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Chapter 99

“Sheldon, are you stupid? It feels like you’ve been studying for three years in college for nothing. Don’t be stunned. Hurry up and follow Neal Fangqing and others in. Really, I really don’t know how my sister thinks of you. of!”

Wade said with a cold face.

I don’t want to say much about this matter.

Sheldon was also very embarrassed now, so he had no choice but to ignore Shannon and followed Neal and the others.

The VIP channel and the ordinary channel have different seating positions.

Those who enter from the VIP passage are all sitting in the front row of the exhibition hall.

And ordinary passages like Sheldon can only sit in the back.

“Huh? Neal, it’s you? How is it, how is your father?”

“Uncle Chapman, you are here too, okay, all okay! My father still misses you often!”

As soon as Neal came in, there were quite a few acquaintances, and a middle-aged man looked at him and greeted him.

“By the way, Neal, these two beauties are with you, which one is your girlfriend?”

“They are all my classmates, I don’t have a girlfriend yet, Uncle Chapman!”

Neal smiled.

On one side, he waved his hands to greet other familiar people.

To be honest, I feel very proud of knowing so many people in my heart, and I can stand up to any scene!

“Hello Mr. Chapman Wangfeng, I have read your introduction in the Roston Economic Times!”

Joe adjusted her hair and said something very dignified and ladylike.

“I’m all trivial, but Neal, as an uncle, you have to say that marriage is the top priority in life. You must not miss some precious people, otherwise you will regret it!”

With that, Trevor shook hands with Joe.

Trevor specializes in the chain of kitchen and bathroom supplies. Don’t underestimate it, the business is quite large.

“Uncle Chapman, I took down everything you said! By the way, didn’t Concubine Ming follow you?”

“My dead girl, I saw some classmates from Carolina University. I used to say hello. They are all in their junior year. They are still flabbergasted. I really worry about them. I really want to find a good boyfriend for her, eh, This girl is back!”

Trevor smiled.

“Girl, say hello to your handsome Wang and your two beautiful friends!”

“Good guy Wang, good two beautiful sisters!”

Concubine Li Ming said with a smile.

She is very tall, with a ponytail, and wearing a valuable sports tights, she is very beautiful and s*xy.

At this time, Concubine Li Ming turned her gaze to Sheldon, who was following Neal, when she saw Sheldon’s clothes that are not tasteful.

Concubine Li Ming frowned, but she still said, “Hello!”

“Oh? I haven’t noticed yet, this one?”

Trevor also reacted and asked.

“Um, Uncle Chapman, his name is Sheldon. It was Director Wade who asked me to bring him in to meet the world. From a small place, I have never seen such a big scene!”

Neal couldn’t help scratching his head.

What a shame!

Why did I bring such a person in?

As for Sheldon, even though Neal ridiculed him.

But seeing Trevor looking at him at this time, and raising his hand again, thinking that he would greet him and shake hands, it would be rude not to return.

Sheldon nodded and smiled at him, then also raised his hand.

did not expect……

“Okay Neal, you can accompany Uncle Chapman today, come and sit next to me!”

Unexpectedly, Trevor directly removed his glasses from Sheldon, raising his hand to pull Neal’s arm and let Neal sit next to him.

I just ignored Sheldon.

It’s really shameful that Sheldon hangs his hands!

Concubine Li Ming also obviously lost interest in seeing Sheldon, and sat on the other side of Trevor.

“Puff! It’s embarrassing. If you don’t put your hands down, you don’t want to see, who is Mr. Chapman, how can you shake hands with an unknown junior? You think you are Neal, so you have such a face!”

Joe was speechless.

“That’s right, but Joe, there is a saying that is true. People who have no temperament will never have temperament. No matter how rich they are, they will have no temperament. Look at Neal, the family is not only rich, but also has a lot of life. Okay, look at this Sheldon again. He won a lottery, but it turned out to be nothing.”

Blanca also looked at Sheldon and shook her head speechlessly.

Man, if you don’t know yourself, what’s the difference from a salted fish?

Both of them are thinking.

To tell the truth, Sheldon was really flustered, and his hot face stuck to the feeling of cold butt, which was really uncomfortable.

But sit down first, whatever they say!

Sheldon sat down.

Of course, sitting in the back.

At this time, Concubine Li Ming looked back, and Sheldon was sitting behind her, and her brows wrinkled again.

Then he got up and walked to Neal’s side and said with a smile, “Brother Neal, shall we change positions?”

“Ah? What position? Isn’t it nice to have this Sheldon sitting behind you?”

“Oh, no, please change it!”

“Okay, okay, although Sheldon came from a small place, it’s pretty clean, it’s okay!”

“No, you know I have a cleanliness addiction. I don’t see this kind of person the most, please!”

Concubine Li Ming pleaded, almost crying.

“Okay, Neal, let’s change with Concubine Ming, and so are you. Those who are close to Zhu are red and black are black, and you should not be with people who are inconsistent. Forget what I told you, only stand. On the shoulders of giants, can you stand taller and see farther?”

Trevor coldly reprimanded at this time.

The two families are family friends, and Trevor’s temper has always been straightforward, and he is very strict in educating the younger generation.

Neal can only nod silently.

When Sheldonard these words, his angry face was almost white.

Even if you are impolite, you still have to have a minimum of respect for yourself when you meet.

What is not three and four?

Don’t you look as rich as Neal? Don’t do anything wrong?

Joe and Blanca just laughed, they quietly listened to Trevor’s education of Neal.

I think the words of this successful businessman, casually, are of great help to his life.

It was also at this time that there were more and more people.

On the high platform of the exhibition, a beautiful hostess began to control the venue and let everyone quiet down.

“Dear sirs and madams, welcome to the exhibition ceremony of the first sale of Genting Mountain Villas. Next, before the ceremony officially begins, let us give a warm applause to welcome the distinguished guests from all cities in State!”

“Please, the founder of the Ivan Group, the richest man in Stilfest, Huang Hongyun and the young master Shannon!”

“it is good!!!”

“The Ivan family and his son are here. According to Ivan’s habit, will the 800 million Belraen villa be bought by the Ivan Group?”

“Impossible. Even if you have money, your group will have huge competitors. To compete, it will consume money. Whose money will be as much as 800 million to buy a house? You know, once competition If it starts, even one thousand dollar will determine the outcome of the two big groups.”

“That’s right, the Ivan family can’t buy it. Now they are the richest man in Stilfest, but there are also many powerful companies in Stilfest. With these 800 million, they can be used to fight a good defense war!”

The crowd discussed in a low voice.

With the sound of this sound, Shannon followed his father in.

However, Shannon’s face has an obvious slap mark, and it seems that he has been drawn.

Sheldon naturally understood that of course his father was the one who smoked him. As for why? Because I just sent Shannon a text message, saying that I didn’t see anyone else, so I followed them in without waiting for him.

To put it bluntly, this slap is because I got it.

At the same time, Shannon also raised his face to look for Sheldon, but at the moment two to three hundred people in the hall, how could it be so easy to find Sheldon who was blocked by Neal.

“Next, I have a grand invitation, the important VIPs of this exhibition, but also the representatives of Roston City’s business community, Chapman, President Chapman!”

“Damn, Mr. Chapman is here too. Does Mr. Chapman want to buy? Then it’s almost the same. Mr. Chapman is in Roston and has no competitors at all!”

A crowd discussed.

“It’s always impossible for Li to buy, Neal, do you know why?”

Chapter 100 I Bought This Villa

“Ah? Impossible, Uncle Chapman, President Chapman is our richest man in Roston, he really has the ability to buy!”

Neal was surprised.

“Hehe, you are wrong. In the past, President Chapman was indeed capable, but now, I have received news that Mr. Chapman has been transferred from Roston Business District. Roston Commercial Group and the Business District will be managed by others! “

“Moreover, even though Mr. Chapman was transferred, he was said to have been taken in by Sheldon, so at this time, even if he has the strength to buy, he will not buy it!”

“Huh? So Mr. Chapman was transferred away!”

“That’s right, Sheldon keeps him, he can’t restrain himself a little!”

Neal nodded heavily, indicating that he understood.

“Brother Wang, Dad, what are you talking about? Who is Sheldon? Why have you never heard you mention it to me?”

Concubine Li Ming asked very curiously at this time.

Just listening, I think this Sheldon is so amazing.

It seems that the entire Roston Commercial Group is his.

The two girls, Joe and Blanca, were also stunned. They had never been exposed to this kind of information, and naturally became interested.

“Of course I didn’t tell you, because in fact, it was only yesterday that my dad and I heard the story of Sheldon from my friends. Mr. Chapman is amazing, but he just works for Sheldon. Because the entire Business District belongs to Sheldon!”

“I’m going! I’m going!”


Li Mingfei Blanca Fangqing all stared.

“Besides, you have always heard of that Young Master Huang, right?”

Trevor smiled bitterly.

“Shao Huang, I know, the top rich second generation, just a sports car, there is a garage, some time ago, there was also a rich second generation party!”

Concubine Li Ming said something.

Why does she know so clearly.

Because Concubine Li Ming was also invited.

It’s just that she came to my aunt that day, and it was so painful that she couldn’t go.

This is a great regret for her, because many young girls do not worship Shannon.

“Haha, Young Master Shannon is actually Sheldon’s brother-in-law, and it is the Ivan family that is firmly attached to the Cooper Family that they can directly rise to the richest man in Stilfest within a few years!”

Neal and the others opened their mouths wide, unexpectedly, there are so many things inside.

At this time, the personnel finally arrived.

The host introduced Wade again and asked Wade to introduce the entire Belraen Villa.

Although Sheldon had been holding his stomach for a while, he endured no episodes.

Seeing Wade introducing the villa, he looked up and glanced at the background that appeared on the screen.

Just a glance.

Sheldon was fascinated. This Yunding Mountain Villa was built on the mountain, straight into the clouds, and built like a heavenly palace.

Full of luxury.

To be honest, Sheldon was really moved.

Eight hundred million is really a sky-high price!

If it was some time ago, even if he owned a lot of property, Sheldon would not buy a house for 800 million no matter how much he was moved.

But it’s different now.

My sister gave herself one billion, so she can spend it clean within seven days.

I’m worried and don’t know how to spend it.

Isn’t this opportunity just coming? Simply kill two birds with one stone!

The more I watched, the more excited Sheldon became.

It’s been a full two hours.

Everyone yearns for it.

But no one dared to buy it.

Wade seemed to be satisfied with everyone’s expressions, and smiled immediately:

“This Genting Villa is priced at 800 million dollar. Does anyone here want to buy?”

Wade smiled cordially.

“I do not want!”

At this time a boss stood up, shouted a word, and sat down quickly.

Let the people present laugh out loud!

Chapman also laughed on the court.

Some bosses love to joke like this!

Wade went on to say, “Gentlemen, this house will not be auctioned, but it is first-come-first-served. Whoever can pay 800 million dollar first can own this palace mansion!”

“Hahaha, nobody bought it!”

Neal said with a smile.

Trevor smiled bitterly: “I said, as long as you are a smart businessman, you won’t waste these eight hundred million dollars on the house unless…”

“I want it!”

Before Trevor finished speaking, he heard a voice that was not very loud, but could make everyone in the whole hall hear.


Suddenly doubts were flying in the field.

They all stared at this side.

Trevor and Neal were also dumbfounded, and they turned their heads together.

Because it was not someone else who shouted this sentence, it was the hillbilly that Neal brought in, Sheldon!

“I’ll go, Sheldon, you are crazy, you dare to shout, don’t you know, you said to buy, but you can’t get the money, what price will you pay?”

“It’s over, he didn’t come to gain knowledge, this person is simply going to die!”

Blanca and Joe said in shock, she wanted to kill Sheldon.

“Huh, I don’t know what it is!”

Trevor’s eyes are even more focused. Can this kind of occasion be used for grandstanding? I don’t know how to die!

Sheldon doesn’t care what they say about themselves.

Stand up directly from the field and walk towards the stage.

“Crazy crazy, this dick is absolutely crazy!”

Wade also looked at Sheldon in shock at this moment!

In short, except for a few people, most people are a little daunted.

“Sheldon, what’s the matter with you? You leave me quickly!”

Wade said angrily.

He also pushed Sheldon a few times.

“I want to buy this villa, why should I leave?”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“Fart, how can you afford this villa!”

Wade was completely drunk.

“Don’t you say you can’t afford it?” Sheldon sneered coldly, and then looked at the bank’s dedicated financial staff standing aside, “You guys come here, I’ll swipe your card!”

Although several bank commissioners were a little confused, how to look at the person in front of him, he didn’t seem to be able to put out tens of thousands of dollars, and he even swiped his card.

However, the guests have to do so.

Then he walked over and brought in the credit card machine.

Sheldon swiped the familiar road, and then entered the password to get a set of facial recognition.

“Ding! The transfer was successful, the transfer amount was 800 million dollar…”

The cold system sound rang.

What followed was the silence of the whole audience.

Eight hundred million, this person actually has eight hundred million?

Oh my God!

Wade heard the most clearly, covering his mouth directly, and the microphone fell to the ground.

Because of this moment, her brain went blank!


Neal in the audience swallowed even harder.

Completely confused, let alone how wonderful the faces of Blanca and Joe were.

I went, from the first meeting, to be honest, Blanca Fangqing and Neal, let alone look down on Sheldon, and didn’t even treat Sheldon as a person.

I just think this is a soil bun from the village.

It’s too cheap to follow them.

But now, I feel countless mouths slammed on my face.

Do you still look down on others? You can’t make money for others in your life!

He turned out to be a rich man!

“Brother Wang, he… who is he?”

Concubine Li Ming’s face also changed.

“I don’t know… I just know his name is Sheldon! Hey, look at him, Mr. Chapman, Ivan family father and son, and those wealthy businessmen, how come they all walked toward the stage?”

Neal said intermittently at this time.

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