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Chapter 105

The door opened.

The four women were all dumbfounded.


This luxury car is this Sheldon’s?

Isn’t he the poor cock in the department? How can you afford to drive such a beautiful luxury car?

The eyes of the four people looked at Sheldon again, almost all of them changed.

Just this car, I don’t know how many times better than Yang Yang’s Audi. Bah, what Yang brother, how many times better than Storen’s!

Lamborghini is so handsome.

The leading girl paled, but she ran over and nervously said, “Sheldon, Sheldon, is this car yours? Is it really yours?”

“It’s not mine, yours?”

Sheldon seemed to be used to this kind of girl’s attitude a long time ago, and said coldly.

“Ah! This car is so handsome, it costs ten or twenty million!?”

The girl was posted on the car at once, and she was completely invaded. As long as she sits in this luxury car, she would rather die!

The other three girls also trot over, looking at Sheldon with admiration.

“18 million!”

Sheldon started the car and suddenly made a s*xy roar.

“Wow! Really handsome, Sheldon, where are you going, can you let us sit down?”

The girl asked with a smile.

“fu*k off!”

Sheldon cursed coldly.

To be honest, these girls are all pretty, but they are pretty. They helped Storen beat herself just now, but now she wants to carry them by herself. How can there be such a good thing?

After cursing, Sheldon started the car and left directly.

“Sheldon, Sheldon! You, you…”

Several girls were ignored and stomped angrily.

Unexpectedly, Sheldon is a big rich person!

They all felt as if they had lost something. It was really worthless to offend this big rich person for the sake of an Erbi Storen!

Let’s talk about Sheldon.

After scolding them, Sheldon drove directly to the outside of the meeting.

Although it was relatively early, many leaders including Liang Baisheng had already arrived.

The whole activity is roughly divided into two steps. The first is the school building meeting that will begin an hour later. This requires Sheldon and a group of leaders to convene in a separate conference room.

Hope Primary School Sheldon invested this time to build about 20 or 30 schools, specifically to provide a learning environment for the children of migrant workers.

It can be said to be a big contribution.

Naturally received great attention.

As for the second step, it is going to the conference hall to hold a meeting with a group of faculty and staff.

The school will be able to enroll students in two months, and the pre-selection and training of faculty and staff must enter the schedule in advance.

Sheldon had to attend the first meeting and listened to Liang Baisheng talking about this and that for an hour or two.

As for the next faculty meeting, Sheldon didn’t plan to go.

Because there is no need to speak or speak by yourself.

And most importantly, with a group of teachers, Sheldon was under a lot of pressure, and the conversation was not on the same level. The knowledge was too strong, which made Sheldon feel depressed.

With this time, Sheldon wondered if he should go to a Hope Primary School near the scene of the event!

After all, this is a particularly meaningful thing I did.

Sheldon didn’t drive and walked towards Hope Primary School.

Because this elementary school was mostly completed when it was rebuilt, less than two months have passed since it has reached the renovation stage, and the greening of the entire college has also been completed.

I have to say that the environment is good for elementary schools built with huge investment.

I just took two photos and are going to send them to my sister.

“Stop it! You can’t take pictures in the school environment? Didn’t you see the warning on the sign?”

At this moment, a cold female voice screamed.

Sheldon was taken aback.

Turning to see, it is not. The sign says that taking pictures is prohibited.

“Sorry, I didn’t pay attention, I will delete it now!”

Although the school was built by itself, Sheldon didn’t think it was special.

It is ready to be deleted.

“Huh? You are… Sheldon?”

Unexpectedly, when Sheldon turned around, the woman in a black uniform with a ponytail in front of him actually knew herself?

“Rosemarie, do you know this person?”

There were two women and one man standing beside the woman named Rosemarie. At this moment, she asked Rosemarie curiously.

Chapter 106 Sheldon’s Compassion

“what’s up?”

Sheldon raised his head and asked.

“Tonight we have a fellow villager’s meeting. On average, we have to meet once every one or two months. I haven’t called you before. Now if I run into it, I will let you know!”

“By the way, Arlene is going too, haha, I remembered Arlene, when you were in high school, your grades were first, and she was second. You two have a very good relationship, and you have been after poetry. Letter, right?”

Rosemarie covered her mouth and smiled.

Sheldon didn’t say anything.

Arlene’s name is Arlene, Sheldon’s classmate, and the relationship was really good in high school.

Sheldon really liked people, but he didn’t understand this at that time.

As for chasing, Sheldon had no courage.

I remember that when the freshman year started, Arlene often chatted with Sheldon. As for later, Sheldon took the initiative to talk to her a few times, but she never returned. Over time, she became strange.

In a flash, three years have passed!

“Hehe, go, just last month when Arlene’s boyfriend invited us to dinner, she also talked about you. Arlene also asked the man named Sheldon what he is doing now? We all don’t know. It’s better now, you You can go, are you free tonight?”

While talking, Rosemarie looked at Sheldon, wanting to see how lost Sheldon looked.

But from Sheldon’s face, where I could see the slightest disappointment.

“I have time tonight!”

“Okay, let’s go, just in time for everyone to see you!”

While talking, Rosemarie secretly raised her phone and took a photo of Sheldon.

Then it was sent to the fellow villagers.

“Guess, who is this dick?”

“Huh? Who, why are you so familiar? I’ve seen it, I must have seen it!”

“Really familiar, but this one is too ordinary! Does anyone of you think of his name?”

Arlene: “He is Sheldon?”

“Oye! After all, the relationship between the two of you in high school is good, you can recognize it at a glance, he is Sheldon!”

Rosemarie said excitedly.

Why is she excited, because she feels that she has aroused public opinion on the topic and feels very fulfilling.

This is why Rosemarie suddenly wanted Sheldon to participate in the fellowship.

There are quite a few classmates who come from the county town to Roston to go to school. There are only four or five in their class.

They may not know Sheldon, but they have definitely heard of the word Sheldon.

Taking him there will definitely cause a good party effect.

Just look at the group’s furry at this moment.

Arlene: “Did we have a good relationship in high school? Why did I forget? Haha…”

Rosemarie typed quickly: “Ah, after you found a handsome boyfriend at Carolina University, did you forget your ex-boyfriend?”

Arlene: “Go away, what kind of ex-boyfriend, I don’t think so, let him come too, just to see you all, anyway, the fellow!”


Rosemarie looked at Sheldon and said, “Sheldon, everyone wants to see you, especially Arlene. She also wants to see you. Since you are free at night, then go. It’s a big deal. You just take it!”

Sheldon wanted to say that he didn’t want to go.

To be honest, in middle and high schools, I have very few friends.

I don’t know what to talk to when I go.

But now, as soon as Rosemarie said so, Sheldon was embarrassed to refuse.

“Well then, let’s go tonight!”

Sheldon nodded.

After Rosemarie told Sheldon the address of the meeting, she left.

“What a coincidence, Rosemarie went to the school she just built to become a teacher!”

Scratching his head, Sheldon said helplessly.

He was still about to stroll around, but the conversation by Rosemarie made Sheldon uninterested.

It was noon, and I was hungry, so Sheldon walked out.

At the same time, three children in tattered clothes were standing at the entrance of the school, who looked four or five years old, looking straight inward.

“Brother, is this the school? Why is it different from what Qiangwei said?”

A little girl with a dirty face asked another little boy curiously.

“Maybe school hasn’t started yet… it’s the same after school!” The little boy wiped his nose.

“I want to go to school!”

Asked another little boy who was a little fat.

“We have to spend money to go to school. We have no money. Sister Qiangwei is already very tired to do so many people to feed us by herself!”

“Brother, I’m hungry!”

The little girl said again.

“Buy buns and eat later!”

“What are you three beggars doing at the door, get out of here!”

At this moment, a security guard walked out, cursing.

The three children were taken aback.

This security guard is in his fifties, like the kind of looking at the construction site.

Such a scolding scared the three children.

I wanted to run away, but looked at the school reluctantly.

“I can’t show them? Is this yours?”

At this moment, Sheldon, who had been standing by the side, said.

“Boy, I didn’t say anything about letting you in just now. Now you are still pushing your nose on your face, right? Listen to what you mean, this school is not in my house, just like yours! You get out!”

The security guard was very rushing. He didn’t know a few dishes at noon. Anyway, he drank a lot and was full of alcohol.

“Buy some real wine and drink!”

Sheldon smiled faintly, threw a thousand dollar out of his pocket and threw it in front of the security guard.

This thousand dollar is naturally not a reward, so I will tell Uncle Chapmanang when I turn around, this person should get fu*ked! A big drunkard came to work as a security guard. I don’t know whose relatives it is.

“Yeah, come, come, thank you guy!”

After the man left.

Sheldon knelt down and looked at the three children with a smile, “Do you three want to go to school, too?”

The little girl in the middle nodded heavily.

“I think!”

The other two were very careful, staring at Sheldon without saying a word.

To be honest, seeing the three children, especially the hopeful look they wanted to go to school.

It made Sheldon’s heart aching.

No one knows this hope better than Sheldon!

Sheldon wanted to help them from the bottom of his heart.

“Are you hungry? Do you want your brother to take you to dinner?”

“Sister Qiangwei said, don’t let us talk to strangers, let alone walk with strangers!”

The two little boys automatically stood in front of the little girl.

Sheldon smiled and nodded: “Well, I will buy it for you!”

After speaking, Sheldon ran to the opposite KFC and bought a bunch of hamburger chicken coke.

“I won’t let you go with me, eat quickly, besides, I will let you go to school as you wish!”

Sheldon touched the little girl’s head.

Handed them Hamburger Coke.

“Thank you brother!”

The eyes of the three children lit up.

After receiving it, he began to devour it.

“Why the three of you eat what others give!”

At this moment, a clear and beautiful female voice came over. The voice was very good, but it contained a sense of tension.

“Sir, I’m so sorry, how much money these things cost you, I’ll give it to you!”

The girl said with some fear and fear.

But Sheldon’s eyes lit up when he saw this girl.

“It’s you?”

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