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Chapter 103 Sheldon was Fired

Sheldon ignored the ridicule of these people.

He just took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to Chapman, telling him about Storen’s house.

Then he took Hao Lanlan back to the classroom.

Vern knew that Sheldon was in serious trouble this time.

Storenjia, economic strength is definitely acceptable.

His dad is rich in international trade!

He is a native of Roston again, and he is the little overlord of Roston.

But the elder brothers still accompany Sheldon without taboo.

“Sheldon, are you hiding in the classroom? Haha, the department head is calling you!”

Nimra slammed open the door of Sheldon’s classroom at this time, and said lightly, holding her shoulders.

“By the way, your name is Vern, right? Help Sheldon pack up his schoolbag, lest he have to pack up when he comes back and leaves!”

It’s because Sheldon once gave himself a precious dress.

Nimra just reminded.

I left after speaking.

Sheldon directly followed Nimra and came to the door of the department head’s office.

The girls who had a good relationship between Tenner and Storen were also waiting at the door.

“Hmph, die, go in! The department head sees you alone!”

Tenner smiled coldly.

“Don’t think expelling is so simple, tell you, hitting our family foreigner will be enough for you to eat dirt for a lifetime!”

Several girls still said angrily.

Sheldon smiled indifferently and pushed the door directly in.

The head of the department is surnamed Li.

Called Jograyshan.

A middle-aged man with glasses.

I am reading the newspaper while drinking tea.

As soon as Sheldon came in, he banged his teacup on the table.

“Sheldon, I really didn’t expect you to be the one who beat people. Usually you have outstanding grades in our department, good morals, and honest people, but I didn’t expect you to be so impulsive, it’s stupid!”

Jograyshan reprimanded coldly.

“Director, he did it first!”

Sheldon said lightly.

“Hmph, I don’t care who did it first. Anyway, if you hurt Xiaoyang~Storen, it’s your fault! Let me tell you, you have gotten into a big trouble this time. With regard to your family situation, you can talk to Storen. Well, let’s do this, I have an application for withdrawing from school. You can sign and leave!”

Jograyshan gave Sheldon a contemptuous look.

The things he praised Sheldon just now were actually just clichés.

But to be honest, Sheldon really didn’t expect the matter to be so serious, serious enough to be expelled.

And he can see it, Jograyshan is determined to expel himself.

Because Storen’s family has money, but he has no money.

If he took a picture of himself today, he would at most apologize to himself and compensate him for medical expenses.

If you shoot him yourself, you have to be fired!

no way.

Now that we are forced to this point, sign it.

Sheldon put his phone on the table, picked up the pen, and started filling in the information about the reason for dropping out.

Jograyshan smiled contemptuously.

Unexpectedly, at this time, Sheldon’s cell phone rang suddenly.

Caller ID shows Liang Bureau.

It was from Director Liang of the Education Bureau.

Last week, I contacted him several times because of his sister Alicia’s appointment of investment in Hope Primary School.

However, Sheldon did not have time to answer, and was struggling to write.

But this call attracted Jograyshan’s attention.

“This is… Liang Ju? It’s really Liang Ju’s number!”

Jograyshan’s grade is naturally not up to Liang Ju, but he remembers the number clearly.

What did Liang Ju contact Sheldon for? How could you contact Sheldon?

“You…what are you doing in a daze, pick it up!”

Jograyshan’s expression changed, and he stood up and asked Sheldon to answer.

Good guy, Liang Ju, but the principal has to trot to meet the existence!

“What’s the rush? Isn’t it finished yet? Let’s talk after finishing!”

There are too many calls to myself. If it were normal, Sheldon would have answered immediately.

But seeing Jograyshan’s anxious look, he just didn’t answer it!

Of course, Sheldon and Liang Ju had two meals, and they knew each other a lot!

Not so polite.

“What to write! Hurry up, how come Liang Bureau will call you? Hurry up!”


Because no one answered for a long time, the phone hung up!

“Hehe, Sheldon, you are really a wood, you deserve it, you deserve it this time…”


At this time the phone rang again.

“Quick, quick, pick up!”

This time Jograyshan took the pen from Sheldon directly.

I put it in Sheldon’s ear.

As for Sheldon, he didn’t reach for his mobile phone, and sat by himself. Jograyshan raised his body and held it in Sheldon’s ear. The scene was a little funny.

But Jograyshan also fought for the future.

Regardless of what Sheldon is doing, he has already decided, and ask Liang Ju to say hello at the end.

“Hello Uncle Chapmanang!”

Sheldon smiled.

“Sheldon, you didn’t answer the call just now. Are you busy?”

Liang Baisheng said with a smile.

Having seen Sheldon these several times, Liang Baisheng left too many good impressions.

As soon as I heard that I was doing charity and building Hope Primary School, I took over all the projects in one go, and immediately paid the money.

Moreover, it is such a rich and young man who is actually very kind and low-key, which makes Liang Baisheng very close.

“Um, I was busy writing a drop-out application just now, but the department head didn’t let me read it! By the way, Uncle Chapmanang, what are you doing?”

Sheldon smiled. He thought that Chapman would call first, but he did not expect it to be.

“you you you……”

Jograyshan wanted to cover Sheldon’s mouth.

Just now Sheldon called Uncle Chapmanang, you may not know that Jograyshan’s whole body is standing up!

fu*k, the relationship is not ordinary!

Hearing Sheldon say this again, of course I was nervous.

“That’s it. We hope that the elementary school was originally suspended due to funding problems, isn’t it? Now it has been built almost, and it will be available in two months. I asked Sheldon to ask if you have time. Come here, we have an event here!”

“Okay, no problem!” Sheldon nodded.

“That’s not right, Sheldon, what did you just say? Application for withdrawal?”

Only then did Liang Baisheng react to what Sheldon just said.

“Huh? Yeah! The department head persuaded me to leave! I’m writing an application in front of him!”

Sheldon’s original plan was, after finishing writing, after finishing Storen, he would come back and talk to Jograyshan to see if the truth was not the same as before?

But now, I wonder if Uncle Chapmanang can tell me?

“Sheldon, give him the phone!”

Sheldon smiled and nodded, “Here, I’m looking for you!”

“Huh? Good, good!”

Jograyshan straightened up immediately and straightened his collar: “Hello Liang Ju, you…yes! Misunderstandings are all misunderstandings! Yes! What? He is actually Sheldon? My god! !! Good, I will keep it secret! Certainly! You can rest assured!”

Jograyshan swallowed.

Especially the last sentence of Liang * directly caused Jograyshan to thunder.

Roston Sheldon’s name, as long as it is an individual now, who has never heard of it!

And Sheldon is Sheldon!

“Are you finished?” Sheldon said with a smile.

“Chen… Sheldon! It’s over!”

Jograyshan’s face was instantly wonderful, from the initial contempt to the present flattery.

“Oh, then I will continue to sign. After filling in the information, there is a name missing!”

Sheldon picked up the pen again.

“Do not!!!”

Jograyshan yelled, and firmly grabbed Sheldon’s hand!

Chapter 104

“Sheldon, misunderstandings are all misunderstandings!”

Jograyshan almost cried.

“What’s the misunderstanding? I’m almost unable to live in Roston, so let me drop out of school!”

Sheldon wants to sign again.

“Sheldon, it’s wrong, it’s really wrong. In fact, this matter can be solved by giving you a punishment at most. It was I who persuaded you to leave after listening to what others said!”

If you let the principal know that he actually persuaded Roston Sheldon to leave, then he could die.

It’s okay if you don’t need to know, it’s enough to persuade Sheldon to die a thousand or eight hundred times!

“Okay, what do you want to do with this next thing? Tenner let a student behave like this, which seriously hurts others’ self-esteem!”

Sheldon didn’t know when he had changed slightly.

I don’t want to do things like before, embarrassed and cowardly.

Now Sheldon says what he has.

“You can rest assured Sheldon, I will handle this matter impartially!”

“Also, in the name of ordinary, donate 500,000 dollar to Hao Lanlan. I will give you the money later, thanks!”

“You are too kind!”

Jograyshan smiled.

Sheldon nodded.

Stand up and leave.


“Oh, this Sheldon was still persuaded to leave. After three years in school, he couldn’t graduate, hehe…”

Tenner smiled helplessly with her shoulders.

“It’s good to be expelled. It’s better to live without getting out of Roston and dare to beat our family!”

A few girls haven’t calmed down yet.

At this time, the door finally opened.

Including Tenner, they all wanted to embrace Sheldon and sneered at Sheldon.

“Sheldon, slow down, there was a small step here when it was built!”

But the scene before him made everyone’s eyes widened.

I saw Sheldon being gently supported by Jograyshan.

That step is only one or two centimeters high, and it’s not a step. Is Jograyshan afraid that Sheldon might bump into it?

I go, what’s the situation?

Tenner’s mouth was wide open.

“Director Li, this Sheldon and him…”

“What is he? I already know the situation. I would like to ask you Teacher Meng. If it weren’t for Sheldon, I don’t know. You actually asked a female student to stand in the public with a sign, and you were still there. Isn’t it a group photo?”

“Huh? I have already told about this…”

“I don’t know. In short, Teacher Meng’s way of seriously trampling on students’ self-esteem is too outrageous. Originally, this time, I wanted to give you the title of excellent teacher, but now, forget it!”

“What? Director Li, for the title of excellent teacher, I have worked hard for nearly three years to earn honors in the department. I have worked hard for three years!”

Tenner was completely stunned.

“Just like you are a teacher, it’s still a question of whether our school can continue to hire you. It’s still an excellent teacher title, ah!”

After Jograyshan finished speaking, he looked at the bewildered Nimra:

“You, you have been the chairman of the student union for three years, and you can’t do anything. Whenever you have something to do, you can go to the department. Whenever you have something, you can go to the department. What else can you do besides this? If you are the right person, replace you!”


“Ah for what?”

Jograyshan yelled at Nimra and turned back to the office with his hands behind his back.

Nimra: Damn, I didn’t say a word!


Why is this?

Nimra and Tenner thought at the same time, and at the same time looked at Sheldon coldly.

At this time, Sheldon just smiled bitterly and turned and left. He thought, it shouldn’t take long before he can hear the news from Storen.

You have stepped on yourself for so long, should you ask for interest?

Sheldon returned to the classroom to see Vern and the others had gone back.

I went back to the dorm to lie down, and after telling Vern that they were okay, after checking the time, it was almost six o’clock in the evening, and I was ready to play on the phone and rest.

At this time, Tenner sent a message to his Instagram trumpet.

“I’m so angry I’m so angry, ordinary brother, I don’t want to live anymore! What do you think people do?”

Tenner said.

To be honest, Sheldon couldn’t get angry when he saw the three words Tenner.

“Go to death if you don’t want to live! What else can I do!”

Type reply directly!

“Oh! I hate it, I want to tell you about the troubles!”

Sheldon was speechless.

Your tone is already very bad, right?

She actually acted like a baby at herself?

Sheldon: “…”

“Hmph, people always care about you so much, but you don’t care about them at all, sad!”

“But I still want to tell you, you know what ordinary little brother, only I can speak freely to you!”

“An incident happened today. Do you know the donation incident in our department? It was because of the poor dick in our class that the donation went to the ground. The student Hao Lanlan had no money to see her sister. The most important thing is , Because of that poor dick, my excellent teacher title is gone!”

“Student Hao Lanlan’s money I have already donated, donated 500,000! As for your teacher title is gone, really deserve it!”

Sheldon scolded, not at all polite.

“I hate it, why do I find you teasing me? Huh?”

“Oh my God!”

Speechless, Sheldon was completely speechless.

Ugh! After you have money, do you feel comfortable when you scold others?

should be.

At this time, Elsa sent another message to Sheldon: “Are you there? Brother VeilBoy?”

Sheldon has completely enough for these two women.

“Get out! Not here!” Sheldon cursed.

“Ahhhhh, VeilBoy’s brother has gone bad, he is scolding others!”

Sheldon “…”

It seems to be true, and it’s comfortable to scold others after they have money!

I ignored the news of the two people.

Sheldon re-boarded his Instagram account and chatted with Lilla for a while.

Just rest.

Waited until the next morning, because there was still the ritual thing Uncle Chapmanang said.

Sheldon got up early because he would not be spotted if he got up early to drive.

After all, low-key should be low-key.

Sheldon just came to the park.

“Hmph, isn’t this the poor dick? You don’t know it. Yesterday, he was so angry that he was not expelled!”

“That’s right, it’s a miracle that I can live to this day after hitting Chad!”

“No, right? Look, it’s only six o’clock in the morning. What is he doing so early? Isn’t he trying to escape?”

“Yeah, I think I just want to escape! Sisters, this dick struck our Yang brother, absolutely can’t let him just run like this, stop him!”

As soon as Sheldon came in, he ran into four girls.

No one else, it was the four girls who helped Storen scold him yesterday.

It seemed that the four of them seemed to be out for a morning jog.

Unexpectedly, by such a coincidence, I bumped into myself.

“Huh, poor dick, where do you want to go?”

The headed girl said coldly.

Sheldon took out Lamborghini’s key to cushion it, and raised his eyes to motion them to look at the Rambo behind him!

“I don’t run, I just drive out and go around!”

Sheldon said coldly.

After speaking, he pressed the car key directly.

biubiu! ! !

The lights flashed and the doors opened automatically…

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