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Chapter 117 A Visit to the Mass Communication Department

You can tell by looking at Miss Qian’er’s expression at this time, the body of the first-line female star was actually seen.

All three bodyguards were furious.

“Hmph, you dare to take a peek at this lady, today I will let you go around without eating, Mr. Zhao, call Mr. Zhao! Dig out the eyeballs of this dick!”

Shen Qianer was out of anger.

The person in front of him, even if he looked at it, had a nosebleed and reacted.

If Sheldon was like this, she wouldn’t have time to be happy, but now she is actually a dick.

I’m afraid that only Diosi can do this, right?

At the moment, Shen Qianer reluctantly said.

Sister Hong is her agent, and she is much calmer now.

She looked at Sheldon. She didn’t look like a sneaky paparazzi, and she was wearing a swimsuit. It might be a coincidence.

She said coldly, “Ms. Qian’er, don’t make too much trouble for the time being. An important film and television contract is about to arrive. It’s all positive publicity now. You can’t be hyped up by such negative news for the time being. It’s not good for your future. development of!”

“But Sister Hong, what should I do? This person peeped at me, and if I didn’t teach him, I really can’t swallow this breath!”

Shen Qianer pulled her bathrobe tightly.

Right here.

“There seems to be movement over the hot spring, go, go and take a look!”

“Well, it’s so late, it shouldn’t be a guest bathing in the hot spring, right? Let’s take a look!”

Suddenly the voice of the security guard of Heaven Brick Residencia came from outside.

Sister Hong and Shen Qianer were both hurriedly broken.

If it is discovered in this way, it will definitely make headlines tomorrow.

“Forget Qianer, let’s go first! This time it’s cheaper, this brat!”

“Huh, you can walk, but…”

Shen Qianer’s beautiful eyes flowed, and suddenly raised her leg and kicked it into Sheldon’s crotch.

Sheldon has quick eyes and quick hands, and hurried back.

Without the kick, Shen Qian’er confiscated and lifted it high because of the force of his legs.

All of a sudden, it was happy together in front of Sheldon.

It was wonderful.


Shen Qian’er was going crazy, but finally she was persuaded by Sister Hong to leave.

After a group of bodyguards gave Sheldon a warning look, they withdrew.

This is an episode.

However, Sheldon was feasted.

After I went back, I lay on the bed again, and I felt like I could not fall asleep again.

There was even an impulse to directly indicate his identity and ask Chapman to help him call Shen Qianer over.

But when I think that Chapman is still checking information for himself, I am embarrassed to ask him to do this kind of thing.

Sheldon also gradually endured it.

Thinking about my other Instagram account, there seems to be a picture sent to me by Elsa, let’s take a look at Jiejie.

Landing now.

Before he even looked at it, he was connected by a series of messages from Tenner.

“Oh, ordinary brother, today is really exhausted!”

“Popular brother, are you asleep?”

“Did you go to bed? Did you go to bed so early?”

To be honest, Sheldon now hates Tenner.

Maybe it’s out of revenge.

Sheldon now has the urge to tease Tenner.

“I didn’t sleep…”

Sheldon answered her.

“Hey, do you still know what to say when you go back to someone’s house, why are you busy without sleep? Do you miss my young lady? Are there many young ladies with you by your side?”

Tenner made a shy expression.

“I miss Miss Sister, miss you, come and send me a photo to show me you!”

In these words, apart from being a little fascinated by Shen Qianer, Sheldon also had a vengeance on Tenner.

I want to see what Tenner, who is usually serious and looks down on herself, will look like!


Sure enough, the next moment, Tenner’s photo was taken and sent over.

From this look, Sheldon’s nosebleed almost went wild.

Too ruthless!

It is looming, almost all exposed to Sheldon.

“Would you like to watch it? Ordinary brother, if you start a video with me, let you watch whatever you want!”

Tenner made a mischievous expression.

Oh shit! What is going on today?

Sheldon is also a normal person and almost agreed.

Because at this moment, there was a knock on the door, and it was Chapman who came to ask if Sheldon was asleep.

Sheldon calmed down.

“Sheldon, Sheldon, how did you become like this now? Scum, wretched, dick!”

Sheldon felt self-blame in his heart, feeling that he was getting worse and worse.

In a hurry, he closed his mind and opened the door.

Chapman is here to discuss Sheldon’s development of Dashan. The data investigation shows that this matter can definitely be tried!

After discussing it until late, Sheldon didn’t care about Tenner anymore, and simply turned off the phone and went to sleep.

Early the next morning, Sheldon left the Heaven Brick Residencia and returned to school.

Just to see, early in the morning, a young lady selling flowers came outside the school.

The roses are very beautiful.

Thinking of Lilla’s girl, after having a fight with herself, she didn’t look for her for a day.

Sheldon really wanted to find an opportunity to talk to her and explain all the misunderstandings clearly.

There was no class in the first two hours of the morning, and I was staying at school.

Sheldon thought, buy a bunch of flowers for Lilla, and ask her out to talk.

Do what you think.

Sheldon bought a bunch of flowers and went straight to the host department.

“Let me go, who is this man? You came to confess early in the morning?”

“Look at him, he doesn’t wear well at all, so you dare to come to our broadcast host department to confess, haha!”

“I see, he seems to be a poor dick from the Department of Literature, called Sheldon. In the past, people used to take pictures of him poorly. I’ve seen it!”

“Oh my god, I know that Sheldon is so poor. Didn’t he mean that he gave Enjsxe to his ex-girlfriend. At that time, it was very popular in the school post bar!”

“Yes, it’s him, he’s sick!”

The broadcast host department is different.

As soon as Sheldon came in, except for a few handsome guys, all of them were big beauties.

There are any styles.

And all of them are very temperamental.

After Sheldon came in with the flowers, many girls came out to take a look curiously, who came to confess to the host department today?

The beauty of the broadcast host is confessed, not once or twice.

But when everyone saw Sheldon, they were all disappointed.

“Haha, brother, can you update the configuration if you want to confess?”

“That’s right, this pair of virtues is still here to confess. If he can confess successfully, I jumped downstairs and died outside!”

Two handsome men in small suits also held flowers in their hands. They looked at Sheldon, who was mocked by everyone, and both smiled contemptuously.

Sheldon smiled bitterly. He didn’t expect that the Mass Communication department was in such an environment. He had known that he would not find flowers.

It’s not what Kristine said. When you’re with a girl, you can’t be a straight guy. You have to learn to use tricks. Even though some girls say they don’t like flowers and bags, it’s good to take her to dinner.

But, if you really listen to this girl, you will not be far from being kicked!

So Sheldon bought a bunch of flowers and was watched by people. It’s really…

“Sheldon? Why are you?”

And when Sheldon was embarrassed whether to leave, several girls’ voices suddenly came from behind him.

Very familiar.

When Sheldon looked back, his eyelids couldn’t help but jump.

The people here are Shelly and Elma Linjiao in the same dorm. Obviously, they have all come to class…

“Sheldon, let’s ask you something!”

Seeing Sheldon not speaking, Elma frowned and said.

Chapter 118: This Misunderstanding Is Too Big

“say something!”

Because of Vern, Elma treated Sheldon as a family, and the relationship was good.

Just asked a little surprised.

“O’ao, I’ll find someone to give something!”

Sheldon said intermittently.

This raised his head, and it happened to meet Shelly, the most goddess temperament among the crowd.

Because at this moment, Shelly was looking at Sheldon with a blushing face, and then at what Sheldon said.

The two fingers are intertwined, constantly changing.

A piece of their dorm came to the department just now.

Seeing Sheldon’s appearance, not only Shelly, but also Zyra and others were particularly surprised.

Because in their impressions.

Regardless of whether it is rich Sheldon, or Sheldon who has no money, they are all kind of honest people.

Unexpectedly, today, Sheldon actually came to their department.

What’s more, the current Sheldon is no longer what it used to be.

Since last time, Zyra’s ex-boyfriend Dawson, because of Zyra Shelly’s first appearance, and his cousin Xu Chao hit a Roston rich and young.

There was crazy revenge.

Shelly’s family was also implicated.

It was at the hotel that Sheldon let the yellow bureau come forward to settle the matter.

From then on, both Shelly and Zyra were speculating that Sheldon must be an extraordinary person.

Or even Roston Sheldon?

Oops, it’s impossible for Roston Young Master Sheldon, because Sheldon doesn’t have that temperament.

But, he is definitely not simple.

In short, it’s quite rich.

So Zyra regretted it.

Shelly regretted it even more.

Always wanting to find a chance to shed light on the past with Sheldon, the two started over.

As a result, even Sheldon’s people could not be touched.

When I woke up the next morning, I ran into it in the department, so how could Shelly not be surprised.

“Sheldon, who are you here to give something to?”

Shelly straightened his hair, lowered his head and asked softly.

It’s as docile as a little sheep.

Could it be that… Sheldon changed his mind?

After all, because Kristine wanted to match Sheldon before, Elma and Vern also wanted to match Sheldon with Shelly, so no matter what they said, there was an ambiguous relationship between the two.

And Shelly also affirmed that at the beginning, Sheldon absolutely liked him.

In the Mass Communication Department, I have never heard of anyone dealing with Sheldon.

So Shelly’s heart was pounding.

“Haha, who else, Shelly, how can Sheldon answer your question?”

Elma clapped her hands happily.

He looked at Sheldon with admiration again: “Sheldon, I really can’t tell. After you have money, your emotional intelligence will be so much higher, you will create surprises, and it is a very big surprise, haha!”

Yes, today was a pleasant surprise, and this question was quite difficult for Sheldon to answer.

Damn, Sheldon simply bought a bunch of roses, and then wanted to find Lilla and give them to her, and then the two of them went out for a walk.

It’s that simple.

Unexpectedly, the girls in their department are like this. When they see other departments come, they all surround themselves.

And now, I actually met Shelly! And it was obviously misunderstood by Elma and Shelly.

Sheldon’s head is big.

It’s better now. Many girls and boys are all around the stairs, enclosing Sheldon and Shelly.

Also take a mobile phone video.

“I’ll go, I’ll go! Big news, look, a poor dick from the literature department actually confessed to Shelly, the goddess of the Mass Communication department!”

There are girls who find it difficult to channel.

My goodness, who would like this kind of person. He is so courageous.

“Damn, he actually confessed to the goddess Shelly, it’s too cruel!”

The two boys who mocked Sheldon couldn’t get through either.

At the same time, the other side.

“Lilla, you are all coming out to see, someone is coming to confess!”

Lilla is reading a book on the desk with Xiangji, who knows that this page of her book has been staying for a long time without reading it.

At this moment, a classmate’s excited shout awakened her.

“Lilla, go, go and see!”

“Don’t look, I’m not interested!” Lilla said with a frown.

“Haha, you don’t even watch the excitement. I heard that it is a dick from the literature department, who is coming to confess to his goddess!”


Lilla’s eyes widened.

The whole body shook slightly.

The Department of Literature is not the same as that of Sheldon.

And poor…

To be honest, even though Lilla knew Sheldon’s identity, she always felt that Sheldon was very cocky.

Hehe, what happened, I still like the way that Sheldon is stupidly hanging in front of me.

You can’t forget it.

So when he heard of this, Lilla thought of Sheldon.

Has someone such a straight man’s brain opened up? He came to find himself?

So Lilla stood up at once, the stools fell to the ground, and then trot out.

After going out, the stairs were surrounded by a large group of people, and among these people was Sheldon holding flowers!

It really is him!

Lilla’s face was full of surprise, and she deliberately kept it, but her heart was already beating.

“Oh, let’s talk about it, this dick is pursuing Shelly from our department. Will a cold girl like Shelly agree to her?”

“No way, don’t look at Shelly who is usually very cold, but he is actually quite a bitch. He thinks that the poor love the rich are especially powerful!”

“What are you talking about? Pursuing Shelly?”

However, listening to the students’ discussion, Lilla’s smile froze.

I felt my heart aching, and my nose was sore.

“Ah, Lilla, you came out too, yes, this dick is here to chase Shelly, look at him, isn’t Shelly right next to him!”

Lilla just had to look for Sheldon.

Looking at it right now, as expected, Shelly was standing beside Sheldon.

Lilla swallowed.

His face suddenly turned pale.

Haha, originally thought Sheldon was here to pursue him?

Feelings, people are here to pursue Shelly.

Yeah, why are you so stupid?

You always think Sheldon is stupid, he will not leave himself anyway, he will spoil himself, but he is only good to himself.

A few days ago, Sheldon praised other girls, and Lilla was indeed jealous, but seeing Sheldon nervous about herself, Lilla knew that Sheldon liked herself.

Just stupidly refused to confess to himself, and hinted to him many times.

In short, Lilla thought too much in the past two days.

He even took the initiative to find Sheldon.

But, Lilla, you think of Sheldon too simple, right?

Who is he? He is the son of the world’s richest, the second generation of the top rich.

Men will go bad if they have money, not to mention Sheldon, who doesn’t even know how much money he has!

When you think he likes you, he has been playing with you all the time!

Haha, isn’t it? Now Sheldon, came to his own department, to confess such a loud confession to another girl? Isn’t it?

Lilla’s eyes became wet and red, and everything turned out to be fake!

Let’s talk about Sheldon’s side.

The current atmosphere can be said to be extremely high.

The onlookers all looked at Shelly and Sheldon. Even Elma and the others retreated aside.

Sheldon was dumbfounded anyway.

At a loss.

As for Shelly, I thought Sheldon now has money and connections.

I was indeed tempted by him.

In this case, why not become boyfriend and girlfriend with him?

Even if Sheldon used to be ugly and forced, Shelly kept looking down. To be honest, even now, Shelly still looks down on Sheldon in his heart, thinking that Sheldon is just a person with good luck.

But seeing that he does have some money now, and for his own sake, what about giving him a chance?

So, Shelly spoke…

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