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Chapter 101

Chapman and Huang Hongyun, father and son, stepped onto the platform together.

And automatically stand in a row.

In the eyes of everyone in amazement, he bowed to Sheldon ninety degrees:

“I have seen Sheldon! Congratulations Sheldon for purchasing Genting Villa!”

The voices were very uniform, as if they had been discussed.


As soon as this statement came out, it was like throwing a heavy bomb in the crowd, directly shocking everyone.

“Sheldon! So he is Sheldon!”

“My God! Roston Sheldon, that absolute national rich man Sheldon is him?”

Everyone opened their mouths, surprised and excited.

“What? Sheldon, it turns out that Sheldon is Sheldon!”

Wade retreated a few steps weakly.

At the last family gathering, some people wondered if Sheldon was the great god Sheldon?

It was later denied by Wade.

Because Sheldon doesn’t look like it at all.

However, the scene before him directly stunned Wade, Sheldon! Sheldon is Sheldon!

No wonder, 800 million is worthless in his eyes.

I touched a 20 million luxury car without blinking my eyes.

Because he is the top rich second generation Sheldon!

Is the son of the biggest wealthy!

Wade’s face became uncertain! She really regrets it!

In the audience, Trevor, whose face was almost green, also regretted it.

Just now, it was Sheldon who wanted to shake hands with him and smiled at himself.

What a great opportunity for the carp to leap over the dragon gate!

As a result, I didn’t even look at Sheldon.

Then what did I say? Insulting Sheldon is a nonchalant person?

Actually, I was even talking about educating people, so Sheldon just laughed and said nothing!

Joe Blanca Neal Li Ming concubine, at this moment the mouth is already open to hold eggs.

In short, these people want to find a place to die!

On the stage, Sheldon looked at them in shock, and smiled indifferently.

I can’t make anger for them.

That’s pretty good, it’s much faster than hitting them directly.

Sheldon looked at Wade on the side: “Cousin Wade, I have already bought the house. Should you give me the keys and then take me to see this Genting Villa on the spot?”

“Ah? Me, I, I… It’s Chen~ Shao!

Wade said these words with great difficulty.

She doesn’t know what to call Sheldon anymore!

Turning around, leading Sheldon and his group, they soon came to the foot of the Yunding Mountain Villa.

“Of course, we also want to go, can you please ask Sheldon to take us up to see?”

Joe and Blanca two big beauties rushed over at this moment.

When they came to Wade’s side, they deliberately spoke very loudly, just to let Sheldonar them, and they sincerely repented.

Don’t talk about facial problems now, there is still an ass to face!

The most important thing is to make Sheldon happy and forgive them. They believe that with their looks, even if they will not be favored by Sheldon, they can always stay with Sheldon and be a maid, right?

“I… I can’t beg Sheldon!” Wade’s mind is almost short-circuited now, can he beg someone?

“Young Master Sheldon, can we go up and have a look? We were wrong just now, really wrong! How can you forgive us?”

Joe and Blanca both had tears in their eyes.

To be honest, seeing the two of them like this, Sheldon looked down on them both in his heart.

This change of face has become too fast, right?

With the atmosphere just now, Sheldon directly stunned them: “Okay, if you want me to forgive you two, just learn a few dog barks and let me listen!”

This is purely angry, which means to make them get out.



Unexpectedly, the two women screamed directly in front of everyone.

Screaming and twisting his body, he said:

“Master Sheldon, do you think what I learned is the same? What kind of little bitch do you want to see? Isn’t it okay for others to learn from you?

Two people stick out their tongues at Sheldon!


Sheldon’s scalp almost exploded.

These two women are really…… Sheldon has seen them in his life, two women who have no bottom line than Marcella!

Let them call it real?

In fact, here, Joe and Blanca have both spared their lives. This Young Master Sheldon, the two of them must bite hard, no matter what he asks himself to do!

This trick really works.

Sheldon was completely speechless and waved his hand: “If you like to follow along, follow it!”


At this time, Trevor yelled, raised his hands, bent over, squeezed from the crowd, and ran directly in front of Sheldon.

“Sheldon! I just didn’t know Mount Tai. Hopefully, Sheldon, forgive me. My name is Trevor, we met just now!”

Trevor hung his hands, wanting to have an intimate handshake with Sheldon.

This is Sheldon, a hundred Trevor can’t afford to offend him, the rhythm of killing you every minute!

“But I don’t know you!”

Sheldon said lightly, putting his hand in his pocket.

“This… Sheldon… The little girl and I were offended just now, so I won’t pay you here!”

Trevor had a green face and hurriedly beckoned. Only then did Li Mingfei stand aggrieved.

This dick is actually Sheldon, no one can think of it!

“Sheldon, I’m not good!”

“Oh, don’t you have a cleanliness fetish? Just now I was sitting behind you, and you were crying in a hurry to change seats, are you not cleanliness anymore? You are so close to me, are you afraid?”

Sheldon smiled, really just smiled.


Concubine Li Ming blushed. Does her appearance seem to be less attractive to Sheldon?

Sheldon shook his head with a wry smile, and ignored them, turned around and took Chapman and the others up the mountain.

This is the first time Sheldon has stepped on a person. To be honest, he was so angry just now. Now he has stepped on, and he feels a lot of joy!

What’s more, now that the second cousin Wade, who is so proud of her, follows behind her, holding the key to the house, it makes Sheldon feel that it is really cool to have money!

In fact, Wade is more entangled now, because at this moment, she seems to have a different emotion towards Sheldon.

That is to think that Sheldon is handsome, infinitely domineering handsome!

Obviously he was slapped in the face, but Wade felt that the slap was really good, because his wish for a wealthy man over the years seemed to have a new opportunity.

From the current point of view, Sheldon does not hate him.

Moreover, I will be the housekeeper of this Genting Villa in the future, and I am destined to have a lot of intersection with Sheldon.

Sister, do you have to be sorry for your sister?

Most of this morning, it was naturally interesting.

Sheldon strolled around the house for an hour or two, and it was almost four o’clock in the afternoon, and then he took everyone down the mountain.

As soon as I reached the foot of the mountain, several news flashed across the class group.

It was the instructor Tenner who sent some photos and a paragraph of text.

“Classmates all forward the space and circle of friends!”

“Help this classmate, her sister is seriously ill, and she has no ability to earn money. Everyone donates money to help the family get out of trouble! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!”

As for the content of the photos, Tenner directed the shooting at first glance.

It’s Hao Lanlan.

She asked Hao Lanlan to stand on the podium of the class with a sign saying “Please help me, everyone, asking for help.”

At this moment, Hao Lanlan was already pale, her eyes closed tightly, her hands were holding the cards tightly, and it was obvious that her nails had already fallen deeply into the cards.

“Students, this is the content of the photo I designed to raise funds for Hao Lanlan. Do you think there is anything that needs improvement? If not, I will start reporting to the department? I think it’s okay to deduct 1.”

Gerard: “1!”

Elsa: “1!”


It really is this woman!

This is to throw a person’s self-esteem on the ground and crush it!

Sheldon did not know when Hao Lanlan returned to school, nor did he know why he started fundraising.

However, Sheldon knew at a glance that it was Tenner’s idea.

Because of him Sheldon, Tenner had been forced to do this before! What you say reflects love and increases class honor!

“Oh shit!”

Sheldon felt the same for Hao Lanlan’s mood at this moment!

I can’t bear this kind of humiliation, let alone Hao Lanlan, who has stronger self-esteem!

“Shannon, prepare a car, I want to go back to school immediately!”

Sheldon said hurriedly.

Chapter 102 Sheldon’s Fury

Sheldon rushed to school soon.

Go directly to his department classroom.

But when I arrived at the west gate, I saw that many people were already surrounded here.

There are students from all departments, and they are almost ready to study.

Sheldon saw Vern standing in the crowd, and squeezed in.

Only then can I see the whole story.

Because a girl was standing at the west gate, holding a sign humblely.

She buried her head very low.

But Sheldon recognized at a glance, it wasn’t Hao Lanlan or who.

And beside her, standing beside her were Tenner, and the chairmen of the student union Nimra and Storen of the department.

At this moment, Hao Lanlan is used as a background wall, taking pictures!

“Sheldon, you are here, this is so irritating!”

Vern patted Sheldon on the shoulder.

A little angry said:

“Hao Lanlan is in trouble now, but the instructor is a bit too much. If you call for fundraising, you should call for fundraising. Why have Hao Lanlan stand up with a sign like this!”

Liyan said, “Without such a big movement, how can we become famous? Look at the present, the instructor and StorenNimra and others have been busy raising funds for Hao Lanlan for an afternoon! Let Hao Lanlan stand, in fact Show them off!”

“Moreover, this incident has attracted the attention of the school, saying that this matter is focused on, and it must help the students get out of the predicament!”

In fact, many students who know the inside story are a little unhappy about this.

People who don’t know will think, look, how pitiful this girl is, alas! The family has no money, so I would rather stand under the public, and have to find a way to raise money for my sister’s treatment.

It’s so pitiful!

Therefore, many people are willing to donate.

But those who knew the inside story knew that this was arranged by Tenner. An incident happened in the morning. After Hao Lanlan returned to school, he asked Tenner for help.

As a result, Tenner came up with such an idea. If Hao Lanlan didn’t do this, she wouldn’t do it.

“Director Zhang, you are here!”

Tenner shook hands with a bald middle-aged director, and then the middle-aged director took the 200 dollar he donated and put it into the donation box.

“Director Zhang, take a photo together!”

“Good good!”


The two took a picture together.

“Yeah! Zhang Tao, Wang Ming, you are here!”

At this time, Storen also groaned and came to his friends, and the department next door was all friends from the Student Union.

“Yep, it is!”

After all, several people also donated hundreds of dollars.

Then a group photo with clicks.

Sheldon watched several waves below and found that almost the entire donation process was like this.

What is a donation? This is all here as an honor show!

Sheldon’s face was almost pale.

To Hao Lanlan, who was already ashamed, sympathized and felt guilty.

She was almost the first to know that something happened in Hao Lanlan’s family. She believed in herself and told herself first.

Moreover, I also persuaded her to give her hope.

But in the next few days, I didn’t have time to help her out of the predicament.

It made her reach this point.

It is not that Sheldon is too virgin, but Sheldon always thinks of himself when he sees this situation. It is so empathetic!

No, if this continues, Hao Lanlan guesses that even the desire to live is gone!

Thinking of this, Sheldon rushed away from the crowd, pushed away Storen who was taking a photo, and threw away the card that Hao Lanlan was holding.

“Sheldon, you!”

Hao Lanlan said hoarsely, obviously not knowing how many times she cried.

“Hao Lanlan, you don’t need to provide a background for this group of people. If they really want to help you, they will definitely not treat you like this! With your money, I will help you figure out a solution. Go back to the classroom!”

Sheldon said something angrily.

There are still many good people in the world, one person is in trouble, and others are willing to help no matter what they see.

But you, Tenner, and Storen use this to brighten your face. This is really unreasonable!

“Sheldon! Are you crazy?”

Nimra glared at Sheldon. When was he so bold?

“Sheldon, do you know what you just said? I will warn you now and get out of here immediately, otherwise you will just wait to persuade you to leave!”

Tenner loves face the most.

Hearing Sheldon mocking them so much, he jumped directly.

Storen was even more angry.

“A poor dick, don’t you think that winning the lottery is great? Damn, you dare to push me?”

After speaking, Storen grabbed Sheldon’s hair, pulled it over, and then pulled a mouth.

He is definitely a bad temper. He has money in his family. When has he been treated like this?

And how can Sheldon’s strength be greater than him!

A slap on the face, hot and painful!

“Ah! Don’t beat him, Storen, please, don’t beat Sheldon! I don’t want this donation, so don’t beat him!”

Hao Lanlan was frightened and hurried to pull Storen. After all, this incident was caused by her.

“You get out of me! Two poor guys, dare to touch me?”

Storen roared.

I want to rush over to beat Sheldon.


Suddenly, Storen felt black in front of him, a red object, zoomed in and zoomed out in front of him!

It was Sheldon, who touched a brick from the side and had a headshot!

It took a lot of effort.

The slabs are broken.


Storen covered his head and wailed on the ground.

“Ah! Hit someone!”

The people around panicked.

Both Nimra and Tenner were directly scared.

Sheldon is too ruthless!

“Damn! Did he beat up Chad?”

“He doesn’t want to live anymore, don’t you know that Chad’s father is a great man in this area?”

“It’s over, this stuff must not be able to stay in school!”

“Still a fart, I guess the school can open him, and then he can walk out of Roston Railway Station!”

Everyone was shocked, after all, in their eyes, some people are Nilin, once they touched them, the whole life would be over.

“Chad, are you okay?”

“Damn, this stinky cock, dare to beat you, call your uncle quickly and hack his whole family to death!”

“Yes, Chad, don’t let go of this kind of stinky cock!”

“Woo, Chad, you shed a lot of blood!”

A group of girls immediately gathered around and helped Storen up in distress.

And they all glared at Sheldon.

In their eyes, Chad is a baby, rich and handsome, and the person in front of them is just a dick. Beating Chad is enough for him to die 10,000 times!

“Damn, of course I won’t let him go, take me to the hospital first, and I’ll call my dad!”

Storen was seriously injured, at least with a concussion. At the moment, he said viciously and was helped to find an ambulance.

“Sheldon, you wait!”

And Sheldon.

Hehe, waiting? Wait a fart!

To be honest, Sheldon wanted to fight Storen not a day or two!

When I called the student union to work before, Storen kicked himself several times, so he pumped himself several times.

For example, the first time I saw Lilla in the lecture hall, because he soiled Lilla’s shoes, if it wasn’t for Lilla to stop him, wouldn’t he be beaten by Storen again?

I usually don’t talk about going back, but Sheldon can remember clearly.

Just now I heard Storen scolded himself and Hao Lanlan for being two poor people, Sheldon burst into anger, and you just ran for Hao Lanlan just now. Feelings, you didn’t treat others as a person!

Therefore, Sheldon touched the brick and smashed it, which was very happy and refreshing!

“Huh, Sheldon, you really have a personality! But I see you learn how to read it! Nimra, now accompany me to see the dean of the department, before Storen and his dad come, finally deal with Sheldon , Otherwise according to Storen’s father’s personality, this matter would have become a big deal!”

“Good Teacher Meng!”

Nimra looked at Sheldon speechlessly and shook her head.

It seems to be talking.

Just wait to die…

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