His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1913

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Chapter 1913

Maybe it’s this Ameli Su, or that silly and sweet Ameli Su, or… Ameli Su who didn’t have a split personality at first, can’t believe it will come from Christian’s mouth Hear this.

“Wake up.” The heart is like a pot of boiling water, boiling crazily for a few seconds.

But after a few seconds, Ameli Su’s expression changed. She actually grinned swiftly, and then said to Christian, “I don’t want it.” The three words were simply neat.

Christian has never seen Ameli Su smiling and rejecting people. Before, she always gave up with pain in her eyes and despair, but unlike now, she has determination on her face. It doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable at all. No matter how difficult it is—I don’t want Christian to have it.

So Ameli Su refused without thinking.

The atmosphere in the elevator fell silent for a while, and soon arrived at their new floor, went to the suite, opened the door, Ameli Su took off the hotel slippers, and walked into the bathroom with her long legs barefoot and herself. Since I set aside the bath water for myself, I didn’t even care that Christian was by her side.

Christian was stunned, and then returned to his senses to lock the door, frowned and said to Ameli Su, “Are you serious about what you just said?”

Why did she still look contented after she refused him.

After a long silence, Ameli Su pulled on the neckline of her bathrobe as if she was about to take it out, while poking out half of her body from the bathroom to look at Christian, “Why, you’re upset?”

Christian stood there. “Do you think I can be happy?”

Ameli Su smiled very happily, as if retribution, “If you are not happy, I am happy. I take the pain of others for pleasure.”

Christian, Especially yours.

This darkened personality has long lost the so-called conscience, conscience? Her conscience was torn to pieces by this group of people early on, and she almost couldn’t hold her body. Now, as long as she is not crushed to pieces, she can swallow all sins.

Christian watched Ameli Su undress directly with her back to him, as if he was not a man in her eyes, so Christian’s voice behind her was cold, like a demon slowly raising a huge sharp machete behind her .

The next second, Ameli Su’s head fell.

“Is this your self-protection mechanism? Or simply, you are enjoying the pleasure of rejecting me and revenge on me.”

Hearing this, Ameli Su did not stop, but walked into the bathtub faster, as if she couldn’t wait to enjoy it. The bath that was about to fill the bathtub.

It is as if the bathtub is filled with thick blood instead of transparent warm water.

And she was playing with the splash, and then looked at Christian with a wet face, and for a moment, the green eyes seemed to glow.

“Do you also know that I am retaliating against you? Then you also know what you have done, right?”

At the beginning, you gave me the pain.

“It’s not that I don’t have memory, I just can’t pretend to ignore it anymore. I stand up now, I won’t be touched by you anymore. In those days when I couldn’t sleep with nightmares, there were countless my voices in my mind, and Now–“

Ameli Su poked her cheek, as if she was still innocent. But she was so dirty that she couldn’t go back.

“When the end of madness was only me, I learned not to care. Then, I should also let you taste the feeling of loving someone and not loving anything.”

Let you be me for one day and you will know how much I am It’s pathetic.

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