why lock the door?”

“If you don’t lock the door, bad people will come in.”

“What bad guy?”

“Just a bad-minded person.”

Grace tilted her head, as if she knew what she didn’t understand, her small eyebrows wrinkled into a figure eight shape, and said glutinously, “There’s a dad, my dad admires green peppers and beats bad people.”

She didn’t say this coherently. She didn’t finish a sentence at once, but paused twice in the middle, seeming to be thinking about how to say it.

The brain turns quickly, but the ability to express is still somewhat slow.

Alyssa was a little curious when she heard Grace say this for the first time: “Really? Your father will beat bad people?”

“Hmm…” Grace seemed to have thought of something, but under Alyssa’s gaze, she couldn’t find a suitable language in the end, so she simply replied, “Hmm!”

She squeezed her small fist, and the small one stood in front of Alyssa, raising her head slightly, with a serious expression on her small face.

Alyssa was amused by her and touched her head: “Yes, you are right.”

Then, she took Grace to the sofa to play with toys.

don’t know how long it took, there was a knock on the door outside.

Immediately afterwards, the voice of the servant sounded outside: “Young lady, young lady, it’s time for lunch.”

Alyssa felt a little surprised, it was not Karl.

She raised her voice and said, “Okay, come right away.”

After speaking, she led Grace to the door and opened the door.

As a result, as soon as the door opened, where was the servant standing at the door, it was clearly Karl.

Compared to Alyssa’s unbearable surprise, Karl looked much calmer.

“time to eat.”

There is no obvious expression on his face, and no emotion can be heard in his voice.

Alyssa took a deep breath and led Grace ahead.

The lunch was prepared by the maid at home and it was very rich.

Alyssa thought of the food she had cooked for Karl before, it was a bit rough.

At the dinner table, Alyssa and Grace sat side by side, and Karl sat opposite them.

The servant was guarding the table, and the whole restaurant was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop on the floor.

Of course, after Grace’s snack food was full, there was a lot of movement in the restaurant.

Grace loves to eat. When she first started eating, she would eat very seriously. After a while, she would eat a little full, and then start playing.

Play with chopsticks, spoons, pick dishes.

Anything, she can always find her own pleasure.

After playing enough, Grace would get off the chair and ran to other places to play.

The chair is a little high, Grace will ask Alyssa for help: “Mom…”

Alyssa hugged Grace from the chair, and as soon as she landed, she ran away “chuch”.

At this moment, the dining room was completely quiet.

Karl suddenly said, “Grace is like you.”

Alyssa turned her eyes to look at him, and he added: “Through temper.”

“Oh.” Alyssa replied without saltiness, and lowered her head to eat slowly.

In fact, she was already full, but she didn’t want to leave the restaurant at this moment. Subconsciously, she seemed to want to talk to Karl.

Compared with some time ago, Karl today can be said to be gentle.

Remembering what Karl had said before, he remembered the time Alyssa and him were in Best Day…

At that time, they already had feelings before.

Based on this inference, Karl had feelings for her at this time.

Silence fell into the living room again.

Karl seemed to be deliberately looking for a topic, and then said: “Peter and the group will return to Rostenvel tomorrow.”

He was talking about Peter.

Peter is coming back, and Tina will naturally come back with him.

Alyssa nodded and said nothing.

Karl was not a talkative person before, so he calmed down.

The two have obviously known each other for so long, and they both have one child, but at this time they have an inexplicable sense of alienation.

Alyssa didn’t know why she felt this way.

Already full, Alyssa put down her chopsticks and raised her eyes to Karl: “I want to go back.”

Karl raised his head suddenly, squinted his eyes slightly, and said in a dangerous tone: “Where to go back?”

“The house I rented.” Alyssa explained to him calmly: “I don’t want to live with you right now.”

Karl’s eyes were dark and he corrected her expressionlessly: “It’s our home.”

Alyssa knew his temperament and did not entangle him in such matters, and said, “I will go back first.”

Karl stared at her fixedly, without saying yes or no.

Alyssa thought he agreed, got up and walked out.

Grace was tired from playing in the hall and was lying on the sofa sleepy.

“Sleepy?” Alyssa touched her head: “Mom is leaving.”

Grace seemed to wake up suddenly and asked her with wide eyes, “Where to go?”

Alyssa laughed: “I will see you tomorrow.”

Recently, Grace has become accustomed to Alyssa not living in the same house with her, but she still feels a little bit sad: “Yeah.”

“Hey, I’ll take you upstairs to sleep, and I will leave when you fall asleep.” Alyssa said, she took Grace upstairs and took her back to the room.

Grace lay on the bed and fell asleep in a daze. She pinched her fingers and murmured, “Mom won’t go…”

After Alyssa waited for her to fall asleep, she still left.

However, that night, Karl brought a suitcase and Grace came to the door.

Alyssa looked at the suitcase on Karl’s left hand, and at Grace, who was holding his right hand, with a dazed expression: “What are you doing?”

Karl’s tone was indifferent: “The family will live together.”

Chapter 490

Grace held the little tiger puppet in her hand and happily yelled, “Mom!”

Alyssa would not show her face to Grace, smiled at Grace, and Grace carried the little tiger into the house.

After Grace entered, Alyssa noticed that Grace was still carrying a small schoolbag.

The small schoolbag is very small, purely a toy schoolbag.

Seeing Alyssa’s gaze on Grace’s schoolbag, Karl explained: “There are building blocks inside.”

Hearing this, Alyssa looked back at Karl and saw that he had already walked in with the suitcase.

Take it for granted.

Grace is familiar with Alyssa here, and already familiar with her, she climbed onto the sofa and sat down, dropped the toys in her schoolbag on the sofa and played.

Alyssa glanced at her, then pulled Karl out.

When she reached the door, she let go of Karl and said, “Karl, don’t make trouble!”

Karl looked upright and looked at her in time: “If you don’t live at home, I will move to you with Grace. What’s wrong?”

“You know I’m not talking about this.” Alyssa stretched out her hand to help her forehead, a little irritable.

Karl was deliberately misinterpreting her meaning.

“Then which one are you talking about?” Karl asked her patiently, without a trace of impatience in tone.

Alyssa’s lips moved, and there was nothing to say.

Karl took a half step forward suddenly, the toe of his shoe pressed against the toe of her shoe, and as soon as she lowered her head, he could see the long eyelashes on her slightly drooping eyelid.

In short, the distance between the two has shortened extremely close.

“I am Karl, the Karl you met three years ago, and Grace’s father. Although my memory is not complete now, I know exactly what happened later, I am still me. What are you worrying about?”

His voice was low and gentle, with soothing power.

After too long a time interval, Alyssa almost forgot that Karl also had a gentle side, and would patiently use his way to comfort her.

Alyssa was told by him that she had what she was thinking in her heart, her face changed, and she denied: “I have nothing to worry about.”

When he came out of the mountain, Karl was still cold, and now he suddenly became like before…

The speed of this change is a bit fast, and Alyssa needs time to buffer.

On the other hand, the feeling in her heart is also a bit complicated.

The idea she had made before was either to find the expert who hypnotized Karl to make Karl’s memory complete, or to make Karl fall in love with her again.

However, Karl suddenly remembered some memories.

In these memories he recovered, he had feelings for Alyssa.

However, at that time they had not experienced those things together.

He said that he knew all about it, but he didn’t have those memories and had no real sense of experience. Alyssa felt that something was still missing.

“Really.” Karl said a declarative sentence, and he didn’t seem to want her answer.

“Much green pepper!”

Grace’s voice suddenly came from inside.

Karl reached out and stroked the top of her hair gently, and took her hand: “Go in, Grace is looking for us.”

Alyssa subconsciously wanted to break away from his hand, but he held her hand too tightly, holding her hand like iron tongs, and couldn’t break away at all.

She looked at him sideways, and saw that the expression on his face was nothing strange.

Alyssa’s heating was over, but Grace was in the room and couldn’t make trouble with Karl.

Grace jumped off the sofa carrying a small schoolbag, ran to Karl, frowned and said, “Where is my Burst Speed ​​Car?”

In front of Grace, Karl did not let go of Alyssa’s hand, and looked at Grace expressionlessly, “Didn’t you put it on your own? How do I know.”

Grace’s small eyebrows became tighter: “You let it go!”

“It’s not me, it’s you.”

“It’s you!”

“It’s not me.” Karl raised his eyebrows slightly, his expression looking a bit stern.

Grace knows the current affairs very well: “Okay!”

Then she carried the small schoolbag and walked to the sofa.

Looking at Grace’s frustrated little back, Alyssa asked Karl: “You really didn’t put it in?”

“She said she was going to bring Burst Speed, but she couldn’t fit in her schoolbag, so she put it in the suitcase.” Karl, who had just bullied Grace, had a clear conscience when he said these words.

Alyssa didn’t know what to say, she threw away his hand, and said quietly: “You have stayed in the guest room once, so take your luggage in by yourself.”

Karl’s eyes flickered, and he said in a very serious tone: “The bed in the guest room is very hard.”

Alyssa was taken aback when she heard the words. Ask him: “What do you mean?”

Karl curled his lips, a very shallow smile appeared on his handsome face, but it made him look radiant.

As if afraid that Alyssa would not understand him, he deliberately slowed down and said, “I am euphemistically requesting to sleep in a room with my child’s mother.”

This is also called a tactful request?

Alyssa twitched the corners of her lips: “The bed in the master bedroom is also very hard.”

Karl said kindly, “I have no idea about it.”

Alyssa’s face was slightly angry, and the volume increased a little and called his name: “Karl!”

Karl raised his eyebrows, said nothing, and took the suitcase to the guest room.

He had lived in the guest room once before, and it was quite familiar.

Alyssa stood by the door and saw Karl opening the suitcase and sorting out the contents.

His suitcase is not big, half of it is full of Grace’s colorful toys, and the other is his clothes.

At a glance, the clothes he brought were all dark-colored, namely shirts and suits.

He took out the toy first, then took out the suit and shirt.

Alyssa stood by the door and looked at it for a while, but couldn’t hold back and asked, “Just two sets of clothes?”

Karl raised his eyes to look at her: “Your daughter must bring everything. If I agree, she might bring all the toys.”

The subtext is saying that because Grace needs to bring so many things, he only brought two sets of clothes.

With such an analysis, there seems to be an element of pretending to be pathetic in his words.

Alyssa felt that she was probably driven crazy by Karl, and she could think of so much in just one sentence.

The closet in the guest room is empty and there are no hangers.

Alyssa turned and returned to her room, took a few hangers and brought them to hang clothes for Karl.

Karl’s daily life has been taken care of since he was a child. Even after living with Alyssa, he would do a lot of things by himself, but the things he used were very advanced.

Alyssa took a very ordinary clothes hanger, and couldn’t hold up his suit.

After she hung up his clothes, he frowned slightly.

Alyssa said, “You go home by yourself and bring hangers, or go out to buy.”

Karl raised his head suddenly, his eyes brightened: “Go out to buy together?”

Alyssa couldn’t help stabbing him: “Are you really unable to take care of yourself?”

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